why not pay bills with a hug????? #anythingfortravel

6th Aug 2019
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"They say Love is more important than Money, then why not try to pay the bill with a Simple Hug."

For travelling to different destination all around the globe or even in your own country, you need YOUR POCKET TO BE STUFFED WITH HOT CASH.
Maybe I shall sound like a "money hungry" shit but it is the truth.
Gandhi suits more inside the wallet than elsewhere....
I believe that no one needs to earn huge to travel, but "SAVINGS"....is all that counts.
Half of the travellers are budget seekers, because we are not born with a silver spoon in our mouth. INDIA BEING A DEVELOPING NATION, OFFERS GREAT SIGHTS AT A VERY NOMINAL COST. There are even countries whose currency are lesser than us, so it is better to take the initiative to WORK, SAVE, TRAVEL AND REPEAT.

Yes, we all can. Just Work Hard.
I as an individual, cannot afford to be a full time traveller because I have a family to look after. But still I managed to take 3 trips in this year, till now. I travelled to Varanasi, Pondicherry and Sikkim in the month of January, March and May respectively. I have my tickets to Delhi in the month of October as I have plans to travel to Kinnaur.
Now the question is how do I manage????
I work hard. I am a teacher and a student as well. I earn around ₹35k. I spend around ₹10k for the expenses of my family of three ( my parents and me). I save ₹ 5000 in RD. I save ₹2000 for an insurance. I keep ₹1500 for my personal expenses and I save ₹15k each and every month. I really make sure to save the money.
I make some extra money by writing content as a freelancer and selling my travel pictures online. I use this money to pay the fees for my violin and dance classes, for groceries and for the food I consume on the streets as I am a complete foodie.
I also write my travel stories on Tripoto, earn credits and redeem them to travel.

I have stopped shopping. I was an impulsive shopper. I picked up almost everything I felt like buying and ended up with a few penny by the end of the month. It started resisting me to travel as I had no money. So, I watched a lot of YouTube videos on how to save money, read lot of books on them and finally gave up shopping. I realised that I have tons of dresses, few of them I even forget that I posses, so I started reusing my stuff. I went through several hacks that a person can use to reduce investment of money on unwanted things.
Now, I follow the process of Reuse Reduce and Recycle. Trust me, this had helped me save a huge amount of money and I can travel to the destinations nicely.

This is an ulitamate truth. I travel solo and sometimes with my family. I need money to travel. So, I never indulge in eating out at restaurants. Since one year from now, I have not eaten in expensive restaurant like Mainland China, KFC, MC D, Domino's etc. If I crave for food when I am out, I indulge in eating Pani Puri, bhutta, momos, jhalmuri etc from the street side vendor. A plate of momo cost you hardly ₹50 in West Bengal. So, I save loads from withdrawing myself from the lustrous restaurant. While travelling, I search for restaurants that offer great food at cheap price.. "aur dhundne se to Bhagwan bhi mil jate hai"....

This is a golden rule I follow. To save a lot of money for travel, I completely rely on Public Transport and Indian Railways. I don't posses a private car or a scooty, I just have a bicycle which I have been using since I was in my school, standard 6!
For saving money on transport, I start planning for trips almost 4-5months before the month or week I want to travel. This gives me a clear idea about - how much money I will be requiring to travel for that particular destination; how much I need to save for my upcoming trips; and the most important tip.. get tickets in the Indian railways.
I never take flights to travel within India if it's not an emergency.
The railway portal opens 4 month prior to your traveling date and I generally purchase a ticket in 3tier AC because it is cheap compared to 2 tier and 1st class, I can interact with people and if, I am, travelling alone I have a security with my luggages. To me trains are much cheaper and comfortable. Though it takes much more time than flights, the cost differs a lot; as you may get a ticket for ₹1500 in 3 tier ac but the same distance in flight will cost you ₹ 3000 minimum. I understand that a great time is required in travelling by trains but it is my way to save money for trips and travel.
Also, when I am travelling within my hometown or in other places, I prefer using public transport. They are cost effective, safe for solo travelers and much more convenient than private vehicle.

Buy what you Need, not what you want. This is the ultimate rule I follow. I invest in things I need and not on what,I feel, I require to make my life good. This may sound like I am a person who is tremendously miser, but the thought is ..."why to buy things which will never be used!"
For e.g., I travel, so I invested my money in buying a Quechua rucksack, a woodland trekking shoes, a Wildcraft backpack, a fleece jacket etc.
All this are costly brands but it is one time investment. Half of the items have a warranty period of 10 years and even lifetime.
When I go shopping, I tend to pick up a hell lot of items, but before billing, I sit and organise the things I have selected. Among this, there are half of the substances  that I will never use, so I leave them and get the items which I truly require on the billing desk.
I don't watch Hindi movies in theatre, because they will be telecast on TV mostly after 5months. I just watch Hollywood movies that too, which I feel I want to watch.

This is my way of saving each and every penny for the destination I need to cover in my lifetime. I hope this helps you too, to become a minimalist and save your precious MONEY for your dream projects.

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