Why should I put my treadmill on an incline?

13th Mar 2017

Treadmills are a great tool. They allow you to run whenever you want, regardless of weather, at all times of night, and in the comfort of your own home. Running is one of the best aerobic workouts available, but so many things can occur when you run outdoors that it is not always a great option or people. Instead, you can use a best treadmill and get the same amount of exercise without the risks.

But running itself is also not always that pleasant. The constant pressure on your legs can wear down your joints and hurt you bones. Your knees, especially, receive a great deal of abuse, and the more you run, the more your joints will wear down over time. Still, treadmills have a great deal of benefit. So what is the solution to trying to reduce pressure on your knees while still giving you the benefit of the treadmill?

Enter the Incline

A variety of treadmills let you put them on inclines. These inclines are a huge benefit for those looking to reduce pressure on their knees and joints. Inclines of as little as 5% can drastically increase the amount of energy you use during on the treadmill. Most incline treadmills allow you to go as high as 12% incline, which is like climbing up a hill for a long period of time.

This extra energy means that you are able to burn more calories and increase your heart rate a great deal, because it is as though you are climbing up a never ending hill. This allows you to slow down your pace while still receiving the same benefits from your body, and if you are slowing down your pace, you are also reducing the amount of pressure that is occurring to your bones and joints. Overall, this helps you make your exercise routine far less painful while still giving you the results you want.

Cons of This Method

There is only one real problem with putting your treadmill on an incline.it does not prepare you as well for long distance running. Many people choose to use treadmills during bad weather so that when the weather clears up they can go back to running outdoors. But treadmills on an incline are not going to provide you with those benefits, as you are not conditioning your legs and muscles for the run like you are when you jog on a treadmill.

But if you are using the treadmill simply to improve your heart rate, stay fit and burn calories, then the incline is a great option. It even prepares you for hiking season by getting you used to the incline of hills. Treadmills with an incline allow you to receive the exact same benefits without forcing you to do permanent damage to your joints. If this is something that interests you, check for deals on the types of treadmills that have incline options, and consider using the incline for your aerobic exercise.


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