Why Malvan should be your next ultimate destination

27th Mar 2013

Have you ever wondered what its like to visit a place where you have so many activities and very few travellers ? And oh its extremely close from Mumbai and infact from Goa its just 100 Kms to the north.

Malvan - is one of its kind in everything it has, ranging from the various activities it gives us from the ancient history it has, Malvan is a place where you can chill with your friends over a bottle of beer, or be lost in the sound of the waves and the warmth of the localities there.

Well it has different places to stay / board but Beach view resort was what we went in. It had spacious rooms and an amazing cook. She cooked some delicious food on request and the service quality was at its best.

We stayed at malvan for over 4 days ( 3 nights).

The day we arrived ( Day 1) we got into our rooms after a LONG and LENGTHY road journey, checked in without a hassle, got freshened up and then went to a local restaurant to fill our empty and growling stomachs. The food was delicious and in short it was ''finger licking good'' we tried the Malvanese thali ( Which had 2 normal curries and 1 malvanese style curry) and for Non veg, we couldn't get over the grilled fish and the Malvanese style fish fry(One must try)

Photo of Why Malvan should be your next ultimate destination 1/6 by Swetha Mylavarapu
Perfect beach picture <3
Photo of Why Malvan should be your next ultimate destination 2/6 by Swetha Mylavarapu
Marine drive Malvan version :)
Photo of Why Malvan should be your next ultimate destination 3/6 by Swetha Mylavarapu
Entering the beach resort

Later, we visited the famous Devbaug beach ( the front side of the famous Tarkarli beach) in South konkan. By the time we reached the place, it was already 06:30 is and it was when we could witness the sunset along the beach side. It was mesmerising and serene. Then we went back to the city centre and ate in another local restaurant and took back some drinks to chill with for the night. The sound of the waves and the fresh air wouldn't allow us to fall asleep, and the clear view for the stars just added to the most silent yet beautiful nights.

Photo of Why Malvan should be your next ultimate destination 4/6 by Swetha Mylavarapu
The best place to play leg touch may be ? :)

Day 2 - The morning was beautiful with the rays coming in through the windows of our room, and the sounds from the hens and crows from the near by houses became the most beautiful ways to wake ourselves up. After this we wanted to do Scuba diving and see whats underneath the sea, it was amazing and refreshing to be frank. The instructors were amazing and extremely understanding and considerate. We clicked a lot of pictures post and then took the rest of the day off to just enjoy what we saw. We then played cards, drank a couple of beers and then enjoyed the sunset on the beach.

Day 3 - We chose to wake up early cause we weren't tiered the previous day and we went along to the Tsunami Island where we did all kinds of water sports that we heard about in Goa. Banana ride, water scooter, parasailing etc. To be frank it was much better cause the water was cleaner, and the best part was we didnt have to wait for our turn for a long time. It was just us and another group and most of the times, thats the crowd. As we had to travel to and fro for around 4 hours the entire day was occupied by the same.

Photo of Why Malvan should be your next ultimate destination 5/6 by Swetha Mylavarapu
Photo of Why Malvan should be your next ultimate destination 6/6 by Swetha Mylavarapu
The sunset view

Day 4 - We had a pleasant morning, with the most delicious breakfast at our door step, the people at the hotel cooked some poori and halwa. After which we went to the Sindhudurg fort which had some extremely beautiful scenic views. The travel time is around 2 hours as its around 80 Kms one way from Malvan. We got back, we packed and checked out of the hotel and started our journey to return home in the car we hired. We got into the bus at Belgaum and got off at Hyderabad the 5th day.

Day 5 - Home Sweet Home.

Over all it was a wonderful experience and the most exciting one till date considering all the activities we got our selves involved into.

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