Why Sri Lanka is One of the World's Best Destinations for Safari – Out in the Jungles!

3rd Jul 2021

Sri Lanka is often regarded as one of the best places to go on safari in Asia. There’s plenty of wild spaces to explore here – all inhabited by an array of diverse wildlife. Here’s a closer look at why Sri Lanka is such a great safari destination.

The Parks

The sprawling national parks Sri Lanka has to offer are the main reasons for the country being such a great safari destination. Options like Yala and Minneriya are great for viewing big games – there’s a reason that some of the best hotels in Sri Lanka are found close to these locations.

The Seasons

You can go on safari in Sri Lanka all year round! The two monsoon seasons occur months apart from each other and affect different areas of the island. Since Sri Lanka’s national parks are scattered all across the island, there should always be an option available for you.

The Landscapes

Even within a single national park, you’re likely to see various different landscapes and habitats. For instance, Yala National Park contains shrub forests, grasslands, and even beaches. All this means that a myriad of ecosystems exists within a relatively small location and they provide refuge for all kinds of different animals.

The Wildlife

Sri Lanka may be a small country, but it’s home to some of the biggest and most iconic wildlife out there. For instance, the island is home to the largest subspecies of the Asian elephant, and the elusive Sri Lankan leopard stalks through many of the large national parks.