Why Travel, Work And Live In Qatar


Why Travel, Work And Live In Qatar

If your world has been revolving around the United Kingdom, chances are you are missing out big on real life and interesting opportunities. The world around is full of many surprising opportunities that anyone can take on, to turn their life around. The United Arab Emirates and Qatar are examples of beautiful places in the world that you can relocate to work or live. Although this may be a daunting prospect for you, working and living in Qatar and the UAE could be the change you need. Some of the features and factors that make Qatar an attractive work destination for many are discussed below.

1. Sunshine

While the UK only receives much of its sunshine in summer, Qatar enjoys sunshine all year round. Winter here is warm with temperatures hitting at least 20 degrees, which makes it the ideal climate to come out in your sandals and shorts. Summers are scorching hot with temperatures reaching 45 degrees.

2. Tax

If there's anything many of us in the United Kingdom dread, is income tax. Income tax can drain your income especially if you have to struggle to make ends meet. While the rich seem to have an escape route from this, the ordinary person has to pay tax whether he/she likes it or not. Moving to Qatar, however, changes all that as you aren't obligated to file income tax. You get to use all your hard-earned money without spending a dime on tax.

3. The Lifestyle

The lifestyle in Qatar and the UAE is a true representation of modern living and class. Although the region may lack cultural and historical heritage, the UAE is always booming with business and is also home to the largest and best shopping centers in the world. The Dubai Mall, for example, is the size of 50 football pitches, and most importantly, the cleanest on the planet. Nightlife here is pretty exciting too and accommodates both the old and the young. If you are yearning for a good life, quality education for your kids, and peace of mind, then Dubai is the place to be.

4. The British Expatriate Community

One of the challenges that come with moving to a new country is the fear of living with entirely new people. This is one of the reasons many people take their time before moving to another country for good. This however cannot be said about the UAE. The UAE and Qatar boast of the largest British expat community, meaning you will just be switching neighborhoods. English is a common language here, and the chance of bumping to a neighbor you used to know are very high here.

5. Potential

The amount of potential in the United Arab Emirates and Qatar cannot go unnoticed. More and more businesses and organizations are setting camp here, which means you cannot go a day without getting a job. Tourism, Energy, and Construction sectors always have job openings that expats can apply for and start working almost immediately. This is unlike in the UK where you have to know someone to get any formal employment. Check out some of the great pros in this piece by Cavendish Professionals about working in medical research.

If you have been weighing your cards and thinking of working abroad, why not come to the UAE. There are plenty of opportunities here, and the climate is just right for all working conditions.

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