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Why you must include Cinque Terre on your Italy trip
Duration: 3 Days

I get asked for advice by a friend who is planning a trip to Italy. I ask for her plan and when she tells me the places she is planning to cover, she misses out my favorite, my absolute favorite!

Friends, if you ever to go Italy, you cannot, I repeat, you cannot afford to miss the gorgeous Cinque Terre. Not convinced??

Take a look:

Photos of Italy 1/6 by Desiwanderer
Photos of Italy 2/6 by Desiwanderer
Photos of Italy 3/6 by Desiwanderer
Photos of Italy 4/6 by Desiwanderer
Photos of Italy 5/6 by Desiwanderer
Photos of Italy 6/6 by Desiwanderer

Seen enough? Convinced?

Now read a little about the Italian beauty.

Cinque Terre (CHINK-weh TAY-reh) is probably the most stunning place in Italy. Literally meaning Cinque (five) Terre (villages/land), it consists of the five villages.






Founded in antiquity, one needs to see the beatifically pristine place to actually believe. The stunning photographs are not enough; there’s a different life out there which one needs to experience. It feels like time has stopped there. The ravines are filled with lazy hive of humans who are blithe and content. Locals and sunburnt travelers enjoy the best of Italian nature and wine – the perfect way to experience the sun, sea, sand, wine, and unadulterated Italy.

Each village has a charm and a character of its own, with only one similarity – food. One MUST try the pesto at Cinque Terre. Be it Pesto Pizza, Pesto Pasta or any other dish, the locally grown pesto will sooth your taste buds, though it may a few pounds to your weight.

Since cars were banned inside the villages a decade ago, the best way to experience the idyllic and quaint part of Italy is by foot. There is a network of trains that connects the villages and pass through the tunnels which add to your experience immensely. The roads that connect the villages are steep, narrow and kiss the cliff edge, making the drive quite adventurous. The region is also declared a park, and one can buy an inexpensive day pass to hike the scenic trail that passes through the villages.

Three days in Cinque Terre – gazing at the sea from a bench on the cliff, sipping cappuccino, gelato in one hand and pizza in another, I feel like I belong here. This place will totally seduce you away from the modern life back in the cities.

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