Will There Be a Modern Hotel in Bharuch to Render Modern Guest Facilities?

Photo of Will There Be a Modern Hotel in Bharuch to Render Modern Guest Facilities? 1/1 by Chirag Sharma

When our Company manager mentioned that a team of us would be heading to Bharuch on a work-related assignment, my heart sank in dismay! Not again, I thought to myself, to have to visit such a God forsaken place in Central Western Gujarat, near the Gulf of Cambay. Many years ago, while en route to a cousin’s wedding in Gujarat, we had to break journey in Bharuch and dim memories of a highly uncomfortable stay in a rather old fashioned Guest House which was dark and dingy and where the lights kept going off, not allowing us to sleep in peace, still haunted my mind! However, when I voiced these misgivings, I was told firmly that Bharuch was now a flourishing private port and hub of industry and hosted plush staying accommodation! I was delighted to find us checking into not only an elegantly appointed hotel in Bharuch but also with the largesse of the most modern accommodation in Bharuch with a plethora of pleasing privileges!

Such luxurious, vibrantly furnished and centrally air-conditioned accommodation in Bharuch encapsulated in an array of living abodes such as Standard, Deluxe and Superior rooms and the most lavishly appointed accommodation in Bharuch that had been reserved for us – the exclusive Executive suite! Smartly designed they offered us a modicum of privacy with separate bedroom with king bed and attached washroom, living area and even the luxury of a microwave and loaded mini-bar! The yoga mat was perfect for my morning exercises and thus a hotel in Bharuch far exceeded my expectations!

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