Wisconsin Craft market Madison , Dane

Photo of Wisconsin Craft market Madison , Dane by Travelling Atom

Wisconsin Craft market is located in Westgate Mall, Madison . The craft market is very famous for the local handmade craft items . The place is very famous for the products like Beads , jewelly items , house decorative and craft raw material for kids .

History of Winconsin Craft market :

Winconsin Craft market was inagurated back in year 1997 . Earlier it was a flea market where artist use to gather and showcase their craft work . Sooner the place become the flea market for the craft work . We can say that the Winconsin Craft market evolved from the Flea market .

Everyday more then two thousant visitor visit the Wisconsin craft market . The craft market is divided in to mini complex :

Antique mall of Wisconsin Craft market

Photo of Wisconsin Craft market Madison , Dane 1/1 by Travelling Atom

Wisconsin dells antique mall was started in 1997 and later in year 1999 expanson took place. The Wisconsin dells antique mall consist of more then 200 stores offering the unique Antique items in every price range. The Mall offers antique items from every Category . Here in the market you will find antique coins , paintings , old crafted furniture and lot more .

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