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Withdrawal Symptoms After A Memorable Trip!
Photos of Withdrawal Symptoms After A Memorable Trip! 1/3 by Anjali Chawla
Grand Canyons

So, we got back from our USA trip.

And guess what we are facing?!

Withdrawal symptoms! Yeah!

It’s been almost a month since we’ve returned, and we have to admit, we are fully consumed by vacation withdrawal.

I think, we all dread packing our bags and boarding the plane to go back home. We wish that time will go by slower; so that we can do everything that we want to do. In reality, vacations will always end. It just depends on when. Coming back from a vacation is tough to deal with. I know, it is hard for everyone, but for some, it is harder than usual and admittedly, I’m one of those people. It is the hardest when we come back from a vacation that is so meaningful and powerful that it essentially changes our lives. These are the vacations that I look forward to.

I think...think and think...logic less ponderings though...

How did time go by so quickly? Do I really have to go back to reality? Why can’t I be moneyed enough to never have to come back to work and can spend all my time traveling instead? This is probably (definitely) the most irrational part of the withdrawal process.

While pouring over other people’s vacation photos, I start to get evocative of my own. Other people’s vacation photos remind me of the days I spent on my vacation.

I know I’m officially coming out off withdrawal when I can begin to get excited about my next trip. Why wallow when I can busy myself counting down to my next big adventure?

But I feel for the most part, vacation nostalgia is harmless, so let yourself bathe in those memories. Take aaalll the time you need. Sigh!

Now, how was the trip?

To start with, it was an action-packed trip!

Lots of flights, bus journeys, train journeys, walking and of course endless drama!

Photos of Withdrawal Symptoms After A Memorable Trip! 2/3 by Anjali Chawla
Schuylkill River as it enters Philadelphia (Flight journey)

In a nutshell, Rain spoiling the plans...Following paper maps...Still getting lost...Miles of walking...Repeated Supermarket trips...Walking the Las Vegas Strip at night...A perfect day at Disneyland...Walking down a jam-packed sidewalk in a city of walkers (NYC)...Witnessing nature porn at its finest...Trying different cuisines...A zillion pictures...Drama to catch early morning bus from hotel...Drama to catch the last bus to hotel...Last minute shopping drama...lots of madness and memories...phew!

Photos of Withdrawal Symptoms After A Memorable Trip! 3/3 by Anjali Chawla
Traveling from Philadelphia to New York (Amtrak train journey)

That’s probably the shortest way to sum this trip up!

So here it is; we are back!

I normally enter into hibernation, where I don’t leave my house for a week, claiming I need to “recover” from the exhausting trip I just had, but in truth it’s a lot more than that. I miss the people I met, the culture I learned about, the things I did!

Lost in memories...

Until next trip (I’ve experienced that planning a trip makes you happier than actually taking one. Sounds weird, right? But, true at least in my case)

Picture Credits: Anjali Chawla

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