Women Leader In The Healthcare Sector

28th Dec 2016

Heather Weber is the Director of a famous healthcare unit in New Jersey. She holds an important position in her organization and says when it comes to team management, women are better than men. Women have a natural tendency to nurture relationships. They can communicate and connect better. This is why they are preferred over men when it comes to holding top positions in the management by most companies.

Can women handle challenges and pressure?

Women are mistaken to be the weaker sex however when it comes to mental strength, they are superior over men. Yes, physical labor is hard for a woman at times as her anatomy is not as strong as a man. However, when it comes to mental and emotional maturity women are a level higher and this works well for organizations where interpersonal skills and relationship building are of topmost priority. She says women have the potential to multi-task. They can push themselves and ensure the work is completed despite hassles and obstacles. They are better risk takers than men. They have the ability to take proactive decisions and remain calm when the time arises. They are better when it comes to problem resolution too.

Planning and organization

Every organization in all sectors should plan and organize their activities well. Fortunately, women are at par when it comes to formulating and devising strategies in any unit. They took have the acumen and the knowledge to organize strategies aimed at business growth and development. They can keep track of details and have the tendency to remember well. She says women have the innate ability of planning and organizing – this is why they are widely sought after in the top level positions in esteemed companies today.

Role model to be followed

Heather Weber is a positive role model to be followed when it comes to women empowerment and confidence. She is highly respected by her peers and subordinates. She has excellent interpersonal skills and is known to get to the root of any problem without hassles. She is hardworking and she loves to learn new things daily. She enjoys her work and sharing her knowledge and experience with her counterparts. When it comes to team management and leadership skills, she is inspiring and motivating. This is why she is highly loved and widely respected by everyone.

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