You can now see the Titanic shipwreck, for real

20th Mar 2017

The shipwreck that rests at the deepest depths of the water for over a century now intrigues us even today. Romances around the RMS Titanic have always captured our fancy--be it through its history, pictures or even the heart-rending climax of Jack and Rose in the movie.

Now, it's time to turn your long-drawn dream into reality. It's time to witness history in person.

London-based tour operator, Blue Marble Private, is all set to launch diving tours to the RMS Titanic shipwreck.

Commencing in May next year, the company will run eight-day journeys that will end with an up-close encounter with the ruins of the vessel.

The journey will begin from St John's, Newfoundland (Canada). Taking nine travellers at a time, a helicopter or a seaplane will reach the expedition support yacht, set somewhere above the wreck.

For tourists from India, there are quite a number of one-stop or two-stop flights to St John's from Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bengaluru or Hyderabad. Most of the flights fly overnight to London, from where they take off for the St John's International Airport.

The visitors onboard will be taught about the mechanisms of a ship by the expedition crew, guest explorers and scientists. On the third day, three passengers at a time will be taken aboard a specially designed titanium and carbon fibre submsersible, to see the decaying remains of the Titanic itself. The tourists will sail over the ship's deck. And guess what? One might even catch a glimpse of that grand staircase that has stirred our minds for long.

This trip will, however, be a little expensive, with a close-up view of the wreck costing around 105,129 Dollars (Rs 68,77,066) per person. But paying for this kind of a once-in-a-lifetime experience is not such a bad deal either.

You can now see the Titanic shipwreck, for real

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