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Trip To Macao Up For Grabs!


Few experiences rival travelling to exotic locales and looking around with wide-eyed wonder. However, travelling on a trip (that's paid for) is even better! There's a trip to Macao for two waiting for you and all you need to do get on board is pull out your creative flair and impress.

What is this about?

To celebrate Macao's 20 years of thriving tourism, Tripoto and Macao tourism have come up with a contest to send that lucky person on a trip for two to the charming city of Macao. Talk about exotic locales, eh?

Macao has something for everybody. Epicureans can beeline straight for the extravagant luxury that defines the city. History buffs can lose themselves in Portuguese-style cobble-stoned streets amidst pastel houses and lit-up colonial mansions. Refined people of culture – there are dazzling art installations and museums waiting for you and bon vivants absolutely must stuff themselves with the Pastéis de Nata (Portuguese egg tarts) and pork buns there.

What do I need to do?

Simply this – pick up your pen, put your thinking hat on and jot down the 20 things that you love about Macao. Burn some midnight oil and give us a lovely article to read on what has you smitten with the glittering city.

If capturing moments visually is your thing, then create a photo-blog with mesmerising pictures that will show us what you adore about Macao.

You still stand a good chance of winning even if you haven't been to Macao. Simply put down what you think you'll love about the city soaked in old-world charm and create away. Browse through the Macao tourism website to embellish your article with interesting trivia or borrow pictures for your photoblog with appropriate credits to the photographer.

How do I go about it?

Create a profile on Tripoto, if you don’t already have one.

You can create a post using the Tripoto website or by downloading the Tripoto app on your phone. Make sure you add the hashtag #20ThingsILoveAboutMacao in the title of your entry.

Share your masterpiece on your social media pages and tag Tripoto and Macao Moments (Facebook or Instagram) so we can take a look. Make sure you add the hashtags #20ThingsILoveAboutMacao and #TripotoCommunity to your social media post.

Brownie points to those who get people talking to each other about why Macao has them charmed. We love a good conversation, so get talking to new people, swap ideas and pictures and gather in a lot of reactions.

We are looking for a refreshing article to read or an eye-catching photo-blog to gape at, both of which explore the 20 things you love about Macao.

Once you’re done, we want you to share your entry on your social media platforms to get people talking about Macao and what they like about the city in turn.

Sign me up already!

The contest starts on October 17, 2019, so get started on your entries! You have till November 1, 2019, to flood us with your entries.

1. The triumphant winner gets a trip for two to Macao for three nights and four days (3N/4D)!

2. Psst, we’ve got something for our runners-up too! The next top 9 entries get splurge-worthy Amazon vouchers worth Rs 10,000.

3. The winner will get picked by Tripoto and Macao Tourism. Decisions regarding prize-winning entries will be final.

4. The results will be out by November 2, 2019, so keep an eye on our page.

5. Please steer clear from topics like alcohol and gambling. There's a lot more on offer in Macao to make your head spin!

6. Attention bloggers! Post your articles on your blogging sites as well as on your social media pages for bonus points!

7. Create a stir on social media. Get conversations started about Macao and encourage more people to join in! The more, the merrier.

8. Contest entry must not depict the logo or brand of any other company or contain any lewd, defamatory, obscene, or offensive or illegal conduct. It must also not communicate a message inconsistent with the positive image and goodwill of the Sponsor or Promotion Partner.

So are you going to Macao or what? Let's talk Macao in the comments below!

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