You're Going Alone to Morocco? As a Female?!


Yes. I am.

The amount of times I've heard that question since I booked this trip a few weeks ago is tiring. But I understand their concern.

I promised to be my honest, raw self from the moment I decided to start this blog, so here it is.

I'm f*cking terrified.

I've travelled my whole life, multiple times alone before, to many different countries. But I've always somehow been in my safe place. From Canada to Europe to Australia, everyone spoke at least a little English-enough for me to get around-so I had no problem wandering the streets knowing that I'd somehow make it back (obviously with the use of common sense). Throughout Central and South America, the Hispanic/Latino cultures are somehow buried deep in my soul so I've always felt more at home in those areas than frankly, I do in the states.

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But this time is different. Very different. I wouldn't label myself a feminist by any means, but I sure as hell am independent and will stand up for myself when a male thinks they are superior to me ( cue to my first post, on why marriage was not for me, at least not right now). So travelling to my first Muslim country where females are expected to cover themselves-and where it is well known that, as a female, you most certainly will be harassed and possibly groped-is a lot for me to mentally prepare for.

But that was the point. Not to be harassed, obviously. But to put myself in a position so beyond my comfort zone that I'm forced to figure out my own comfort.

I've been searching endlessly for the last couple weeks of blog posts about Casablanca (where I'll be for a couple days before travelling along to Merzouga then heading out into the Sahara). Sadly, 95% of the blog posts I see are "How to Stay Safe and Sane in Morocco" or "How to Avoid Scammers and Pickpocketers in Morocco." I searched and searched for "what is there to do in Casablanca as a solo female traveler" and all I found were depressing, albeit honest, posts about Morocco as a female.

So while I'm terrified... I'm f*cking stoked. Stoked to see what Casablanca, and Morocco as a whole, has to offer a blonde hair, green-eyed American girl like me. More importantly, stoked to have the chance to show off everything you CAN do as a solo female in Casablanca.

And lastly, stoked to check off the next to last continent of my travels. So, does anyone have any good recommendations for Antartica? ????

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