You wanna trek? Here's why you should...

13th Jun 2016

For hiking, You need special shoes and a bit of special soul too!

Photo of You wanna trek? Here's why you should... by Naini Shah (DateWithMountains)

Trekking is where all Happiness resides!

Photo of You wanna trek? Here's why you should... by Naini Shah (DateWithMountains)

Did you ever have a blooming wish of leaving everything aside and climb a mountain, take some risk and experience some adventure. Climbing up a mountain is not just about adventure and risk, sometimes  it makes you a better person and makes you value your life.  Many people asked me for why do I adore trekking so much? Here are the reasons to all the WHY'S :-

It keeps you focused:  

Focus is always has been a key ingredient in every great person’s life. They were really focused on things they wanted to achieve.  Most of the people are not lacking in talent or skill but focus. They are just easily distracted.

Mountaineering/Trekking helps you here. It doesn’t give you a choice of distraction. A second of distraction can cost your life. So you really have to be focused.

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It brings you the do or die moment: 

“Do or die”, doesn’t this give you the feeling of war  where either you kill the enemies or be killed. The same goes for the mountaineering, but the only difference is you are the only enemy of yourself.

Being in such a height at such a great risk,  you have only 2 choices, either you go up all the way and complete it or lose your hope and die.

These circumstances give us extreme strength and will-power in our life. To live life in a whole new way. To value small things which make us happy.

It filters the pure love:

We live in a society where love, hatred and selfishness is all mixed up. We even see our own benefit in loving someone else. The pure love is all lost.

Mountaineering doesn’t just help us in getting strength but filters the true love leaving all the impurities behind.  It is the love of your family, love of your own life which does not let you give up. It becomes the strength throughout the journey. You will complete and make it alive for the sake of people you love.

Overcome setback:

We get devastated by small setbacks in our life. We are almost willing to give up on those. We get hopeless, but this is not how life works.  These small setbacks which we find now and then, have come to give us strength not to make us hopeless.

I think these are well taught up in the mountains where no matter how big the problem is, you have to face and get over it otherwise you will die. We put our full potential when it comes to our own life.

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Above the world: 

The ultimate joy of mountaineering is here. This is the real purpose which drives everyone for it. To be on the top of the mountain is to be at the top of the world. This gives us the feel of accomplishment.

To see the world at such a height is amazing. The view is breathtaking. The air, clouds and big horizon of the Earth makes us forget all the pain, fear and let us enjoy the moment.

Photo of You wanna trek? Here's why you should... 3/3 by Naini Shah (DateWithMountains)

So Friends, I hope you could relate to these reasons and can add on the unending list of positive reasons for a happy trek! :D

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