Your perfect guide for a short trip in Parvati Valley PART 1

1st Sep 2017
Photo of Your perfect guide for a short trip in Parvati Valley PART 1 by Vaibhav Gangrade

Parvati valley is the most sought after destination for short trips for people staying in the northern parts of India, but with the huge list of places to visit and the confusion of where to stay, I have put together a list of what to do, and where to stay for your FIRST trip to Parvati Valley.

Day 1

Day 1 - Reach Bhuntar

Bhuntar is the main bus stop, since most of the buses head to Manali, this is as far as you can go in your Volvo buses.

Get off at Bhuntar, ask for directions to the local bus stop and catch a bus headed towards Kasol. Tickets to Kasol are usually around 30 rupees per person.

If you are not comfortable with the bus, you can take a taxi - but they are expensive. I heard a taxi driver say 1800 rupees to take me to Kasol from Bhuntar, and I started walking towards the bus stop.

Take the bus to Kasol. The buses are slow. The roads are narrow, the bridges are narrower. There are stops to let the traffic of the other side pass, and then your side is allowed.

Takes around 1h to 1h30m to reach Kasol depending on the traffic.

PRO TIP - Rush in the bus and find a seat for yourself, don't wait. If you don't, you will be standing till Kasol.

Get down at Kasol bus stop.

I suggest that there is no point staying the night in Kasol. It would be around 12 - 2 p.m. by the time you reach Kasol (if you reached Bhuntar by bus).

Relax in Kasol for a few hours, fuel up your body with some good food.

Really small but amazing food at Sonam Tibetan Dish restaurant on the right side just after you cross the bridge.

Also good food at Sasi restaurant, walk straight from the bridge and take the first right.

Since this is your first time in the valley, you should explore Tosh, though it has become more commercial over the years.

Take a taxi to Tosh, or take a bus to Barshiani.

Taxi prices are fixed by the union. There is one standard price.

If you decide to take the bus, the bus will drop you at Barshiani, from where you need to walk 3kms uphill to reach the entrance to the village of Tosh.

Night 1 - Tosh

Keep walking and climbing up in Tosh. Don't stop and settle for rooms there. Keep walking till you reach the last hotels. The best view is from the top.

There are 3 hotels where you can get the best view from - Pink Floyd, Shiva Mountain and Hill Top.

Prices are negotiable at all 3 and would usually cost around 150-300 per person in a room (depends on season time).

Food is great at all 3 hotels.

Relax in Tosh and spend the night looking at the snow covered mountains in front of you.

View in Tosh

Photo of Tosh, Himachal Pradesh, India by Vaibhav Gangrade

There are many cafes if you walk down in the village of Tosh, you can explore these. One cafe that I recommend is the Energy cafe, most secluded but has a great view of the Parvati river and the dam.

We spent the night at Shiva mountain, where we met with people from France, Israel and Canada. It is always a great feeling to meet people from different parts of the world!

Read next in Part 2!

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