Your trip to Udaipur isn't fulfilled unless you visit this fort in Kumbalgarh.

Day 1

If you are looking for a way to get to Kumbalgarh from Jaipur, head straight to the taxi stand ahead of Chetak circle and you can hire one for about Rs-2000 to and fro. And if you have a personal vehicle there is always google maps to help and the connectivity is great through out. Do remember to leave all the eatables and snacks back in your car while you trek up the fort, the monkeys there are quite a menace.    

Or if you wanna witness the light show there which is held in the evenings you might as well want to reiterate your plan and book a stay at Kumbalgarh for a day. 

Before you're headed out to the fort make sure you don a slight background research on the history of the fort as the guides there charge you 450 for a tour. And without a story those would be just plane walls. :)

Hope this has been helpful!