ZEISS Conquest Spotting 30 60X Eyepiece Review


Are you a nature lover, and like to make new discoveries and find new species of exotic wildlife? Then you need the right tools. The tool that can show you Nature at its best, with clarity and sharpness, with an assembly so light, that from a dirt road to makeshift paths in the jungle, it's easy to carry everywhere with you. This is where ZEISS Conquest Spotting 30 60X Eyepiece spotting scope comes in handy. For professional and hard-core photographers out there, especially those on a budget, the ZEISS Conquest Spotting 30 60X Eyepiece is one of the best accessories for your cameras at just $1999, with free shipping at Amazon. While the price range puts it in the middle price zone for the consumers, the quality and applications provided by the manufacturers, Carl Zeiss is those that are only at the high-end market. The main physical features of ZEISS Conquest Spotting 30 60X Eyepiece are;

German-made spotting scope Length 15.6 inches85mm Objective lens Eyepiece with 30-60x zoom Light weight magnesium alloy outer body (60 ounces)A universal tripod mount, for precise placement of the eyepiece

Like any spotting scope, ZEISS Conquest Spotting 30 60X Eyepiece is designed to perform optimally for bird watching, hunting, naturalistic activities and even surveillance. The various features, allow;

The 60x magnification with imagining rendition capabilities, makes identification of the smallest objects (dragonflies) easier, even at large distances.45 degrees angled view, at any position (sitting, lounging etc.). T* and LotuTec coatings for easy cleaning and improving light transmission for brightness and sharpness.For spotting scopes, the focus is everything. The focusing mechanism in ZEISS conquest spotting is dynamic enough access intimate views.

Like any device, ZEISS Conquest Spotting 30 60X Eyepiece has its share of pros and cons.


Simple use and elegant appearance. Close focus distance of 10.8 ft., makes it an excellent tool for watching small insects, butterflies, and pretty songbirds. With its compact Roof prism design and lightweight body, owing to the magnesium alloy, it is easy to carry around.The Nitrogen filled the housing with O-ring seals makes the optical assembly water and fog proof up to 400mbar. Thus, making it a product for outdoors in all weathers, making it a natural choice for nature enthusiasts. One of the most exciting features of this spotting scope is that it is compatible with your mobile. Although, not all mobiles. But with a compatibility creating accessory ExoLens bracket adapters, it can be used with 6 and 6s Apple iPhone and Samsung S6 and S6 Edge.With an Astro adapter that comes with the spotting scope, the star-gazers can also fulfill their passion of studying the movement and placement of stars.


Takes time getting used to the scope.Unlike the high-end versions produced by Zeiss, this one lacks the second knob that adds the advantage of fine-focusing to the spotting scope.

With a name like Zeiss, founding the father of the optics industry, ZEISS Conquest Spotting 30 60X Eyepiece is a moderate priced tool for bird and nature lovers, with high-end benefits. The 60x zoom and incredible focus allow insight into Nature's secrets, in all weathers and temperatures. With a light body, designed for easy handling and cleaning, explorers, photographers can take the scope to the highest mountains or in the deepest caves!

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