My View on London 


London, the capital of England welcomes around 5.1 million tourists at any time, but how many of these 5.1 million even get to see the true beauty of the city? Most are caught up by tour guides in between places like the Tower of London and the Big Ben and miss the most amazing parts of the city. 

London is not just a city of tourist spots like the Buckingham Place, the London Bridge, the London eye and the London dungeon, it is a city of sanctity and adventure as well. I remember just randomly taking a way down the banks of the river Thames, without a tour guide, I didn't know how long it would take or where all I would go when I started, it was just a random thought to just start walking along the river starting from Big Ben. 

This is what London is really about to me a random adventure. Behind the corporate world of London resides the calm and silent walk stretching from The Big Ben to the Tower of London and on the way many other tourist spots like St. Paul's Cathedral. This was probably one of the best parts of my trip.

 The walk is not just a trip but an experience, the sight of couples sitting by the waters enjoying a meal, or small gorgeous cafes hidden between two buildings with the warmest and friendliest people and the most amazing food and hot chocolate. The whole walk ended with a nice Starbucks Frappe near the Tower of London, after which I went into the Tower of London. This is what London means to me, meeting amazing new people in unknown places and long walks leading to nowhere.