London, All that Life can afford

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On this birthday, I found my self rolling my eyes towards London Streets. Though I was alone on my Birthday but even a bad day in London is still better than a good day anywhere else.

London is proudly expensive yet deeply civilized, too common yet royal. London is bright like magical fairy dust, celebrate its individuality and incredibly inspiring.

I was there only for 2 days in between the work so didn't rushed into check in out the touristy places, just intended to soak in the bustling energy of London. Endless Gardens & Parks needs a special mention for this British capital. I went to Hyde Park which is around the Kensington Palace and Diana Memorial as she used to live in it. This Park is gorgeous and will leave you out of breath if you want to cover it on feet. Though every inch of it is gorgeous and Magnificent like a high definition painting.

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Why are you here??

A question I have been asked multiple times... right from the Immigration to Local shops to restaurants to fruit sellers. Albania was once an isolated land like North Korea or something as locals mention it. It still is so much so that India doesn't have an embassy of it yet not even a consulate. You need to go to China to get Albanian visa as an Indian passport holder. Albanians are not sure why would anyone want to visit them as a tourist. and only thing made them famous to rest of the world was Movie Taken.

But visiting the country gave me an insight that they are more than just the negative publicity.Albanians are sweet & chatty. Cafe Culture is very prominent in whole of Europe so does in Albania. With every Evening, street gets light up and flooded with people in their favorite Cafes along the streets. You can sit for 2 hours with one order of coffee or a beer.

I stayed a week in Tirana, The Capital City of Albania surrounded by mountains on two sides and Sea on the others which makes it weather perfect for evening strolls or watch moving in open theaters again a social ritual in here. Scroll down to see Albania through my Lens.

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A Drive happens to be Long when its besides the third largest river in the world The Holy Ganges. We got a little carried away with the long drive thing and drove for around 700kms over the weekend.

We Started of from New Delhi early morning with our high Spirits and boot full of Mr. Millers. It was just two of us and as usual we were talking to each other a lot and somehow lost the way and ended up reaching Dehradun instead of Haridwar. So From the Longest Route possible we reached Haridwar and checked into the beautiful Radisson Blu, which is high on my recommendation for its comfyness and hospitality.

Next Morning we started again and drove from Haridwar to Rishikesh to Neelkanth and Shivpuri. The Drive is really beautiful along side the Holy River Ganges and so much natural beauty to soak In.

I compiled few quick activities you can do in this weekend travel destination:

???? River Rafting has to be first if you are an adventurous soul.

???? Camping by the river which includes bonfire, volleyballs, music and dancing. Rishikesh offers a number of camps ranging from luxurious to really affordable ones.

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Royalty comes at a price!!! Well I lived this old saying when I visited the Royal City of Jaipur in Rajasthan. Rajasthan is famous for its royal, colorful and vibrant lifestyle.

But what its infamous for is its brutally hot Summers. So I Braved to Travel to its heart and capital city of Jaipur or Pink City as its fondly called. Jaipur got its name as Pink city is because most of the structures in here are made of Terracotta shaded Natural Stone which gives an evident impression of Pink blocks every where you go in the city.

I recommend you to travel to Jaipur to experience its Rich Heritage of Royal Families, Feel the vast cultural history, dive into the colorful markets, have a stomach full of fruit shakes with heart filled with Love and compassion from Rajasthani hospitality.

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Hey Guys,

I read somewhere that Happiness is a place between Too Little and Too Much. So Here I am in a Happy Place between too Little Time and Too Much to explore.I am in Tampere, Finland.

It was a quick trip for work to the sub zero temperature country. Tampere has very few places to explore most of them are century old Churches.

It was a super hectic and exhausting week. City is chilled out like other cities in Finland.Everyone is super helpful and friendly in here so you can be relaxed about the safety and food.

Enjoy few of the pictures I clicked while my stay in Tampere,Finland. It has been a Fabulous stay, would always love to return to the country.

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