You gotta love London!

15th Aug 2013

Ok so basically this was a long vacation for me after a long, long, long long time.(yes, that long). To be honest, I didnt even remember since how long I hadnt had a break for 15 days at a stretch. Yes sir!!A travel freak who hadnt ever been on a vacation for 15 days. Lotsa reasons for that but right now is not the time for sad stories. So yea, London!!!There's something about that city.

The minute I got out of Heathrow, I breathed in a whiff of air which I had never really experienced before. It was cold, it was fresh, it was like the lungs had just taken a shower and come out all of a sudden!!

Well all of us know about the London eye and Madame Tussauds and the Big Ben and the Buckingham Palace and so on and so forth. Of course, these places are wonderful. But its so many other things of London, which I fell in love with. The Barbican street food market where i gorged on almost everything so amazing, and where the stall owner happily sold me a plate for half price since it was closing time. Witnessing the Grand old Cutty Sark while biting on Churros with chocolate sauce by the riverside. Eating at Nandos.

Clicking a picture with the royal guard at the Windsor castle who was oh so co operating to give that wide smile. Sitting in Nero's at Oxford Street the whole afternoon while sipping on coffee and reading a book and ending up chitchatting with Nancy for hours, who was sitting just beside and we got talking cuz she got curious enough to ask me whether Im a Jeffrey Archer fan or not. Eating at Nandos.

Walking the stretch from Regent street to Trafalgar square innumerable times, just because it was so awesome. Driving down to Weymouth and sitting there on the beach ALL DAY!!Yes, ALL DAY!! Eating at Nandos. Buying an all day pass at the underground and falling in love with the tube over and over again. Standing at the bridge and just looking at the beauty of the Houses of Parliament. How the hell can it be so beautiful? Eating at Nandos.

Going to the terrace of a nearby pub and just keep gazing at St. Paul's. Taking a trip to Canary Wharf, the hub of the Bank HQ's, just to see what the investment bankers do after work and feel all cool having a pint in the same cafe as them. Eating at Nandos.

Going to the scaryyyyyy Hunterian museum. Its in the Royal college of surgeons and a fantastic collection of human and animal anatomy, specimens, ancient surgical and dental instruments and every other creepy thing that you can think of. Surgeon and anatomist John Hunter(1728-1793)...I love you. Okay now all this seems like...really?Is this what you call Loving London? Yes my friend. The essence of London lies in all these small things and much more. Go ahead, explore, and do the unthinkable.