Chios - a charming Greek island!

Photo of Chios, Χίος, Ελλάδα by Maria Athanasopoulou
Photo of Chios, Χίος, Ελλάδα by Maria Athanasopoulou
Photo of Chios, Χίος, Ελλάδα by Maria Athanasopoulou
Photo of Chios, Χίος, Ελλάδα by Maria Athanasopoulou
Photo of Chios, Χίος, Ελλάδα by Maria Athanasopoulou
Photo of Chios, Χίος, Ελλάδα by Maria Athanasopoulou
Photo of Chios, Χίος, Ελλάδα by Maria Athanasopoulou
Photo of Chios, Χίος, Ελλάδα by Maria Athanasopoulou
Photo of Chios, Χίος, Ελλάδα by Maria Athanasopoulou

Chios is one of the most beautiful islands of Greece with its own identity and unique beauty! It is a place with great history and many remarkable historical monuments! Chios has its own airport while many accommodation options are offered. The choice is yours and it depends on your mood. If you love crowded areas or if you want to relax, Chios will offer a solution for every taste!


The capital of the island counts about 30,000 residents. Archaeologists claim that the city was built by the Ionians in 1000 BC.

Many restaurants and cafes are located in the city’s center. For your morning coffee, do not miss to visit cafe “Iliastra”, a very nice place in the center of a small picturesque square, inside the Castle of Chios. Try Greek coffee with mastic flavor accompanied with fresh baked pies! This place is the best to relax and make your plans for the rest of the day.

Continue to the port of Chios to enjoy the beautiful view. It is the largest port and one of the finest harbors in the Aegean Sea!

Then for shopping therapy, go to Aplotaria , the most commercial street of the island featuring some very beautiful buildings from the 18th and 19th century!


We suggest you spend the second day of your holiday in the beautiful area called Kambos, to the south part of Chios. Campos is well known for citrus producing. You will be amazed by the unique architecture of the area. The mansions of Campos, made with reddish stones from the village Thymiana are famous and a lot of travelers have written about them!

In Kambos do not miss the chance to visit the multiplex Citrus and its wonderful garden! Enjoy a fresh orange juice and If you have time, visit the museum and see the interesting exhibits of how citrus production was in the past! You can also buy selected local products!

DAY 3: Lithi - Vessa

Next day’s ride will be to one of the most beautiful villages of Chios, called Vessa. Vessa belongs to Mastihohoria (those villages of the island where the famous mastic is produced). The village maintains the traditional architectural color! Most houses are stone built!

Leaving Vessa, you reach the village called Lithi and the so called beach! This is one of the most beautiful beaches in the island! Here one of the most hospitable hotels of the island, Almiriki Hotel apartments is located.

Some restaurants and cafes as well as the hotel’s beach bar are located by the sea.

Here you can really relax and enjoy the sunny summer days!

If you want to enjoy a coffee or a drink, Almiriki hotel’s cafe awaits you ! If you want something for dinner we recommend you try out the Almiriki hotel’s restaurant! All dishes are excellent and made of authentic local fresh products!


Today we will visit two of the so-called medieval villages of Chios. They were built in the south of the island, in the 14th century in a particular architectural style.

We start from Mesta, the most touristic place! Small cobbled streets, small courtyards, houses joined with one another with arches! Walk through the village and you will feel that you make a trip to the past! When you get tired, enjoy a cool Greek frappe in the village’s square!

From there, head to the village of Olympi, another medieval village, probably the most traditional village of the island! Narrow streets, houses like towers joined with one another with arches! Walk slowly through the village and take lots of pictures. If you want to relax, there are a few restaurants and cafes in the village’s square.


Today you will experience one of the most beautiful beaches of Chios, Vroulidia, in the southern part of the island! The beach is not crowded and the waters are green! You will feel what real summer vacation is like!

Then we go to Lagada, one of the most beautiful villages of the island, crossed by the river Krikelis. This is what gives a unique color to Lagkada and its small picturesque harbor. At the edge of the harbor a sandy long beach is waiting those who want to swim!


The 6th day is devoted to some beautiful beaches! Agios Isidoros is one of the most beautiful of the island! The beautiful small picturesque church of Agios Isidoros gave its name to the beach! Enjoy the blue waters on this quiet beach and relax!

If you prefer something more livelily then head to the beach of Komi at the southeastern part of the island. The beach is large and sandy , well organized to offer you a relaxing day on a sun lounger under an umbrella. Along the beach you will find some elegant restaurants, cafes and bars.

Finally we suggest you visit one of the largest villages of the southern part of Chios, Nenita. From there one can enjoy the view of the coast of Asia. There you will find the beautiful Vokaria beach for one more dive!


Let the day begin with a visit to the seaside village of Vrontados, located on the eastern part of the island . It is a beautiful and scenic place and many visitors prefer to stay there. In the area you can admire the windmills overlooking the beach.

Seven kilometers outside the center of Chios, a very long beach forming the bay of Karfas is worth a visit. Many people choose this beach for their vacations!

Finally, in the western part of the island, you will find one of the most beautiful beaches, the one called Elida. It features a beach with fine sand and green water! The landscape is very beautiful!


Let this day to be devoted to get to know the local products of the island! The most famous is of course the mastic, produced only in Chios. Mastic is known for its healing use. According to scientists it offers to the human body a lot of benefits! It is also used in cosmetics. The island is filled with shops selling local products from Mastic!

A lot of desserts are made with Chios mastic and they are very tasty! Do not miss to try the mastic liqueur which is famous worldwide!

Try also Souma, the local alcoholic drink of the island.

The white cheese produced on the island and the local wines are excellent too!


Where to stay?

For your stay I recommend Almiriki hotel apartments, located in Lithi beach only half an hour away from the airport. The hotel is built by the sea offering great view to the Aegean Sea. It features spacious and spotless clean, stylish decorated rooms. It serves reach breakfast and great plates for lunch or dinner . The hotel’s beach bar is at your disposal for snacks, cocktails, coffee or soft drinks and is open all day. The staff is very helpful. All these make the area ideal for relaxing and unforgettable holidays.

Chios island is accessible by plane or boat .