Ananda in The Himalayas: Luxury Detox in the Lap of Nature

26th Oct 2015
Photo of Ananda in The Himalayas: Luxury Detox in the Lap of Nature 1/7 by Shikha Shah Desai
Photo of Ananda in The Himalayas: Luxury Detox in the Lap of Nature 2/7 by Shikha Shah Desai
The roof-top restaurant at Ananda In The Himalayas
Photo of Ananda in The Himalayas: Luxury Detox in the Lap of Nature 3/7 by Shikha Shah Desai
You shouldn't miss this beautiful sunrise
Photo of Ananda in The Himalayas: Luxury Detox in the Lap of Nature 4/7 by Shikha Shah Desai
Peacocks give you company here
Photo of Ananda in The Himalayas: Luxury Detox in the Lap of Nature 5/7 by Shikha Shah Desai
Photo of Ananda in The Himalayas: Luxury Detox in the Lap of Nature 6/7 by Shikha Shah Desai
The entrace of the spa retreat
Photo of Ananda in The Himalayas: Luxury Detox in the Lap of Nature 7/7 by Shikha Shah Desai

Even a month after my stay at Ananda – In The Himalayas, I can picture myself floating in the tranquil temperature-controlled pool with alluring turquoise-feathered peacocks wandering all around. I can hear the gurgling sound of the waterfall I enjoyed while lazing in the balcony of my premium valley-view room overlooking verdant hills and the dimly-lit, meditating Rishikesh. Every time I close my eyes, I can feel the composure I experienced after every rejuvenating spa therapy performed in their very idyllic setting. And once I am in this bubble of bliss, it takes a hell lot of effort to decamp and get back to work. Such is the repercussion of my four-night getaway at the opulent destination spa in Narendra Nagar, Uttarakhand.

Living ‘maharaja’ style
The moment I entered the space, I was welcomed with more than a dozen warm smiles and a rudraksha necklace around my neck. The reception area – housed in the palace – instantly transported me to an era of Indian royalty and the typical, soothing essential oil aroma shook off all the travel tiredness.

After being taken in the club car to the spa and stay area, I checked into my spacious room with an earth-tone decor and slipped into a freshly-pressed pair of comfortable white cotton kurta pajama hanging in the walk-in wardrobe. Thankfully, I had packed light – just two pairs of gym wear for my fitness lessons and some nightwear for a good night’s sleep. I hate lugging around a heavy suitcase with piles of clothes and I’m sure you feel the same, and that’s one reason you’ll simply love this place!

Since I had booked for their newly-launched four-night Detox Starter Programme, I had my treatment schedule lying right on the desk, in my room. Ananda Spa’s attention to detail and a personalised approach towards every guest, makes the experience simply out of the world. The cherry on the cake is being greeted by a gentle ‘Namaskara’ by each and every staff member of the property – from gatesmen to therapists – and this simply adds to its deep-rooted Indian soul.

Meals in the wilderness
An elegant candle-lit table on a tree-top deck overlooking an enchanting hilly forest, light and healthy yet appetising delicacies and hours of meaningful conversations…
Do you need anything more? I surely don’t.

For a quick eater like me, my meals at the Ananda’s literally changed my definition of ‘mealtime’. I have truly begun to appreciate the art of slow, healthy eating; there is surely more to food than just nutrients. Now, I literally look forward to such soul-nourishing mealtimes. Here, they have a customised three-course menu for every guest depending on their dosha – vata, pitta or kapha – and a meal usually begins with a palate cleansing ritual.

If you aren’t following one of their detox programmes – focussing on weight management, Ayurveda, detoxification, stress management etc – you can savour flavourful main course and desserts from their elaborate menu that has enough options for both vegetarians as well as non-vegetarians. But what makes it all special is the way the restaurant staff treats you, with a lot of care and attention. In a mere 24-hours of my check-in, I was almost feeling like a ‘happy’ part of one big Ananda family who is always eager to look after my health and wellness. How much better can it get?

Spa indulgence
While I was already feeling revitalised even before I got started with the treatments, it was now time for intense rejuvenation of the body, mind and soul and the spa programme exactly did that. I strongly feel that every urbanite must experience this kind of demystifying detox once in their lifetime. While trying hard to keep up with the daily grind, we often turn a blind eye to the simple joys of nature. How often do we stop and stare at some beautiful flowers on a tree? Not quite often. My stay and the wellness plan at Ananda helped me achieve the harmony between my physical and mental realms, thus reconnecting me to my inner self.
Post my fitness evaluation in the gym and diet and wellness consultation with the Ayurveda expert, I was recommended the diet for my dosha and the holistic treatments to follow. Every treatment – right from Hydro Aromatic Bath and Aromatherapy massage to the four-handed Ayurvedic-inspired Abhyanga Massage and yoga session by well-trained gurus – energises you and helps you cope better with life’s pressures.

So much to do, so little time
I am often plagued by FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) on my travels. If you’re a passionate traveller who often experiences sleepless nights on travels, you’d exactly know what I am talking about. It’s that state of being gripped by the desire to see everything the place has to offer. And at Ananda – In The Himalayas, my FOMO turned all the more stronger. Since I was a part of the four-night Detox Starter Package, I had a jam-packed routine with yoga and therapy sessions scheduled back to back, leaving me with little time to be on my own. I strongly believe that travel is all about stepping out of your comfort zone and truly soaking in the essence of the place. Hence, I decided to wake up as early as 5 am (for an early riser like me, it wasn’t that difficult) on all the remaining days and it felt so much better. I was able to catch the beautiful sunrise and spare time for other interesting activities like the golf class, cooking session with the chef, group yoga sessions at the heavenly yoga podium, trek to Kunjapuri temple and a lot more, and it was indeed fulfilling.

About Ananda – In The Himalayas

How to get there

By air: There are frequent flights from Delhi to Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradun followed by a 40-min picturesque drive to Ananda in the Himalayas. If you’re travelling from Mumbai, you can take a connecting flight – Mumbai-Delhi-Dehradun. 

By road: The drive to Ananda from Delhi could take anywhere between 5-8 hours depending on traffic. While you may want to take the road, be prepared to deal with the traffic which is difficult to estimate.

By train: It is a 4-hour journey from Delhi to Haridwar followed by a one-hour’s drive to Ananda in the Himalayas.

Packages start at Rs 21,700 per person per night (inclusive of therapies and meals as per your plan). If you’re uncertain of what kind of programme would be suitable for you, you can always contact the spa reception for some valuable advice.

Spa, sauna, steam room, reflexology footbath, cold plunge pool, temperature-controlled outdoor swimming pool, well-equipped gym, 6-hole golf course, vendanta class, dedicated yoga and meditation podiums, billiards and more.

If you don’t have much time at hand and wish to visit Ananda – In The Himalayas for a short stay, I suggest you book their 4-night Detox Starter Package. It perfectly packs in all the relaxing, must-try therapies and gives you a good chance to experience the concept of wellness. Here’s a glimpse of the package for you.

The quote

Look deep, deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better
– Albert Einstein

ideally says it all about my stay at this wonderful property on the foothills of the Himalayas.