Rishikesh-A perfect weekend getaway

12th Oct 2013

To break the monotony of our lives, me and my friends decided to spend the weekend in Rishikesh.Rishikesh is just a six hour drive from New Delhi and is perfect for those who want to escape the hustle of the city and indulge into adventure. We began our journey in the morning to beat the traffic and reached Rishikesh by the evening. The local guides directed us to our camping site in Shivpuri.The camping site was in the valley,right next to river Ganga. It felt like we have stepped right into the nature’s paradise.The camp was pretty affordable,the package included three meals,a tent and river rafting for two thousand rupees.We relaxed in our tents for a while and then the staff called us for snacks.The site looked even more beautiful as the night approached, lanterns and bonfire gave it a warm glow and the sound of the river flowing added to the ambiance. We enjoyed the bonfire with some songs, snacks and liquor and then went back to our tents to have a good night’s sleep.The next day,sun was shining bright on our head and the first thing we noticed in the river was a giant rafting boat waiting for us.The excitement made us move a tad faster,and we all were geared up in no time.With our lifejackets and headgears,ten of us started sailing in the river. Initially it seemed like a normal boating activity,but as the river got faster,we could feel our heart rate increasing.Following the instructions of the professionals with us we faced a lot of ferocious currents.We covered about sixteen kilometres and all our luggage was present at the ending point.Somehow we wanted a bit more of adrenaline in our bloods,so we directly jumped in a bus leading us to Jumpin Heights. Jumpin Heights is an adventure hub that provides one with activities like Bunjee Jumping,Zip Lining and Big swing.As we reached there,we were a bit reluctant at first due to safety issues,but then the staff informed us about its advanced safety gear and we decided to go for it. I opted for bunjee jumping and paid three thousand rupees for it.The activity spot was right in between a valley and was about 85 meters high.As I reached the spot and got prepared for my big jump,all I did was tell myself to jump.The moment came when I was right at the edge of the platform and I could see the river flowing down,the flush green hills around.I heard them say Jump!,and I am glad I did.I experienced something extraordinary and amazing.I went through series of mixed emotions in those five minutes.I felt alive and free. After each one of us was done with the activity we had some snacks. Then came back to our base camp and drove back to New Delhi.

Shivpuri is a famous camping site.River Rafting is one of its main attraction. It provides the tourist with many affordable options to choose from.

Rishikesh has always been known for adventure activities,but a recent add-on is Highest Bunjee Jumping spot in India. Jumpin heights is the adventure hub that provides with such adventure activities.

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