Trip that made me confident

7th Sep 2017
Day 1

After lots n lots of hardships, finally me and my sister were able to convince our parents for the a short trip. The main purpose was not to explore things but just to escape the current scenario. Earlier we planned with total six guys n gals but by the last day we were left four. Finally after a full working friday, I came back home n pack my bag for the first ever trip. We started by 9.30p.m from Delhi and reach Lansdowne by 4 a.m. The moment we reached there, we started looking for hotels as we didn't had any prior bookings.  As per reviews from friends and internet, I got to know about "Blue Pine Resorts-Lansdowne" .

Day 2

The hotel was completely packed due to few groups. After searching we found another hotel for our stay. It was "Hotel Ravine" . A decent hotel to stay.  We didn't went for exploration, it was a decent hotel with good food. You don't need to move out if you have good company.

We have had good sound system with karaoke and two were really good singers in our group. Apart from music, we have carried ample amount of hard n soft drinks coz i use to be a non-drinker by that time. After hours of sleep i got ready in evening as i was expecting some party. Nothing as such happened as there was a private party going on in the hotel.  We took the car a d moved towards mall road. I couldn't find anything over there and came back to the hotel. After that whatever happened has actually transformed my life.

After returning,  we all were sitting n enjoying music.  Suddenly a friend challenged me to finish vodka in one go. I thought it impossible but somehow i managed to do that. After that i asked for more and more and more.....
I took nearly 5 or 6 or may be more shots and started
Crying out badly and discussing my half done breakup after 7 years of it.

That night my sister and my friends gave me courage as they all stand by myself to take decision on my own. They made me believe that whatever decision i make they will stand for me.

Day 3

Next day i woke up totally blank. At first i was bit nervous coz of my behaviour last night but they all made me comfortable.  After breakfast we started packing and got back to Delhi to lead our regular office life here.