"1. Be at the top of Macau Tower and hang in there for your life!

2. Go casino hopping and let the chips fall!

3. Food Hunting – Eat, drink and be merry!

4. Revel in the old world charm of Taipa Village

5. Admire the fascinating Portuguese architecture of Senado Square

6. Play in the unique black sand of Hac Sa beach

7. Visit Kun Iam Statue – the bronze statue of Goddess of Mercy

8. Witness the colorful celebrations at Chinese Temples

9. Hop on to the bridges of Macau – Spectacular they are!

10. Explore the treasures of Macau’s famous museums

11. Cross the border and take a trip to Zhuhai

12. Climb the Escada Do Papel, not just for religion but for your health

13. Ride the Gondola – Create your own Venice, far away from Venice

14. Take a walk through the gardens and parks in Macau

15. Relish a Portuguese Egg Tart

16.Visit Interesting Museums

17.Leave Your Footprints on Hac Sa (Black Sand) Beach

18.Take a Romantic Stroll Along Travessa da Paixão with Your Loved One

19.Enjoy the Night View of Macau on a Figure-8 Ferris Wheel

20.Watch Pandas in the Giant Panda Pavilion"