This Beautiful Hidden Mural Village of Vietnam is a Treat to the Eyes!


The world is but a canvas to our imagination”, said Henry David Thoreau, and artists in Vietnam have taken this in the most literal sense – they filled all the walls, fences and basically all the streets of their tiny sea-side village Tam Thanh with paintings. Today, nearly all of the village is filled with murals and they are all extremely beautiful works of art.

What was hitherto a tiny beach village that no one really noticed has now become a tourist attraction with lots of visitors who come here just to take a look at these paintings. These paintings were made by Vietnamese and Korean artists who spent about two weeks on them. The Vietnamese People’s Committee and the Korean Committee of Art Exchange Programme worked on this project together and their aim, as they say is “using art to create a better community".

Why pay a visit to Tam Thanh?

A walk through the streets of the Tam Thanh is all that draws thousands of visitors to this tiny village.

So what are these paintings about?

While some of the walls are painted with images of the villagers engaged in their daily activities, others are filled with flowers and sea animals. If all you get to do is walk around the village and take a look at all of the murals, that’s all it takes to make for one really memorable experience .

Very soon, a sea walk is to be opened in this village which will also be filled with paintings. An islet that’s nearby which has been inspired by Tam Thanh took a cue from what’s been done here and is now filling its own walls with paintings. While you are here, you might also want to pay a visit to this island.

How to get to Tam Thanh?

Tam Ky is one of the major cities of Vietnam and is well connected to the rest of the country through flights and trains. Once you get to Tam Thanh, you can reach this tiny mural sea side village in just about 15 minutes by hiring a cab or a bike. If you are travelling from Hoi An, it is still just an hour away in a cab or by renting a bike from the place.

Things to do around this village

The beach is a great place to hang at while you’re at Tam Thanh. You can visit the Chien Dan Cham towers – a group of three really ancient rock temples. Another group of ancient stone temples which are really huge – the Khuong towers are worth paying a visit to as well. The Ky Anh guerilla tunnels and the forests nearby are worth a visit. A Confucius temple Van Thanh which is located near the village is a small and cozy temple that can be visited.

When to go

April to July, the peak summers seem to be the best time to pay a visit to Tam Thanh especially if you’re looking to having a good time by the sea.

Getting around

The village of Tam Thanh is not very big and one can easily cover all of it by walking around. However, you can also get your own bike or car and go around in it. The best way t o experience the murals however, is by feet.

Where to stay

There are a couple of beach resorts a few kms away from Tam Thanh – the Tam Thanh natural beach resort, Annabo beach house. Staying in Hoi An or Tam Ky which happen to have some good options is a good idea too. Here’s is a list of places you can stay at in Hoi An and here’s all the places you can stay at in Tam Ky.

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