13th Apr 2019

Dear Sudeshna,
We met exactly 5 years ago on this very month in the sun-scorched port city of Vizag and I can confidently say my life changed since then. Being an introvert , my world was extremely limited to my own ideas. You pushed me to come out and flirt with life. You taught me to take chances and some calculated risks. And I will be forever indebted to you for that. I learnt from you that impromptu trips do exist in real , normal world . You showed me the intoxicating world of Korean dramas and the alternate universe that opens up with the high pitches of Adele's voice. You opened my Instagram account saying "Just see how beautiful the world is ". And just like that we started hoping  from one place to another in these 5 years. With each trip came thousands of stories and some endless hours of laughter. And thus, I started dreaming of traveling this entire wide world with you - one place, one trip at a time.
Thank you for constantly forcing me to do what frightens me the most.

Insta handle : sharmithakur