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Apart from the scenic beauty of Harsil, one major draw is the Bhutia village here. Bagori is reached by crossing two cute bridges over the streams that flow through Harsil. Many stories revolve around this village. Some say that when Nelong Valley (later in the blog) was closed, the villagers moved here. They also have permission to brew their own alcoholic beverage which is known as ‘Kacchi’. Wooden houses with simple and elegant carvings and small porches dominate this longitudinal village. Roses bloomed in a few households, while others had fresh green vegetables sprouting out of their kitchen gardens. Some womenfolk had gathered around a house to weave and had broad smiles on their faces when they saw us nodding in appreciation of their work. There is a small monastery here. People in this village are predominantly Buddhists and it’s definitely a rare thing in this part of the state. Small alleys had overhanging of beautiful flowers. Meandering through these alleys, we came across an old bridge, which was covered with fluttering prayer flags and a stream rushing underneath it.

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