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A few kilometers away from Pakistan, a group of craft-women residing in a remote area far away from Bikaner live and work for top handicraft brands in the market. Parubai, eldest and oldest in the business runs this group since a long period now. The women of the village look up to Parubai as a mentor as well as friend. They gather at her house in the scorching noons and collectively work on their respective bulks of fabric creating magic as they go about stitching original designs on them. They love to entertain curious outsiders like us but would certainly be disappointed if you're an unmarried lady. The young trio Renu, Nenu and Bhanwri are a dose of desi entertainment. Away from our digital world resides a bunch of people unaware of the other side of the world yet happy and content with what they have.NOTE: The copyright to all the images are held by the author. the use of any pictures without author's content will be considered illegal.

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