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You can de-board the bus at North, central or south Pattaya stops depending upon the location of your hotel.Believe me, the food is not good and vegetarians will have a hard time finding a good restaurant. I was surviving on veggie delight Subway (ate 4 times out of 10 meals), Margherita pizza (ate twice), Bread butter, fruits, chips (rest of the time). You'll find Indian restaurants here and there but the food really sucks. I ordered aloo parantha and Lassi to be on the safe side but they made it clear that better stay hungry than going to an Indian restaurant.The water there is not served free as in case of most Indian restaurants so you'll need to buy everytime from a nearby Seven-Eleven or family mart store which is located at every 100m.

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Best time to visit Pattaya City is from December to May

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