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ReykjavikWe started off with driving to the most famous hot spring of Iceland, the great Geysir. The next 2 hours of drive was filled with varied landscape and the kind of weather that would surprise you any moment. As if, it was playing with us as per its whims and fancies changing even before we got time to adjust with it. The great Geysir was one of the best natural phenomena we witnessed. The entire area is a geothermal field with different active natural geyser and hot mud pots. I can still remember the anticipation of waiting for the geyser to erupt, fixating my gaze at the ring and the sheer fascination when it sprouts as high as 30 meters in the air. At times, it used to come up a bit ready to shoot and then calm down again leaving the spectator wanting for more. There is a small mountain called Laugarfjall which offers a panoramic view overlooking the Geysir area. After spending some time, we went our way back to Reykjavik.In evening, we decided to explore the city area. There are some good restaurants, shopping area, a concert hall "HARPA", etc. It also holds a sea line which is a good place to sit and relax and appreciate the beauty of Reykjavik.The next morning we had a heavy breakfast courtesy our host. He took us through the history of Iceland, the religious practice that was followed and how it changed, how the famous spots were named, the chaos when Iceland changed its driving style and many more. If it wasn’t for our trip, we wouldn’t have left his house and his stories which transported us into a world, the present of which we had just started exploring.Reykjavik was a great start to our trip. We were greeted by a culture and landscape which is completely different from ours and a language which we still cannot understand. Still, there was no fear of unknown but, the excitement of something new at every turn which kept our spirits high.We were soon out and as planned, embarked on something different than most of the travelers. We started our road trip to the famous golden circle however, the other way.

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