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Our first stop there post we picked up all our camping gears etc. was at Dominos, gulping down some sweet pizzas (Yes, the pizzas they offer there are sweet, so word of caution here in case you don’t want to sign up for sweet pizzas). Once our hunger subsided, the thought of settling in dawned upon us and there on began a search of camping site in the city. We had internet in the car, so connectivity never became an issue, and we soon found a spot to camp on. Upon reaching there, it felt that the known fact of the island being sparsely populated might after all turn out to be just a myth since the camp was full of people. Somehow we found a spot for our camps, but how to camp?All of us looked at each other, then on the instruction manual and back again at each other, no one had any idea as to what to do. So, going by the age old practice, when in doubt shout! we cried for help in front of our camping neighbours and they being the most knowledgeable people in the moment helped us.So ? our home was up, and we all worked up were ready to sleep!


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