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India is a land of surprises, on every direction you get to know some thing which is just unbelievable. This time I am going to share the story of such a surprising place and its name is "Ratan Garh ki Mata ka Mandir" and is also known as "Sarp Dansh se chamatkarik roop se mukti wali Mata Ratan Garh Mandir"Ratangarh mata mandir is located 5 Km from Rampura village and 55 km from Datia, Madhya Pradesh(India).This holy place is in dense forest and on bank of "Sindh" river, Every year thousands of devotee come to this temple to get blessing of Maa Ratangarh wali and Kunwar Maharaj.Every year on the day of bhai dooj (next day of diwali) hundreds of thousands devotees come here to get darshan of Mata and Kunwar Maharaj.This holy place can be reached from Gwalior and Datia easily.According to history this temple was built by Chhatrapati Shivaji after getting victory over Mugals.How to Reach Temple:This holy place is easily reachable by vehicle (Bike/Car etc) when permitted by authority.From Datia:Visitors can reach Datia by train (couple of trains stops here), This temple is located around 55 kms from Datia, Rent/drive vehicle to Seondha road from datia, after around 48 kms take exit at charokhra village (1 km before Bhagua Rampura village), drive around 4-5 Km on internal road toward ratan garh. All vehicles can reached till temple or need to parked before that depend on permission by local authority based on number of visitors.Google direction from Datia: Gwalior:Visitor can reach Gwalior via Train/Flights Rent/drive a vehicle 40-50 kms on gwalior- seondha road via Behat, After crossing Behat city and and driving on Mau road, there is a big entrance gate on right side (couple of kilometer before mau) which will take you to Kunwar maharaj temple(around 5 Km towards mata mountain).Google direction From Gwalior: amazing facts about this place:- This temple have India's weightest temple bell in it, whose weight is around 1935 kg, made by the famous artistic statues manufacturer Prabhat Rai from Gwalior.Prabhat Rai's Award Wining Sculptures are:World’s First Gold Plated Valmiki36 feet high Raja Bhojpal In Bhopal11 Mukhi Ashtadhatu Shivling14 Feet high Parsav Nath15 feet high Banda Bhadur12 Mukhi Shivling- Kunwar Maharaj, is brother of Ratan garh Mata,It is said , when they used to go to forest for hunting all poisonous animals left their poison, so when ever any poisonous animal bite any person they put "Bandh" with the name of Kunwar Maharaj and on the day of "bhai dooj" second next day of Diwali they come to get blessing of Kunwar maharaj and effect of poison goes away. That's why the it is mentioned on the road side sign board - "Sarp Dansh se chamatkarik roop se mukti wali Mata Ratan Garh Mandir"Any body who does not believe in this truth, can go to Kunwar Maharaj on "Bhai Dooj" and can witness realty.Information Source: Source: travelingFir milege kahi kisi roj ghumte firte :)

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