Charming Chamong

27th Jan 2020
Day 1

Being an ardent mountain lover, the hills always call us! Go where you feel most alive! Subham and I always believe and love sudden plans! The trip to Chamong was nothing less than a weeks planning. Being residents of West Bengal we are of course familiar with Darjeeling as if it's our second home. But Chamong is different.

The journey towards Chamong started from NJP via a booked car and it took about 2.5 hours to reach Chamong via the Mirik Lake! We stopped by to have hot steaming Momo's and a cup of cappuccino. What a delight the view was and the Momo's were delectable.

Chamong Chiabari is situated over a huge spacious area with luxurious rooms and open spaces to sit and enjoy meals along with an in-house restaurant and a spa to relax and detox.

As soon as we reached we freshened up took some stunning shots of the impeccable beauty that the property is. The most beautiful view comes after the hardest climb! We were absolutely hungry and literally gorged on their lunch buffet. It was delicious with Indian and Chinese varieties

Next, we headed to the Shiva Temple, right adjacent to Chamong Chiabari. It is a beautiful Temple -- simple yet noteworthy. Next we went to see the little river that runs down slope of Chamong and the factory where tea production is a major livelihood of the locals surviving on the Chamong Tea Estate. The tea of Chamong is famous world wide and is a source of vocation for the majority of the locals.

Dinner was served with local varieties of rice, bamboo fries, bamboo shoot Curry and chicken with bamboo shoot. Too much of a bamboo was it? But well we LOVED it!! After the dinner we strolled in the lawns and stayed awake till Dawn. We wanted to see how the night passed over the mountains and exactly how a day breaks. Honestly this was the best experience of my life. The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you -- Don't go back to sleep :)