Solo trip to Vienna and Budapest


Hi ..

I started traveling across the Europe, i usually write the best moments for myself in the places i visit,

felt like share my experiences with u guys too :)

I wish to share my solo traveling to Vienna and Budapest.

It was exiting..happy..fearful and finally wonderful,

The best part of solo traveling is Initial numbness to overcome and hesitation that if I can make it or not?

I had a thought of making at least a single solo trip, so as to believe in myself that i can do it ;)

With lot of fear in my mind, i sorted the places as Vienna and Budapest, as they are most tourist places

For me the best part of traveling is to see myself in others, the peace of mine , my strengths in others for self confidence, my weakness in others to improve myself, finally learn from the cultures to be a better individual.

Nature soothes me, and art and culture fantasizes me !

of all in all which includes all my favorites here i go chosen my best places to travel.

Believe me Just before the day of my travel, i was so scared that I started cursing myself for booking tickets

During vacation instead of being relaxed, i was so nervous and tensed to choose to travel alone.

But some how I know , every time I fear, I overcome my fears and be back with a bang!

The day of my travel date arrived, i took a flight from Stuttgart to Budapest.

Its a heavy bag, warm weather, even in December winter, It was never clear if it was excitement or Numbness.

after reaching Budapest central railway station, since it was on Christmas day, everything was closed, i hardly found any shop opened, i was so hungry,

My GPS and Maps stopped working :(

I started getting scared, i don't know where to go , info point closed, no one at tourist sections! ,imagine my situation, out of country!, phone not working, hungry, everything closed!

I asked a the security guard over there, found only opened thai restaurant,had food and just started walking out.

I restarted my mobile several times, and finally maps started working fine.

mean while I reached a church St. Stephans cathedral,There Christmas market were opened, I felt so happy., I found many Chinese travelers , I got friends with few, got info from them.

During traveling We get to know so many people across,and get friends with them in a very short time.

In budapest advantage is all the places are very near by and walkable, i found one church, it was just afternoon , so i tried stay calm and simply walked getting astonished with the medieval architecture and royalty in the build.I found tourist info people and got other info required for my stay.

I would suggest for solo travelers read about all the necessary info/travel details/about places/transport/and even store tourist emergency numbers required.

My very first day of travel started with confidence, later confused, scared, finally stabilized, had lot of mixed experience.

Evening during sunset view from Budacastle so fabulous, the golden shade of sun rays over the parliament, and its doom like structure appears as crown with studded jewels.

I some how got used to the place and my stay was so peaceful and serene, i started enjoying the place and its charming glory.

It was peaceful Danube river bisected Buda and pest and Slow moving Boats made a lasting impression for me.

Photo of Solo trip to Vienna and Budapest 1/3 by Saraswathi Sreenivasulu

In the night The glory of lights for Christmas was mesmarisig,

But the sad part was evenings are more cold, misty, foggy because river passing inside the city, more chilly!

The next day everything was so good!, infact every stop of metro has least 3 security and a info point., everything opened, i liked it., and finally got so used to it :), i loved my stay.

Most memorable thing happened to me is in a bus, where i met a old lady, she asked me where am from , i said India, she heartily welcomed to Hungary, and for the question i asked for direction to ticket counter, she simply accompanied me and left me rite in front of ticket counter, i was so surprised, she mentioned it is a honor to welcome outside country people to Hungary, she explained the beauty and history of Keleti railway station, i was so surprised and got exited!

From there I reached Vienna by Rail Jet, and Vienna a very classic fairy tale kind of City,

Photo of Solo trip to Vienna and Budapest 2/3 by Saraswathi Sreenivasulu

everything in Vienna flows like chords of music :), so peace, so smooth, so sweet :)

In Europe I observed that architecture has royalty, pain,agony depicted in a very artistic way, in Vienna everything is more classic, and romantic, and absolutely beautiful.

Opera house, Castles, Sisi statues, MOMOk, Church everything has its own way of delight fullness in them.

Photo of Solo trip to Vienna and Budapest 3/3 by Saraswathi Sreenivasulu

I had a wonderful time in Vienna, a beautiful city.

I reached Vienna airport to take my flight back to Stuttgart ,

penning down these things at boarding recapping my trip:

It is not gonna be a dream! nor just a memory!it is my life, my habit and lifestyle,it is for peace and cheer:)

Art is a memory, it si for future, Art is beauty it is for present, art is divine, it is from past and artistic life should be ours :)

Sun is the best God,

Moon is best comfort,

Wind is best touch,

Flowers are best sculptures,

Waters flow can make best music,

In the world of gifts,

happiness is the best gift, smile is most beautiful

Life is more glorious, Tears are most touching

Traveling is my poineer for future :)

I reached home and felt so exited on my first solo trip :) happy happy!!

I met so many travelers ,shared there experiences and felt really proud to take a chance of traveling alone., come out of ur comfort zone and live a life, you will learn lot more than what you are :)