Wildlife Sanctuaries in Kanchanaburi

River Kwai Resotel Resort, Kanchanaburi

The River Kwai Resotel Resort, KanchanaburiNestled on the banks of the historical Kwai Noi r...

Neha Kirpal
2 Days
The amazing Kanchanaburi – Thailand

Kanchanaburi is a very famous amongst travelers but yet undiscovered completely. It's just 2 and ...

Mamta Taliwala
2 Days
Weekend in Kanchanaburi, Sanctuary for wild animals

Tiger Temple, Kanchanaburi - A forest temple and sanctuary for wild animals, among them several t...

3 Days
Kanchanaburi – An unexplored paradise

Everyday there is something new to explore in Thailand. Thailand is a country where the more you ...

Heber Nathanael
2 Days
The Tiger Temple at Kanchanaburi

After the Bridge on River Kwai, it was finally time for the much awaited visit to the famous...

Shadows Galore
8 Days
Sawa dee! Thailand

So I understood my restlessness in life, when I reached the airport on Saturday, 12th sep to cat...

Mansi Sharma

Day 2 - Was travel day to Pattaya.Thanks to a very minor accident,we had to postpone the travel to early evening and not morning as planned.We took a bus from Ekkamai bus station to Pattaya.Buses leave on time here and hence it is best to arrive early enough.It gets very humid in Bangkok and hence best to ensure that you consume enough fluids through the day.We arrived at our hotel in Pattaya,relaxed for while before we headed to the streets nearby.Pattaya can be very much on your face initially.Definitely not my favorite place!Travel tip - shared tuk tuks are really cheap.Do ensure that you confirm the price per person before boarding these shared tuk tuks.Day 3 - By now,we were getting used to the weather,food and streets in Thailand.The strong cooking oil odor is everywhere and takes time getting used to.Day 3 started by a walk down the Pattaya beach road.The beach is strictly okay here.Travel Tip - Buy water from 7/11.It would cost anywhere between 9-18 THB.Restaurants charge a lot for bottle of water.After a long walk down the beach road and lunch at an Indian restaurant,we were back at our hotel ready to move back to Bangkok.The bus ride from Pattaya to Bangkok feels very similar to the bus ride from Mumbai to Pune.Since,we had an early morning flight to Phuket next morning,we booked a hotel (G9 Bangkok) closer to the Don Mueng airport.Travel Tip - If you are short of food and it is very late in the day - just walk upto a 711 store and buy packed food for 35-60THB.They would warm it at their store for you to carry back to your hotel.We had to do this because all restaurants in the area had closed by the time we got ready for dinner.If one has time,chatuchak market is a must visit.Day 4 - Travel to Phuket!A very different place compared to cities in North Thailand.The approach to Phuket runway is lovely! There are several small hills dotting the sea below!It looks gorgeous from the top.
Here I was at the Sea Farm Model Royal Project, gazing in disbelief at the massive eels, salt pans and freshly-prepared spa salt. Then came the moment of truth, when I was told to taste the fresh sea weed.

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