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3rd day was a big day of watersports, scuba and parasailing with dolphin watch.We woke up early and rushed to sindhudurg for Scuba and water sports at around 9:00 am. It was a sunny day and we thought we ll get good views of corals and fish. We put our diving clothes and went in a boat where we were given little bit of lessons. There is no need to know swimming if you are going scuba diving. Weights and life jackets were worn by us then as we got down, oxygen cylinders were put on our backs. My colleague and I were the first ones to get it.It was a little scary at start as I did not know how to breathe with mouth but once I got used to it was fun. A diver accompanied us. First we went to Level 1 which was 18 ft where it was found that go pro ain't working hence we were brought back after 10 min then  moved down again to the same place and the video was took. The fish were numerous and beautiful zebra fish with blue and yellow stripes and golden tailed fish were seen. Them we went to 30ft where crabs and different and beautiful corals were observed. After 15 minutes we were back and a slight earache was experienced later which vanished in 10-15 minutes.After that we went for water sports at dandi sports where we did 2 bumper rides, jet ski and speed boat with banana ride. Our parasailing boat was waiting for us which took us in the middle of sea. I took the plunge here first as I love air. It was superb to watch sindhudurg from top and in the end two water dives in parasailing were additional adventure. We headed to change and have food as we went back to backwaters of Devbaug for dolphin watch and sea gulls.

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