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Today, I was planning to visiting one of the waterfalls in the area followed by a visit to the sunset point. The waterfall was called Srigudeg and sunset point was called pinnus pengger. I went with a few friends from my hostel, the ones with whom I had dined the previous day. We left the hostel by 11:20 pm. The hostel staff helped us book a cab for 6 hours which we split amongst us. The cost of the cab ended up being about 150000 IDR per person. It took us 1.5 hours (with traffic) to reach the waterfall. There was quite a lot of traffic because it was a local holiday.The entrance fee to waterfall was 25000 IDR. The waterfall was a 500 meter walk down from the parking area. You could either walk it or tale a zip line, which cost an additional 20000 IDR. The zip line was a lot of fun. The waterfall was also fun and refreshing. It was a little crowded due to the holiday but we were still able to find a nice secluded spot to chill at. Given the tropical climate, sitting under the fresh cold water was blissful. We left by 4pm in order to make it in time for the sunset. Just for information sake, Java is a Muslim island, so I would suggest being a little respectful with what you are wearing at public places.Pinnus Pengger literally translates into the pine forest. The sunset point is atop a hill. To get there, you have to walk through the pine forest. There are numerous Instagram worthy spots to click pictures along the way. The entrance fee was 5000 IDR. The sunset point itself was beautiful but it was super crowded and very touristy. We left post the sunset by about 6 pm.We got dinner at a restaurant called Warung Bu Ageng. It was close to the hostel. I did not like the food much. Literally half of the stuff in the menu was sold out. I ordered the Indonesian curry, which I thought would be like a Thai curry but it was anything but that. It was a super dry dish which certainly did not suit my palette. In general, I did not savour Indonesian food much, except for my namesake: the trademark Nasi GORENG.Since the earlier food was not that great, I ended up getting another dinner at a restaurant closeby. Guess what I got this time? Burgers, pizzas, beers and a live band playing. Also, a quick disclaimer, draft beer in Java is not beer on tap. It is a bottled beer which is called draft beer. Very Weird!!I had booked a night train to Baniyuwangi at 1:35 am. There are direct trains to Baniyuwangi but they were all sold out. So the one I got was via Surabaya meaning I had to switch trains at Surabaya.Did not try but highly recommend: Mediterranea restaurant. It was located close to the hostel. They were always packed and served French cuisine.Did not go but highly recommend: Close to Yogyakarta is a museum called Sangiran which is one of the two places in the world where early homonid fossils are found (homo erectus/Java man). Sangiran is kind of hard to get to because it is located in Surakarta which is the nearby city. I was not able to make it since I was short on time.

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