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Kerala Tour Packages

Holiday planning doesn't have to be stressful. To save you the hassle, we have curated a selection of Kerala holiday packages. Scroll below and choose the best kerala package that suits your travel style.



The wooden houseboats languidly float over crystal-clear waters of Alleppey, making for a picture-perfect setting. Known for its serene beaches, bewitching backwaters and elegant monuments, Kerala has slowly made its way to the top of several travellers’ bucket list.Settled in the Southern part of India, Kerala is known for its lush green topography and brackish backwaters. Select our Kerala tour packages to experience milky-white clouds hover over the hills, swaying palm trees dot the tropical landscape, the sea fringed by wooden beach shacks and the heavy scent of spice plantations in the air. 


Kerala's scenery is full of paradoxes. As the backwaters of Kerala gurgle through numerous forests, the labyrinth of streets in the cities reflect a healthy coexistence with nature. The bustling state of Kerala has also managed to preserve its unique culture. Kerala's folk songs reverberate across the colourful streets of Kerala while Kathakali dancers add beauty to its various festivals. You can discover the heritage and culture of Kerala with our best Kerala packages.


Truly God's own country, Kerala has a thriving community of amiable locals who are always ready to guide you on your journey across the various cities of Kerala; and not to mention Kerala's local cuisine, which is one of its kind. You can select our best Kerala tour packages for a soulful journey across the state of Kerala.


Kerala Highlights

The capital of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram, is a melting pot of urban growth and natural beauty. Mahatma Gandhi once referred to it as ‘Evergreen city of India’ due to its lush green terrains. Literature and music have shaped the cultural identity of Thiruvananthapuram as an artistic centre. The capital city is going through a tremendous transformation, and you can find a maze of concrete highways stretching across the entire city. Book our Kerala packages to explore Thiruvananthapuram and visit its natural and modern locations.


You can also explore the city of Kochi with our Kerala tour packages. Known as the queen of the Arabian Sea, Kochi is settled on the shore of the Laccadive Sea. One of the earliest colonies in India, Kochi still carries Portugal imprints. You can find bohemian cafes dotting the streets of Kochi along with sublime homestays, or choose to select one of our Kerala tour packages with fine accommodation options. Another multi-ethnic town of Kerala, Kozhikode, has an old world charm. Its old-fashioned streets are a peek into the soul of Kozhikode. These streets are lined with colourful shops where handicrafts, clothes and traditional food items are sold. Kozhikode is also an eminent domestic and international trade centre in India.


Select the best Kerala tour packages on Tripoto to visit Thrissur which is a popular pilgrimage town in Kerala. It is known for its sacred shrine called Vadakkumnathan Temple. This gorgeous temple reflects the architectural style of Kerala. A lush green lawn is sprawled outside the temple where devotees can sit and relax. The spiritual vibes mingled with the natural beauty of Kerala offers breathtaking vistas to visitors.


Kerala is studded with natural wonders. Its beautiful hill stations are dotted with lush green meadows, turquoise lakes and elegant resorts. Surrounded by the tranquil atmosphere of these hill stations, you can hear the chirping of exotic birds and the sound of gurgling waterfalls. Away from the bustling towns of Kerala, its hill stations serve as the perfect escape. You can select our best Kerala holiday packages for visiting these hill stations.


Our Kerala tour packages include a visit to the dreamy hamlet of Munnar. Covered with a thick sheet of tea leaves, Munnar offers panoramic views of verdant hills where local women are engaged in terrace farming and tea plantation. The winding routes of Munnar offer an exciting experience to visitors. But the landscape turns magical when an exotic flower, Neelakurinji, blooms once in 12 years on the hills of Munnar. The terrains get covered under a thick blanket of these bluish-violet flowers. Our Kerala tour packages also include a stay in one of the stylish hotels of Munnar.


You can also explore Thekkady with our Kerala tour packages. Witness the wildlife thriving in the thick forests of Thekkady. If you are lucky, you might spot a herd of elephants ambling along the banks of a crystal-clear river or a flock of migratory birds flying in the vast blue skies. Plenty of accommodation options are included in our Kerala holiday packages. Besides hotels, you can also find modish tree houses built on sturdy branches. A beautiful balance of flora and fauna can be witnessed in Thekkady that allows travellers to rejuvenate their mind, body and soul.


If you would like to explore some undiscovered destinations of Kerala, you can visit Gavi with our Kerala tour packages. Nestled amidst the wilderness, Gavi is a serene retreat which carries old world charm. The curvy routes of Gavi are bordered by deep forests. You can visit Gavi with our cheap Kerala tour packages and find hidden waterfalls, wild animals and exotic flowers flourishing in the woodlands of Gavi. In fact, Gavi offers otherworldly sunrise views as well. You can also enjoy a boat ride across the vast river of Gavi while being surrounded by a foggy landscape.


You can also indulge in adventure activities such as trekking and hiking in Kerala with our Kerala tour packages. Kerala is home to some of the highest hills of Western Ghats. You can trek to some magnificent destinations such as Chembra Peak, Ramakkalmedu, Vellari Mala and Anamudi Peak.


You can also explore the backwaters of Kerala with our Kerala backwaters tour packages. The backwaters of Kerala are a thick maze of lagoons running collateral to the Malabar Coast. Covering several districts, the backwaters are fringed by paddy fields and palm trees. A cruise on the backwaters in a traditional houseboat is a euphoric escapade. You can select our Kerala tour packages to embark on a journey to discover the backwaters of Kerala.


Our Kerala tour packages include a cruise across the backwaters in Alleppey. Alleppey offers an unparalleled experience due to the sweeping views of the backwaters that tourists can enjoy as the houseboat makes its way through the lush green forest. Vembanad is also popular among tourists for enjoying picturesque views of Kerala's backwaters. The scenery turns magical during the evening when the glowing houseboats float on the brackish waters of Vembanad. You can enjoy these panoramas with our Kerala tour packages.


Another unmissable attraction included under our Kerala packages is its toy train journey that stretches from Ooty to Coimbatore. The Nilgiri Mountain Toy Train passes through the various hill stations of Kerala, offering gorgeous views of the lush green valleys and little houses settled haphazardly at a distance. You can select our Kerala tour packages for enjoying a toy train journey to Kerala’s beautiful towns such as Ooty, Coonoor and Aravankadu. Enjoy a close encounter with nature on your toy train journey, and witness mammoth waterfalls gushing down the craggy hills.


Our Kerala tour packages include a visit to Varkala Beach which is known for its mineral water spring. A popular temple called Janardhanaswamy Temple also exists in Varkala and is settled atop a cliff. Pilgrims take a dip in the chaste waters of Varkala to get rid of any health problems. You can also take a lazy stroll on the shores and gaze at the waves as they rise and fall. You can also find plenty of ayurvedic health centres in Varkala where you can rejuvenate yourself. Make your trip to Kerala’s beaches memorable with our Kerala holiday packages.


Our  Kerala tour packages also include a sightseeing tour of Kerala's popular tourist attractions. You can visit historic destinations such as St. Francis Church which is considered to be India's first European church. You can also discover Portuguese imprints at Mattancherry Palace. The walls of the palace are covered with murals and other traditional paintings which illustrate the different religious stories associated with Hinduism. For a closer encounter with the wildlife of Kerala, you can visit Periyar National Park with our Kerala tour packages. The lush green forests of Periyar serve as an abode to various wild animals such as tigers, mouse deer, dole and Indian wild dogs.


Our Kerala tour packages also include an expedition to natural destinations such as Athirappilly Falls. Considered to be the largest waterfall of Kerala, Athirappilly offers gorgeous sunset views and is surrounded by a thriving floral life. And if you wish to explore more, our Kerala tour packages can also take you to Edakkal Caves where paintings are carved on the ancient walls of the caves. Besides sightseeing options, our Kerala tour packages also offer a plethora of outdoor activities. You can opt for jungle safari, cycling, paragliding and bamboo rafting amidst the natural vistas of Kerala. Book our Kerala tour packages for an adventurous trip to Kerala.


Kerala is a land of festivals. The festivals of Kerala are vibrant and can provide a deep insight into the culture of the state. You can witness these festivals by choosing our Kerala packages. One of the major festivals of Kerala, Onam, is celebrated with pomp and glory. The streets of Kerala are decorated with flowers during Onam while colourful processions take place across the various lanes of Kerala. Boat races also take place on the crystal-clear rivers of Kerala. You can also be a spectator of Kerala's cultural performances, as polished folk singers showcase their vocal talent while Kathakali dancers match the beats. Choose the cheapest Kerala tour packages on Tripoto and be a part of these celebrations in Kerala.

Kerala Tour and Travel Blogs

Read Kerala travel blogs written by real travellers on Tripoto. You can find valuable information about the best accommodation options, restaurants and sightseeing attractions in Kerala. You can also discover plenty of insider tips along with the do’s and don’ts while travelling to Kerala. If you’d like some guidance while selecting our well-curated Kerala packages, these Kerala blogs will help you plan your trip while taking into account your budget and travel style. Check out the following travel blogs and explore our handpicked Kerala tour packages on Tripoto for more information.


“For me, it was a mentally and emotionally rejuvenating experience too. Fresh, up and about, I was all saddled up for a sixty-kilometer ride to Kovalam, via the state capital Thiruvananthapuram.”


- Akhill N Menon

“A feeling like this can only be experienced; the wide glassless windows, the wooden seats, the flavour of travelling with the locals in a rusty boat with the sight of fishermen on the lake casting their nets while the sunset over the tree-line on the edge of the lake.”

- Salim Islam


Most Recent Kerala Reviews

Read Kerala reviews from real travellers on Tripoto before booking your dream Kerala holiday package.
How to get here<br> The nearest national and international airport in Kochi. The nearest railway station is Alleppey. Alleppey is well connected by bus services from across Kerala.<br> Airport<br> Kochi Airport 80 km, 2 ½ hours<br> Thiruvananthapuram 160 km, 5 hours<br> Kozhikode 230 km, 7 hours<br> Coimbatore 250 km, 7 hours<br> Madurai 285 km, 9 hours<br> Railway Station<br> Alappuzha Railway Station 8 km, 30 minutes<br> Kottayam Railway Station 60 km, 2 hours<br> Kochi (Ernakulam) 50 km, 1 ½ hours<br> Thiruvananthapuram 160 km, 5 hours<br> Tourist Spots<br> Kumarakom 60 km, 2 hours<br> Varkala 115 km, 4 hours<br> Thekkady (Periyar) 150 km, 5 hours<br> Thiruvananthapuram 160 km, 5 hours<br>
Pepper Grove<br> Thirty-second rundown: Pepper Grove beautifully manages to capture the vibrancy of spice-scented Wayanad in its entirety. Located in the heart of Wayanad, Pepper Grove serves as the base to explore the best that Wayanad offers, such as its Edakkal Caves and Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary, both which are easily accessible from Pepper Grove.<br>
Kerala is a tropical paradise with sweeping beaches, shimmering backwaters and lush grasslands. Stretching for 550km along the the Malabar coast, this state is a holiday haven. Arabian Sea in the West and Western Ghats in the East, with a network of 44 rivers flowing through it, Kerala is blessed with a unique topography that has made it a holiday haven. In Kerala, you will never get bored. A land frequented by backpackers and luxury travellers alike, Kerala serves you with the most stunning views possible. From sunrises at scenic beaches of Kovalam or Varkala to steaming idlis for breakfast in streets, your day in this coastal state will start in the best manner possible. Surfing the turquoise waters, discovering the traditional and cultural heritage, learning all about Chinese fishing nets, and actually catching your meal fresh out of water, are just a few of the experiences you'll have while in Kerala. This state is about the co-existence of relaxation and adventure. Whether it is the lush green pastures hiding elephants in Northern Kerala, or spice gardens mushrooming all across the state, nothing here will disappoint you. From tea gardens to houseboats gliding on calm backwaters, from delectable dishes to smoothly draped gold and white saris, Kerala is steeped in history and a multi-cultural hue. Click here to discover more about Kerala.<br> See and do: Go surfing in Varkala, catch a glimpse into Kerala’s heritage with forts of Anjengo in Varkala, Bekal in Kasaragod and the Koyikkal Palace in Thiruvananthapuram; head to the forested hills of Munnar, Wayanad and Thekkady to escape the heat; go paragliding in Vagamon; trek through the Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary in search of the rare Nilgiri tahr or through the Periyar National Reserve to see tigers and herds of elephants; try to catch the snake-boat race during Onam; enjoy a Kathakali performance; attend an extravagant festival like the Pooram Festival in Thrissur.<br> Book your mesmerising Kerala vacation right here<br>

Kerala Weather And Best Time To Visit

While Kerala has a moderate temperature throughout the year, the best time to visit Kerala is during the monsoon season. In Kerala, monsoon begins in the month of June and lasts till August. The landscape turns magical, as the peaks get covered under thick clouds. You can select our Kerala tour packages to witness the foggy routes of Kerala along with verdant meadows and blossomed flowers.


Kerala has a tropical climate. The summer season in Kerala stretches from the month of March to May. The region turns hot, and dehydration is a common issue during this season. So, travellers are advised to wear cotton clothes and carry sufficient water bottles. Since Kerala faces no harsh winters, the peak season starts from September and lasts till February. During these months, the temperature cools down and the weather becomes pleasant. You can book Kerala tour packages on Tripoto for a trip to Kerala during the peak season.

Kerala For Couples and Family

You can select our Kerala tour packages for a memorable trip to Kerala with your loved ones. Couples can enjoy a blissful honeymoon on the tranquil beaches of Kerala. You can visit beaches such as Kovalam and Marari with our Kerala honeymoon tour packages. Our Kerala packages also offer plenty of accommodation options. So, you can enjoy the views of the peaceful sea waves from the bedroom of your luxurious resort. Make your sojourn in Kerala more romantic by enjoying a houseboat ride on the backwaters of Kerala. You can explore all budget options available under our Kerala tour packages for couple.


Kerala is a popular tourist spot for families as well. Away from the monotony of your routine life, you can visit hill stations such as Munnar and Vagamon. Relax with your family in the lap of nature while enjoying the local cuisine of Kerala. You can select our best Kerala tour packages for family for a vacation in God's own country.

Local Cuisine In Kerala

The aroma and flavour of Kerala's dishes are unlike any other Indian cuisine. Chillies, coconut and mustard seeds are among the main ingredients used in almost all dishes of Kerala. You can indulge in Kerala's gourmet meal with our Kerala holiday packages. Kerala is known for its wide variety of fish, so you can feast on local dishes such as pearl spot fish and fish curry. Kerala's Malabar biriyani also has a very distinct flavour and is a must-try. Vegetarians can customise their Kerala tour package and savour delicious curries such as avial and sambhar. Kerala is also known for its lip-smacking desserts including payasam, also known as kheer in North India, and pazha pradhaman, which is banana pudding.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Kerala tourism includes a magnificent display of lush green valleys, a unique culture, divine Kerala temples with a rich mythology, densely-forested hill stations with misty routes, preserved wildlife, crystal-clear lakes and the serene Kerala beaches. Other attractions include Kerala backwaters centred around Kollam, Kumarakom and Alappuzha that gurgle through numerous forests. You can also enjoy a romantic houseboat cruise on the brackish backwaters of Kerala.

Some of the best tourist places in Kerala include Alleppey, Munnar, Kumarakom, Wayanad, Bekal and Vagamon. These destinations offer an intimate encounter with nature along with panoramic vistas. Get to experience Kerala beach fun by visiting Kovalam, Varkala, Kannur, Kasargod, Kizhunna beach and Kavvayi Backwaters. Unleash your inner adventurer and indulge in enthralling water sports at these beaches. Experience canal cruise at Munroe Island and indulge in wildlife watching at the verdant forests of Thekkady. If you are willing to go offbeat, then you can also discover other best places to visit in Kerala such as Thrissur and Guruvayur. These destinations offer a profound insight to travellers into the spiritual and cultural heritage of Kerala, India.

Witness the lush green hills, foggy routes and crystalline lakes on the famous hill stations in Kerala such as Munnar, Thekkady, Vagamon, Ponmudi, Lakkidi, Vythiri, Idukki and Peermedu. Besides the popular hill stations, you can also visit other hill stations in Kerala such as Ayyampuzha, Gavi, Athirapally, and Charalkunnu. These peaceful Kerala destinations are known for their picturesque routes and homely resorts.

Kerala witnesses pleasant weather throughout the year. However, the peak season for Kerala tourism stretches from the month of September to March. Kerala weather is categorised into three tourist seasons: summer off-season which stretches from from March to May; monsoon season starts in June and lasts till August; peak season begins in September and lasts till March. Kerala weather is cool and pleasant during the peak season, ensuring that you get to explore all the popular Kerala destinations and must-visit points of interest.

If you wish to enjoy an affordable trip on a shoestring budget, you can book a train to Kerala. A well-connected railway network sprawls across the state of Kerala, making it easier for travellers to reach Kerala from different parts of the country. For people travelling from nearby cities, you can board inter-state buses that run regularly between different cities of Kerala. You can also avail the option of internal transfers (only available within the parameters of the city) with Kerala tour packages listed on Tripoto.

Kerala offers plenty of options for budget hotels and homestays that are furnished with all the basic amenities. The best Kerala tour packages available on Tripoto include a huge variety of accommodation options that range from luxury hotels to houseboats and resorts. Hotel Hillview, Krishna Inn, The Wind Munnar, Old Lighthouse Bristow Hotel, Hotel Samudra KTDC, Park Residency and Srivar Hotel top the list of the most affordable accommodation options in Kerala.

The ideal duration of Kerala tour package is around 4 to 5 days. The stated duration gives you ample of time to visit all the popular tourist attractions in Kerala.

Kerala is home to picturesque hiking and trekking destinations. You can visit Paithalmala trek with Kerala tour packages listed on Tripoto. Indulge in outdoor activities such as Mountain hiking in the lush green valleys of Wayanad with Kerala packages.

From hiking and trekking expeditions to camping and jungle safari, Kerala packages offer a diverse range of activities to all kinds of travellers. Indulge in the enthralling outdoor activities and discover the panoramic destinations of Kerala A tour of the aromatic tea gardens along with a refreshing Tea tasting session is also a part of our listed Kerala tour packages.

Most of our Kerala tour packages are available throughout the year. They include all kinds of activities and a visit to the popular tourist destinations. Though, the best time to visit Kerala is September to March when the weather is relatively pleasant, and you can also enjoy water sports on the beaches of Kerala.