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I Took A Trip With An Aquarian And It Was The Best Experience I Have Ever Had! 

One of my recent trips with an Aquarian re-instated my faith in all the Linda Goodman quotes I had ever read about them –Aquarians really do make the best travel buddies. While children make wishes...

7 Lesser Known Destinations In Kerala That Are Often Missed By Tourists

Credits: Sarath KuchiQuite rightly known as God’s Own Country, Kerala is known for its tranquil backwaters, palm-lined beaches and the Western Ghats, mountains where coffee, tea, spice and wildlife...

Ishvani Hans
How One Day In A Life Of A Traveller Is So Much More Exciting Than A Day In A Cubicle

Travelling for me has been clutter-breaking. Spending my day differently, exploring in the truest sense of the word and in the process, getting fresh perspectives about people and places has been a...

Disha Kapkoti
Lesser Known Places Near Kasol

A stoner's paradise and backpacker's hotspot, Kasol, is a well-known hamlet in Himachal Pradesh's Kullu district. While a lot of people come here to elope with their beloved Mary Jane, against the ...

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Starting at ₹149, these hostels in Varanasi are a must-visit for every backpacker!

One of the oldest habitable cities in the world, Varanasi has all the key elements a backpacker looks for while picking a destination. A rich history, interesting cultural influences, great food, a...

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7 Thrilling Adventure Activities That You Need To Tick Off Before Turning 30, And How To Plan Them

Set your under-30 heart racing with these adrenaline-pumping adventure activities across the world.30 is a funny age to be. Mentally you don't feel old at all but physically your body keeps on send...

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8 Days
Be A Nomad: Drive Through The Stunning Landscapes Of Central Asia's Best Kept Secrets

In 2017, 12 bikers took a week-long road trip across the nomadic lands of Kyrgyzstan (a Central Asian country bordered by Kazakhstan to the north, Uzbekistan to the west) . Their journey across th...

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Ranipuram Trek: Ooty of Kerala 

In the Kasargod district of Kerala is Ranipuram, popularly known as the ‘Ooty of Kerala’ and previously called Madathumala. It is an offbeat trekking destination, which is sparsely populated and pr...

Ishvani Hans
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