So You Think You Know Disneyland® Paris? Take This Quiz And Win Disneyland® Paris Gift Hampers & Amazon Vouchers!

Aptly named the ‘Happiest Place on Earth’, Disneyland® Park continues to elate countless children and adults around the world with its heart-warming stories that spark imagination and magic in our minds. This magic spills over in Disneyland® Paris and is palpable in its sparkling iridescent coloured attractions, dazzling shows, fun characters and exhilarating rides! 

Disneyland® Paris is more than just an amusement park, it is a whole experience that beckons you to dive in. If you consider yourself a true-blue Disney fan, you’ll probably tick most of the right boxes in this quiz. Put on your thinking cap and take this quiz to find out!

3 lucky winners with the most right answers will win a Disneyland® Paris gift hamper and an Amazon voucher each! 

1. Which one of these French destinations has the highest attendance in Europe?

Hint: There’s a lot to do here apart from stopping to admire. 

The Eiffel Tower
The Louvre
Disneyland® Paris
2. When did Disneyland® Paris open its grand gates for the first time?

Hint: Disneyland® Paris is currently hosting its pearl anniversary celebrations after reaching a landmark number of years.

3. How many parks are there within Disneyland® Paris?

Hint: You’d have to flip a coin to choose which one to go to first!

4. How many lands are there in Disneyland® Park?

Hint: Swish through a fairyland setting, blast into space on an intergalactic voyage, walk by a charming American town studded with a gazebo, plunge into an African safari or push open creaky doors of saloons in the West and more!

5. Around what theme has the former Disney Hotel New York been freshly reimagined?

Hint: The swanky new hotel is one of a kind and is inspired by characters who always save the day!

Star Wars
Mickey & Friends
6. How many languages are spoken at Disneyland® Paris?

Hint: Disneyland® Paris has a whopping 17,000 employees from 120 countries. You shouldn't have any problems striking up a conversation here!

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