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Gujarat Tour Packages

Holiday planning doesn't have to be stressful. To save you the hassle, we have curated a selection of Gujarat holiday packages. Scroll below and choose a package that best suits your travel style. 

Some places are known for their art and culture, while others boast of incomparable natural beauty and vibrant culture – the charming state of Gujarat has it all. Home to India's first UNESCO World Heritage City, Ahmedabad and the mesmerising Rann of Kutch, Gujarat promises travellers an experience of a lifetime. Whether you are seeking adventure or a quiet retreat amidst nature, Gujarat will welcome you with open arms. Travellers can admire the remnants of an enthralling past at Junagadh and Patan or opt for a tryst with nature and wildlife at Gir National Park. With personalised Gujarat tour packages, you can explore your favourite cities in Gujarat at a budget convenient for you.

Gir National Park which is home to the Asiatic Lion is one of the most popular national parks in the country and a major attraction in all Gujarat tour packages. It is also one of the biggest reasons for wildlife enthusiasts to visit Gujarat. You can book customised Gujarat tour packages which focus on wildlife sanctuaries in the state and will include other beauties such as the Mitiyala Wildlife Sanctuary, the Girnar Wildlife Sanctuary and the Purna Wildlife Sanctuary.

Our Gujarat tour packages also give visitors an opportunity to experience the state’s charming culture. Owing to Gujarat’s centuries-old history, its people are a mix of Gujaratis, Naikda, Bhils, Macchi-Kharwa, Rabaris and Kutchis. This multi-cultural element is one of the main reasons behind Gujarat’s huge pool of talent. From expert craftsmanship in age-old crafts to preservation of cultural practices – some parts of the state will take you back in time with their traditions and simple way of life. 

Spiritual seekers consider the state of Gujarat extremely important owing to the splendid Somnath Temple and Dwarkadhish Temple. The latter is part of the revered char dham yatra and is one of the biggest reasons for the state’s growing popularity. If you are keen to explore some of the religious places in Gujarat, you can book customised Gujarat tour packages.

Gujarat Highlights

Gujarat is one of the largest states in India and each city has something special for travellers. From Ahmedabad’s cultural milieu and Patan’s historical wonders to Kutch, the largest white desert in India – Gujarat is full of beautiful cities waiting to be explored. Most Gujarat tour packages begin with a trip to Ahmedabad. A growing urban city, it is the centre of all trading and economic activities of the state. It is also home to a number of tourist attractions such as museums,lakes, and bustling local markets selling vibrant bandhani dupattas and skirts. You can include a couple of days in Ahmedabad in your Gujarat tour package before you explore the rest of the state. The popular Sabarmati Ashram is situated here and a local Gujarat sightseeing tour will also include a visit to the museum inside the ashram. 


The white salt desert of Kutch should definitely be next on your Gujarat tour package. Majestic and captivating, Kutch is the largest salt desert in the world. The best time to visit is definitely during the Rann Festival which is held from December to February. Gujarat tour packages see a rise in prices during this time so it’s best to book in advance if you’d like to be a part of the celebrations. If you are travelling with little ones, the Flamingo Sanctuary and the Wild Ass Sanctuary should definitely be part of your Gujarat tour package. 


Another highlight of Gujarat tour packages is a visit to the sprawling Gir National Park. Said to be the only home for Asiatic Lions, a visit here stays with you long after you are back home. The largest dry deciduous forest in western India, Gir is also home to 300 types of birds and 37 species of reptiles. If Gir National Park will cover the major portion of your Gujarat trip, make sure to book Gujarat tour packages between December and March, which is the best time to visit the sanctuary. 


Somnath and Dwarka are two cities which are a huge favourite with pilgrims and a popular part of Gujarat tour packages. Somnath, which is home to one of the 12 jyotirlingas, is a highly revered city and has immense mythological relevance. The city is thronged by tourists throughout the year and is typically quite busy. With a stunning beach for travellers to explore, a few museums and a busy bazaar, travellers can easily spend three to four days here. 


Dwarka in Gujarat is one of the most popular cities in India. It is home to one of the 12 jyotirlingas placed in the Nageshwar Jyothirlinga Temple and it is also the birthplace of Lord Krishna. Welcoming tourists with melodies of Krishna bhajans and an undeniable air of peace and serenity, a trip to Gujarat is incomplete without visiting Dwarka. It is the only city which is part of the Char Dham as well as Sapta Puris making it one of the most important places in our Gujarat tour packages. 


If, on the other hand, history, legends and marvellous architecture are what drive you as a traveller, you must visit Patan. Home to Rani Ki Vav, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Patan is a quaint town in Gujarat. Fairly unknown as a tourist spot, the town has started gaining popularity as an important part of Gujarat tour packages for its unique mix of culture and architecture. The erstwhile capital of Gujarat, Patan offers history buffs a memorable experience with ancient temples and forts to explore. It’s best to keep aside at least a couple of days for the charming town of Patan lest you miss out on some of its most visited tourist spots. 


Gujarat Travel Blogs

Gujarat is one of the biggest states in India with a plethora of experiences for travellers. From the best places to visit in Gujarat, most reasonable Gujarat tour packages to the best dishes to try – there is a ton of information on the web. But filtering through this information is always a task! At Tripoto, we have the largest community of travellers who give you detailed insights into their travels to help you plan better according to your travel preferences. Read on to find out everything you need to know about your Gujarat trip before booking Gujarat packages.


“During the safari you can expect to spot diverse species including Florican, Osprey, Indian Pitta, Red-headed Vulture, Sambar Deer, Antelopes, Spotted Deer, Wild Boar, Blue Bull, Indian gazelle and the Chowsinga, the world’s only four-horned antelope.”


Shubham Saxena

“The people are friendly, the food is decadent, and the culture colourful; which makes it the perfect place to explore.”


Husein Haveliwala

“Next up, we went to Athwa gate. It is one of the happening places of cities when it comes to food. We had a humongous thali with over 20 items just for 270 bucks in Kansar-Gujarati Thali.”

Kriti Gupta 

Local Cuisine In Gujarat

The only thing more famous than Gujarat’s vibrant culture is its food. Gujarati cuisine became popular after the delicious, spongy dhokla and khandvi made its way to the global cuisine map. Gujarati cuisine strikes the perfect balance between sweet and spicy and Gujarati thalis are a perfect example of this. With a hearty portion of rice, dal, kadhi and puri, Gujarati thalis are a food lover’s delight. 


The state is definitely more famous for its snacks which you’ll find in most local bazaars. Among the ones that you must try, khakra, thepla, puran poli, shrikhand, and malpua stand out for their unique tastes. Vegetarians visiting Gujarat are in for a surprise since the cuisine primarily comprises of vegetarian dishes. You must also include a tour of local street food joints in your Gujarat tour packages. We recommend Gordhan Thali in Surat for a taste of Undhiyu - a special delicacy for winter, Salim Bhai’s Burgers in Ahmedabad for the best aloo tikki burgers and Das Khaman stores for the best and freshest dhokla in Gujarat. 

Gujarat Weather and Best Time to Visit

With pleasant summers and cool winters, Gujarat is a year round destination. Some cities including Ahmedabad, Surat and Gandhinagar experience hot days during the peak summer season but the rest of the state is comparatively cooler.


Winter marks the beginning of the tourist season, owing to pleasant day temperatures of 20 degrees Celsius and the celebrations of the Rann festival. If you’d like to visit during winter, you should book your Gujarat tour packages well in advance to avoid surge in prices. 


Gujarat For Family and Friends

If you are planning a trip to Gujarat with your family, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Like many states in India, Gujarat packs in a variety of experiences which are perfect for a family vacation. You can include spiritual retreats, wildlife explorations and historical expeditions when you are booking Gujarat holiday packages to experience a little bit of everything. If you are travelling with children, you must include Gir National Park and a few trekking tours in your Gujarat tour packages. 


A trip to Gujarat with friends promises an unforgettable holiday experience. Complete with local walking tours, nature retreats and shopping, Gujarat tour packages offer travellers a world of experiences in one place. We recommend that you plan a trip during winter to get the most out of your Gujarat vacation.

Frequently Asked Questions

The most popular hill station in Gujarat is Saputara which is located in western Gujarat and is also home to the stunning Gandharvapur Artist Village. You can book customised Gujarat tour packages which will include trips to the state’s hill stations.

Gujarat is one of the most popular cities in India and has tons of places to visit. The most popular cities which are a part of Gujarat tour packages are the pilgrim cities of Somnath and Dwarka, the wildlife sanctuary of Gir and the historical cities of Junagadh and Patan.

The weather in Gujarat is usually quite pleasant. If you have booked Gujarat tour packages during summer, you must carry scarves and light cotton clothes. For winter, you can carry a couple of light jackets and if your Gujarat tour package includes a trip to Rann of Kutch, we suggest packing more woollens. 

Gujarat tour package must include tours of local sightseeing spots in all cities. From Sabarmati Ashram in Ahmedabad to Girnar in Junagadh, the cities in Gujarat are full of architectural wonders. 

Some of the places in south Gujarat which should definitely be part of your Gujarat tour packages are Surat, Saputara and Dandi.

The top cities in Gujarat are Ahmedabad, Surat, Gandhinagar, Dwarka and Junagadh. You can include all these enthralling cities when you book Gujarat tour packages.

Gujarat travel packages for 4 days and 5 nights can cost anywhere between Rs.25,000 to Rs.55,000 depending on the number of cities you plan to explore.

Gujarat is a tourist-friendly state but owing to its size, exploring it can be a little expensive. To ensure you don’t go overboard, book Gujarat tour packages that suit your travel style and budget. Second, you must explore local eating joints rather than high-end restaurants during your trip. We also recommend shopping at local bazaars for Gujarat’s popular handicrafts rather than showrooms. You can also look at state-run emporiums if you’d like to take back some souvenirs. 

Gujarat is an important city and has a significant place in India’s history. With an enthralling past where it was ruled by prominent kings to the state’s role in India’s freedom struggle - there is much to learn and explore about Gujarat. Some of the important historical monuments that one should definitely include in Gujarat tour packages are Dholavira, Vijay Vyas Palace, Dwarkadhish Temple, Lothal, Laxmi Vilas Palace and Sun Temple at Modhera.

Your Gujarat tour packages must include a trip to Gir National Park, Wild Ass Sanctuary in Rann of Kutch, Sun Temple at Modhera and Dwarkadhish Temple in Dwarka. If you are looking for a quiet, peaceful holiday, you can visit Polo and Vijaynagar forests in Vijayanagar and Thol Lake Bird Sanctuary.