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Indonesia Tour Packages

Holiday planning doesn't have to be stressful. To save you the hassle, we have curated a selection of Indonesia travel packages. Scroll below and choose an Indonesia package that best suits your travel style. 


Indonesia is home to nearly 18,000 unique islands that allow visitors to explore its tranquil surroundings, wander across its lush green forests and witness its sublime culture. From scenic resorts where you can pamper yourself to arduous hikes where you can test your limits, our Indonesia travel packages hit the perfect balance between entertainment and nature. The place boasts an explosion of colours and scents that’ll surely take you by storm. You can book our Indonesia tour package to explore the colourful markets that dot the streets of Indonesia and explore the street food stalls nestled in its narrow lanes. The country offers a beautiful blend of various cultures and cuisines that you can explore by selecting an Indonesia tour package offered by Tripoto.


You can book our Indonesia tour package and explore the lush green forests of Bali. You can explore the tranquil beach destinations of Indonesia such as Kuta, Lombok and Nusa Lembongan with our Indonesia travel packages. You can also visit the urban city of Jakarta with our Indonesia package enjoy its metropolitan offerings. Visit the various temples of Indonesia and discover the strong religious identity of Indonesia that  maintains its stronghold amidst the ever-changing urbanised surroundings of Indonesia. You can book our Indonesia tour package to visit the various beaches, resorts and forests of Indonesia.


Indonesia Highlights

Our Indonesia travel packages offer serene surroundings, luxury resorts and beautiful forests to tourists. You can book our Indonesia tour package and explore this beautiful country which offers a concoction of sights, flavours and sounds.


Choose our Indonesia tour package and explore Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. Home to enormous malls and fancy resorts, Jakarta holds a strong cultural identity amidst the contemporary metamorphosis. Tourists can book our Indonesia travel packages and explore the various sightseeing destinations of Jakarta that reflect the architectural prowess of Indonesia. You can book our Indonesia travel packages and visit attractions such as National Monument, Istiqlal Mosque and Wayang Museum.


You can also book our Indonesia tour packages to visit Bali, the Island of Gods. Our Indonesia travel packages offer a wonderful amalgam of Balinese nature, comfort, culture and cuisine. From the lush green forests that take you deep into the heart of Bali to affluent resorts that let you kick back and relax, our Indonesia travel packages are designed to fulfil all your epicurean desires while still keeping you connected with nature. You can also enjoy the lip-smacking Balinese dishes such as satay, bakso and ikan bakar with our Indonesia travel packages.


With its verdant terrace farms, tall trees and lush green trails, the town of Ubud calms your senses and offers you a dreamy escape. You can book our Indonesia package and relax in a resort overlooking the thick forests of Ubud or visit the architectural wonders of Ubud such as Ubud Palace, Puri Saren Agung and Goa Gajah. You can also visit the famous Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary with our Indonesia travel packages where you can find countless monkeys hopping from one branch to another.


You can also explore tranquil beach destinations in Indonesia with one of our Indonesia travel packages. The sandy beach of Kuta is ideal for admiring colourful sunset views, sunbathing under the shimmering rays of the sun and swimming in the crystal-clear waters of Kuta. From adventure parks to temples, our Indonesia travel packages have something for everyone. You can also enjoy water sports such as riding an underwater scooter and surfing with our Indonesia tour packages.


You can enjoy crystal-clear waters and azure skies in Lombok with an Indonesia package. You can book an Indonesia tour package with us to visit Tanjung Aan Beach, Senaru waterfall and Senggigi beach. You can enjoy a fishing trip to Lombok with anIndonesia package and enjoy surfing in Lombok.


Gili Islands is known for its happening parties and panoramic vistas. You can book an Indonesia tour package and visit the white-sand beaches of Gili and relax under the shade of palm trees. Backpackers can book an Indonesia package and find affordable hotels and explore the thriving party scene on the Gili Islands, and can also indulge in various activities such as swimming and snorkelling.


Yogyakarta is the cultural hub of Indonesia where you can find well-preserved traditional arts. You can book an Indonesia tour package to witness the traditional dance and music shows in Yogyakarta. The town is rich in history as is reflected by its various monuments such as The Palace of Yogyakarta, Taman Sari and Fort Vredeburg Museum which can all be visited with one of our Indonesia packages.


Indonesia is home to a myriad of magnificent temples. You can book an Indonesia package and explore the Borobudur Temple which is a 9th-century Buddhist Temple. It is not only the world's largest Buddhist temple but a UNESCO world heritage site as well. Perched atop a hill, the Borobudur Temple is surrounded by lush green forests and offers a calm atmosphere to visitors. You can also book an Indonesia package to enjoy hiking across scenic trails. You can trek to Mount Kelimutu with one of our Indonesia travel packages and enjoy the views of three crater lakes whose colours constantly change. You can also hike to Mount Rinjani, an active volcano last erupted in 2016.


You can also book an Indonesia tour package to be a part of various colourful festivals such as the Rambu Solo Ceremony, Nyepi, the Jember Fashion Carnival and the Baliem Valley Festival.


Indonesia Most Recent Reviews

With its varied landscapes, sandy beaches and ancient culture, Bali is one of the most popular destinations in the Indonesian archipelago. Surrounded by world-class archaeological attractions against stunning backdrops, it offers a large number of options to travellers across the globe. However, an increase in tourism over the past few years has sadly taken away the charm of experiencing the local culture of small villages on the island. Most people visit luxury beach resorts in Ubud, Kita, Seminyak and other popular destinations around Bali during their visit here. If you want to experience quintessential Balinese countryside though, there cannot be a better place to visit than the Sidemen Valley in Bali.<br> Where?<br>
Ubud is one of the quieter, calmer cities of Bali with so many temples. I visited Go Gajah Temple or the Elephant Cave Temple out of curiosity - the carvings outside the cave look so magnificent and intriguing that I couldn't resist visiting this place. With a beautiful incense fragrance, this temple felt like one of the temples in India.You'll definitely find tiny natural water falls, and rocks in and around temples in Bali!..Eager to taste one of the most expensive coffees in the world? The Poop Coffee as I call it, or the Luwak Coffee. Bali is full of coffee plantations that give you a free tour, and show you how Luwak coffee is produced and processed. If you don't already know - Luwak is a cat!..I am never tired of watching beautiful sunsets. In this part, we will watch sunset from the temple at the beach - the Tanah Lot Temple.
A perfect Bali trip is on every travelers wish-list, and with a plethora of options the island has to offer for all types of tourists it would be very difficult to do a cover the entire island on a single trip. Every destination I have traveled till date has some secret recipes, that I research extensively and many of them are my personal experiences and tips. So here are the 5 important ingredients before you start planning your trip to the tropical paradise.<br> 1. Best Time to Travel and Duration:<br> There are only two seasons in Bali, the dry season and the wet season. The tropical country receives more rain and has more wet months than dry ones. The period from May to August is considered to be dry and September to April has a decreasing gradient of rainfall. It’s good for an off-beat travel experience, but for first time traveler should experience Bali in full bloom during the dry months when you can do Scuba diving and go surfing on the beaches.<br> Duration: Some stay for a month in Bali and still not able to quench their thirst for this tropical paradise. There are so many things to see and do on the island, you can never do it in one visit. However, you can cover the highlights in 5-6 days and keep one day for rest.<br> 2. Which part of the Island are you planning to stay:<br> Bali looks small on a map but it is vast. A heterogeneous mix of options that suit every tourist. To put it simple, South Bali is more party and north Bali is more culture. Towards south, the prime cities include Kuta, Seminyak, Canngu. The cultural hub of Bali, Ubud is almost the geographical center. The east includes the fishing village of Adam and a beautiful port of Sanur.<br> So, if you are looking for a party time, head out for Kuta, for all the expats and upmarket crowd, Seminyak serves as the best option, Digital nomads, bloggers, Instagrammers, youtubers find their solace in Canggu. Not to forget this has led to some really beautiful cafes in the area. Fans of Balinese culture and Eat.Pray.Love movie can take a cab right away to explore Ubud.<br> Being a geographically small area, all the above towns are located at a close proximity of a few kilometers, so somebody like me can choose and accommodation in Seminyak and still be able to enjoy the nightlife and beach parties of Kuta. The best way to enjoy the local culture is to stay with the locals. The people here are some of the nicest people I have met on my journey from pepper to salt. They do offer you insights on a few hidden gems in the vicinity that often the tourist crowds miss. There are several villas and guest homes in bali that helps you to stay with the locals and most of them are available on AirBnb for a good price. So if you are planning to book a private villa with an infinity pool over Tegallalang rice feilds with your loved ones and local balinese cuisine, it is definitely possible. You can use my reference code to get upto $40 off on your first booking with AirBNB (Click here)<br> 3. Best Flight route calculations and options:<br> The Denpasar airport (DPS) is the only airport in Bali and is well connected to all the major cities in the world. Air Asia and Malindo Air are the two major players on the flight route with Malindo having a better review.<br> With a very few and more expensive direct flight options, a single stop over flight turns out to be a better option. If you are more of an explorer, you can fully utilize the layover time and explore one more city on the trip to Bali. I had an option for minimum 2hrs layover at Kuala Lampur, however I took a flight with daytime layover of 12Hrs, applied for a malaysian visa and explored the city of Kuala Lampur, primarily the Petronas towers and Batu caves. Also, the 12Hr layover flight was almost 25% cheaper than the 2Hr layover. Win-Win for me. With a little bit of planning, one can workout the best plan by choosing the right flight.<br> 4. Visa on Arrival or Exempt:<br> I know sometimes Visa application can be cumbersome for fist time travellers in any country. The most accurate source of information is the Immigration website, however if you are too lazy to go through the documentation or have any further queries, you can always call the respective embassy in your country. For an Indonesian Visa, there are primarily three categories:<br> No Visa required/ Visa Exempt. (Non-extendable, Less than 30days)<br> Visa on Arrival. (Voluntary, Extendable, stay between 30-60days)<br> Advance Visa Mandatory before arrival.<br> Almost 160 countries fall under the Visa Exempt category. However, it is restricted to only 30 days. In case you are planning for more than 30 days, it is good to voluntarily apply for a Visa-on-arrival. Please check on the immigration website if your home county happens to be on the list of Visas on arrival or Visa Exempt. For Indian nationals the Bali has a visa exempt for tourist purposes for 30 days (No extension possible). However, if you are travelling for any other business or study, a pre-approved visa becomes mandatory. Not under Category (1) and Category (2) is little difficult to get a visa but its not impossible. Please check with and Indonesian embassy in your country and they can help you out.<br> 5. Currency exchange:<br> Bali follows the Indonesian currency of IDR (Indonesian Rupiah). Although many of the upmarket cafés and restaurants accept cards, the economy is majorly cash driven. The currency exchange is fairly simple and there are ample of options for currency exchange.<br> Tip: As per my workings, a US-dollar gives the best rate for currency exchange, thus preferred to carry USD cash.<br> Always exchange currency at an ‘Authorized currency exchange center’ Sometimes you may come across a place offering a much better currency rate only to realize you have received a few hundred thousand IDR’s less. If the rate is too good to be true, probably it is not true. One of the ways to identify a reliable exchange is, in most authorized places there is a glass partition between the customer, interacting person and the person who handles money. A three layer glass panel system.<br> Note: The exchange centers do not allow you to swipe cards for cash. They have only cash-to-cash exchange.<br> One of the hard lesson I learnt on the trip was to load the dollars on a FOREX card and expect to swipe at currency exchange. It’s not allowed for some strange reason. So, I had to always withdraw at ATM’s with DCC (Dynamic currency conversion) charges added. ($5 per transaction) There is a plethora of ATM’s to withdraw currency at every corner of the street, however beware of the ATM’s and avoid those placed inside shopping marts, just to be on the safer side.<br> Most Important tip of all:<br> Tap water in Bali is not ideal for drinking. There are many cases for something commonly referred to as a ‘Bali Belly’, a diarrhea from the bacteria present in Bali local water. Always drink filtered or bottled water thought your stay in Bali. I personally don’t encourage the use of bottled water for environmental purposes; hence you can carry your own personal water filter like a #LifeStraw or Eureka Forbes. In the long run it is a one-time investment, but can save you many dollars per bottle on many international trips and also do your bit for the environment.<br> Bali is a beautiful island and I have some of my most beautiful memories exploring this place. I hope this helps you to plan your ideal Bali trip. If you have some more travel experiences form this corner of the world, feel free to share with me. Till we meet again for another travel story…<br> Follow me on my channels:<br> Follow me on :<br> Instagram :<br> Facebook :<br> Blog:<br> Frequent searches leading to this page:-<br> Bali honeymoon package cost from India, Bali honeymoon packages with private pool, 4 days 3 nights Bali honeymoon package, best places to visit in Bali Indonesia for honeymoon<br>
Bali, commonly known as the ‘Island of the Gods’ has something to offer to everyone who visits. From the party spots at Kuta & Seminyak or the surfer's hotspot at Canggu, the hidden beaches at Uluwatu or the islands surrounding the mainland, Bali has a unique something for everyone.<br> However, I must admit that I did not like all the areas I visited and will mention the reason as we move through each location.<br> Most of you would have heard, read or searched on Bali and understood that it has some of the best luxury resorts, party spots, and water sports adventure but trust me the best way to experience a good mix is by staying in more than one location at a time and moving around. That’s when you soak in the essence of Bali! So let’s get started.<br>

Indonesia Travel Blogs

"With buzzing neighbourhoods, touristy shopping alleys, stone-cut temples and stone-age megaliths and some of the best snorkelling spots in the world, Indonesia will keep you enthralled in its dream-like concoction of experiences. My month long solo adventure was dotted with an array of moments highlighting the very reasons I love travelling for!" – Dave @ Travel Transmissions


"Being the smallest province in Indonesia, this [Bali] island is home to most of Indonesia's Hindu minority. It’s a beautiful tropical island with quaint villages, extensive rice paddies, virgin beaches and volcanic peaks. All of this is set against the backdrop of spiritual culture, colourful locals, absolutely peaceful temples and contrasting crowded markets." – Diana

Indonesia Weather And Best Time To Visit

Indonesia has a tropical climate. You can select an Indonesia tour package and explore the country any time of the year. Though the best time to visit Indonesia with an Indonesia package is between May and September, when the weather is dry and all the water sports are available to tourists.


Indonesia faces rainfall from October till April. During the monsoons, many water activities might not be available for tourists to try out. But you can book an Indonesia tour package during the monsoon if you want to enjoy off-season perks such as cheaper hotels, inexpensive restaurants and fewer tourists.

Indonesia For Couples

Couples can enjoy a romantic time in the country with an Indonesia package. You can visit Bali with your partner and pamper yourself at one of its uber-lux resorts. You can book an Indonesia tour package and take long walks with your partner at Lembang Begonia Garden and admire the various species of flowers blooming across the garden. You can book an Indonesia package and stay inside transparent tents at Tafso Barn and gaze at the night sky with countless stars. You can also book an Indonesia package and enjoy a day out with your loved one at Kuta, one of the most happening beaches of Indonesia.

Indonesia For Families

You can book an Indonesia tour package and explore the various sightseeing destinations with your family. You can have a relaxing vacation in Ubud and visit the popular Sacred Monkey Forest. You can also book an Indonesia package to explore the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta and capture the beauty amidst its chaotic streets. You can also visit Yogyakarta, which is a cultural hub of arts and crafts. Book an Indonesia package and treat yourself to a relaxing time at Lovina Beach, where you can enjoy in hot springs. You can also book an Indonesia tour package and visit the volcanoes of Indonesia such as Mount Batur and Mount Rinjani.

Local Cuisine In Indonesia

Indonesia boasts a wide variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes that you can relish if you book anIndonesia tour package curated by us. Non-vegetarians can book one of our Indonesia travel packages and relish the flavour of sate padang, a popular local delicacy made with beef and different spices. You can also book our Indonesia package to savour ayam bakar taliwang, which is a take on grilled chicken and ikan bakar, an authentic grilled fish dish special to Indonesia. You can also find a huge variety of pork dishes included in our Indonesia travel packages such as babi pangang and bak kut teh. Seafood such as bandeng presto, arsik and cakalang fufu are also available for non-vegetarians.


Vegetarians can also relish various dishes with an Indonesia tour package. You can enjoy gado-gado, sambal and sayur asem with one of our Indonesia travel packages. You can also try out the various varieties of rice such as nasi padang and nasi goreng. You can also book an Indonesia package and try out delicious Indonesian noodles. You can also find lip-smacking sweet dishes included in our Indonesia travel packages such as kue lapis legit and pisang goreng.

Visa For Indonesia

You can book an Indonesia tour package and visit Indonesia without any hassle. If you are visiting Indonesia for a short stay of fewer than 30 days, then you can apply for visa exemption at 14 designated checkpoints in the country. You can also apply for a visa on arrival at select airports and seaports of Indonesia. You can also receive a social cultural visa by receiving sponsorship from an Indonesian citizen. Along stay visa is best suited for employment or education opportunities.

Written by Shivani Vohra, an in-house Tripoto writer.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can visit the popular destinations such as Bali, Ubud, Denpasar and Jakarta with an Indonesia tour package offered by Tripoto. You can book an Indonesia package to explore beaches such as Kuta, Lombok and Gili Islands. You can also visit bustling markets such as Sukawati Art Market and Beringharjo Market with one of our Indonesia travel packages if you wish to purchase clothes and handicrafts. Our Indonesia tour packages also include a visit to natural spots such as the Komodo National Park and the Mount Leuser National Park. You can select a well-curated Indonesia package and enjoy a melange of captivating vistas.

The best time to visit Indonesia is between May and September when the climate is dry. It is also the peak season, and you can enjoy hiking during this period with an Indonesia tour package. Indonesia witnesses rainfall from October till April. You can book an Indonesia package and visit the country during the off-season and enjoy plenty of perks such as inexpensive restaurants, fewer tourists and cheap hotels.

You can find a wide variety of accommodation options included in our Indonesia tour packages, ranging from budget to luxury hotels. You can indulge in luxurious pleasures with our Indonesia travel packages and pamper yourself at five-star hotels such as The Oberoi Beach Resort, Viceroy Bali, The Seminyak Beach Resort & Spa and Grand Hyatt. Budget hotels are also included in our Indonesia tour package. Indonesia has plenty of budget hotels such as Ibis Budget, Red Planet Solo and Mess Inn. You can also pick an Indonesia package and stay at hostels such as Six Degrees Backpackers Hostel, Capsule Hotel Old Batavia and Kayun Hostel.

Besides exploring sightseeing destinations, you can enjoy various other activities with an Indonesia package. You can book an Indonesia package with Tripoto and include quad biking, river rafting and hiking in your itinerary. You can also book an Indonesia tour package and indulge in water sports such as Bali rolling donut, snorkelling and jet-skiing.

Some of the must-try non-vegetarian dishes included in our Indonesia tour packages are sate padang, ayam bakar taliwang and ikan bakar. You can also try out seafood such as bandeng presto and cakalang fufu with an Indonesia tour package. Vegetarians can relish dishes like gado-gado, sambal, nasi padang and nasi goreng with an Indonesia package.

The Indonesia travel packages listed on Tripoto can range from a budget Indonesia tour package to a luxury Indonesia tour package. Depending on the amenities and inclusions, you can find an Indonesia tour package starting from Rs.10,000.

Indonesia is home to beautiful sandy beaches where you can relax and indulge in various water sports with our Indonesia travel packages. You can choose an Indonesia tour package and explore the rare pink beach of Indonesia called Pink Beach. You can also visit Tanjung Aan Beach, Nyang Nyang Beach, Padar Island and Karimunjawa Islands with our Indonesia tour package for a peaceful experience.

An Indonesia tour package includes a sightseeing tour of popular islands such as Bali, Ubud and Jakarta and famous tourist attractions such as the Borobudur Temple and the Sacred Monkey Forest. Many of our Indonesia travel packages also include airfare, internal transfers and a wide range of accommodation options.

The national currency of Indonesia is the Indonesian rupiah. One Indonesian rupiah is equivalent to Rs 0.0050. Many of our Indonesia travel packages offer assistance in currency exchange, making the process a hassle-free affair for travellers. It is suggested that during your trip to Indonesia with our Indonesia travel packages, you should carry small denominations for easy transactions.

Upon booking an Indonesia tour package, the process of visa for Indians is hassle-free. If you are visiting Indonesia for fewer than 30 days, then you do not require a visa. You can also get a visa on arrival from select airports and seaports. You can also apply for a social cultural visa by receiving a sponsorship letter from an Indonesian citizen. You can also apply for a long-term visa through an education or work permit.