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Pondicherry Tour Packages

A former French colony, Pondicherry instantly transports travellers into another world. Seamlessly blending Indian culture with French architecture and history, Pondicherry is where travellers seek refuge to get away from the chaos of dull city life. 

A union territory, Pondicherry was under the French rule till 1954 and you will still find influences of French culture in the local cuisine and way of life. The Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry tour packages attracts a large number of travellers from across the world. While at the same time, the one-of-a-kind township of Auroville is a haven for spiritual seekers.

If this is your first trip to the beautiful town, Pondicherry tour packages are an ideal way to discover this erstwhile French colony. In fact, Pondicherry tour packages ensure that you explore this new town without exceeding your budget. The first thing that you will notice about Pondicherry is the laid back vibe and the slow way of life. Fondly known as White Town with pristine streets, colonial building with traces of gallic elements, Pondicherry is truly a picture-perfect vacation spot.

Pondicherry tour packages will take you on a journey across bustling shopping streets, quirky cafes and give you a glimpse of crimson-hued skies against pristine beaches. Another thing that draws travellers to Pondicherry is the rich food culture. Giving you a taste of French and South Indian cuisine, you can easily include a culinary tour in your Pondicherry tour packages.

If you are looking for a break from endless traffic jams and chaos of cities, then this town laden with bougainvillaea-clad cafes and pastel-hued designer boutiques is ideal. To make your trip to the city slightly more special, remember to book Pondicherry tour packages which are customised to suit your preferences and budget.

Pondicherry Highlights

One of the first places that Pondicherry tour packages will include in the itinerary is Aurobindo Ashram. Dedicated to Sri Aurobindo Ghosh, the ashram is a spiritual centre and attracts seekers from all over the world. It is said that this ashram is one of the wealthiest ashrams in the world. Without any branches and associations, the ashram has more than 500 dedicated followers and 500 students. It will take you about three to four hours to explore the ashram. Though some areas may not be open to the general public, the ones that are accessible give you an insight into the history and evolution of the centre. The ashram is home to a spiritual centre, a library and a lush courtyard. The courtyard is where the bodies of Mother and Sri Aurobindo are buried and one can come and pay respects.


There are various tours and exhibitions organised at the Bureau Central and included in Pondicherry tour packages. The exhibits include writings and an introduction to the life of Sri Aurobindo and Mother. There is also a video presentation which takes place every day, besides Sunday. The video includes snippets from the life of Sri Aurobindo and Mother while giving one an opportunity to better understand the philosophy of the Ashram.

What will also add charm to your Pondicherry holiday is a visit to the beautiful beaches. Paradise Beach which is a big part of Pondicherry tour packages is located a few kilometres from the main town. The best time to head here is in the morning so you can spend the whole day amidst natural beauty. To reach the beach, one needs to take a short ferry ride – which can be included in Pondicherry tour packages. The ferry ride takes one through mangrove forests and lush greenery.
While you can enjoy a dip in the cool waters, it’s advised not to venture too deep. The current is high and locals strongly advise tourists to maintain distance. But one can still enjoy a day out at the beach if you choose to indulge in a couple of water sports. Besides parasailing and other activities which can be included in Pondicherry tour packages, there is fishing to keep enthusiasts busy. At the same time, if your idea of a perfect holiday is relaxing on the beach, then the myriad local food joints serving fresh coconut water and snacks is where you’ll want to spend your time.

Auroville or Universal Town is another unmissable tourist attraction in Pondicherry tour packages. Home to people of all cultures, Auroville is a township unlike any other. Located close to 20km from the main city, it was founded by Mirra Alfassa from the Aurobindo Society. Mirra Alfassa was later known as Mother and went on to become a force for the ashram’s activities. The core philosophy behind the township is that it is an open space for those who are interested in progress without the hurdles of creed, caste, sex, race or nationality.

The residents of the township have their own set of rules and live in peace and harmony. The driving force of the community is sustainable living and a visit to the township gives you a glimpse of the hardwork of the community.

If you are including Auroville in your Pondicherry tour packages, you must keep aside one entire day. Pondicherry tour packages include a visit to cafes, shopping and of course interacting with locals. Among the highlights of the township is the golden-hued Matrimandir. Surrounded by numerous lush gardens, the place of worship is open to everyone. However, there are a few parts of the temple which are restricted and don’t allow the general public.

Auroville is a perfect example of preserving nature while ensuring progress and development. The entire city is divided into various zones and one can take note of the seamless coming together of various elements.

The Seaside Promenade which is another big part of Pondicherry tour packages offers White Town its dose of natural beauty. During the evenings, the entire area is busy with cyclists, joggers and locals who are going about everyday life. There are many cafes around the Promenade which offer breathtaking views of the sea while offering you a plethora of delectable dishes.

Serenity Beach is located around 10 km from the city and should definitely be a part of your Pondicherry tour packages. A haven for nature lovers, the beach is ideal if you want to admire breathtaking sunset and sunrise views. There aren’t too many tourists here and you can expect a relaxed and rejuvenating experience. Dotted with numerous resorts and luxury hotels, the beach is a paradise for honeymooners. For adventure enthusiasts and budding surfers, Serenity Beach is an ideal spot. However, we do recommend that you go through a few sessions in the nearby surfing schools before you dive in.

Pondicherry Travel Blogs

One might think that Pondicherry is a small town so there isn’t much to include in Pondicherry tour packages. But a visit here will pleasantly surprise you. A town full of history and culture, Pondicherry is a delight to discover. To ensure that you don’t make the mistake of missing out on some of the best places to visit, we recommend going through a few recommendations by travellers. A little research before booking Pondicherry tour packages will go a long way in ensuring you have a fulfilling and memorable trip.

“Another highlight of the day was the supper at New Farm Fresh. This relatively new eatery at St Therese Street serves amazing thin crust woodfire pizzas. I had their Farm Fresh Special pizza and it was without a doubt one of the best pizzas that I have had in recent times. It is a must visit in Pondicherry if you have pizza cravings.” – Dhruv Kaicker

“After seeing the ashram and walking to the dome, we were really tired. But we decided to go to the Auroville Beach. We went by Auto and walked for some distance to reach there by asking localites for direction. Lot of local crowds there. We returned to the hotel, took a nap and then went for lunch to Cafe des art. The place was good, food was fine. We roamed around in the French colonies and went to Zuka chocolate shop and had some chocolates there. Then we went to the Rock Beach again and spent a peaceful evening sitting on the rocks.” – Shreya Sohan

"Baker Street" my No:1 love in Pondicherry...the bakery I sooooo wanted to visit, was 1st in the list! So, I included it in my first day strolling in the city and got myself carried away in the exquisite fares. "Baba Rhum", and it did have decent dose of rum, with whipped cream and a smooth like honey cheesecake - a fare to die for, became my instant favourite there.” – Rini Biswas

Pondicherry Weather And Best Time To Visit

Like most coastal towns which have a warm climate, Pondicherry is also blessed with warm summers and cool winters. A year-round destination, all seasons in Pondicherry offer something new for travellers to explore.


October to February is winter in Pondicherry and it’s the best time to visit. Pondicherry tour packages during this time might be slightly expensive owing to the great weather the city promises. If you have tons of sightseeing tours planned and numerous activities that you want to try, you can book your Pondicherry tour packages for this season.


Summer, which is between the months of March and June is quite hot, and you may want to avoid travelling during this time. However, if you want to experience the city with less or no crowds, this is a great time to book your Pondicherry tour packages.


On the other hand, monsoon is a great time to book Pondicherry tour packages if you are travelling on a budget. The whole city is shining in hues of green and you can explore the best parts of the city without the usual rush of tourists. The city celebrates the birthday of Sri Aurobindo during August and if you want to join in the celebrations, monsoon is the ideal time for you to visit Pondicherry.

Pondicherry For Couples And Family

Pondicherry couple packages offer travellers a world of experiences in one trip. From romantic walks along the beach, candle-lit dinners in stunning cafes, shopping in designer boutiques to a tour of backwaters and visiting lesser-known tourist attractions – there are a plethora of things which couples can include in Pondicherry tour packages.


Another great thing about planning a trip to Pondicherry is the huge variety of accommodation options. Home to several beautiful, luxurious resorts, Pondicherry is absolutely perfect if you are travelling without any budget constraints.


Pondicherry is also a great holiday option for those who are planning a family vacation. A perfect combination of laidback and action-packed, Pondicherry tour packages for a family can pack in numerous experiences that a family can enjoy together. We recommend staying in White Town so that you are close to most of the cafes, markets and tourist attractions. If you are travelling with children, you can also include enthralling cycling tours in your Pondicherry family tour packages.

Pondicherry Local Cuisine

Pondicherry is nothing less than a dream for foodies. The local cuisine in the city is influenced by French and Indian flavours and you just can’t get enough of the local dishes. But what stands out most in Pondicherry’s local food culture are the numerous cafes. Each cafe is built on a theme and philosophy and to discover these beauties is an experience you can’t ignore.


There are numerous delicious dishes which everyone should try in this welcoming town. Our favourites are soya dosa, baguette, dosa, lobsters, meen kuzhambu, kadugu yerra and curried vegetables. Almost all dishes include coconut, mustard seeds and sea-food in their preparation but if you are a vegetarian, you won’t be disappointed.


Among the best restaurants to include in Pondicherry tour packages, the most recommended for food lovers are Le Dupleix, Appachi Chettinad, Satsanga, La Marée, Surguru and Villa Shanti.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of Pondicherry tour packages varies from traveller to traveller. Depending on the inclusions in your packages, a trip to Pondicherry can cost you anywhere between Rs.25,000 to Rs.80,000.

There are a plethora of places to visit in Pondicherry. Among the best places to include in your Pondicherry tour packages, we recommend Auroville, Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Gingee Fort, Rock Beach, Old Lighthouse, French War Memorial and Jawahar Toy Museum.

If you enjoy luxury and comfort, we recommend booking luxury Pondicherry tour packages. While there are several beautiful resorts in Pondicherry which will take your breath away, our favourites are Le Pondy, Le Dupleix, Palais de Mahe, the Promenade, La Villa, Nalla Eco Beach Resort, Ocean Spray and The Dune Eco Village & Spa.

If you are travelling from Chennai to Pondicherry and have booked Pondicherry tour packages, you can expect a smooth journey. One can choose to take any of the three trains which run between the two cities. At the same time, you can either book a seat in a Volvo or book a private taxi. While booking a private taxi is the most convenient, it’s also the most expensive. If you are travelling on a budget, we recommend taking the train or the bus.

The best things to do which are part of all Pondicherry tour packages are a visit to Auroville, a ferry ride to Paradise Beach, sunsets at Rock Beach, cafe hopping in the main town and reliving your childhood by renting a cycle.

Pondicherry tour packages for local sightseeing can cost travellers anywhere between Rs.500 to Rs.1500. The cost of local sightseeing will depend on the number of places you are including in your itinerary.

What you pack for a beach holiday is of utmost importance. If you are travelling to Pondicherry, our top five recommendations for your packing are
Sunscreen, sunglasses
A pair of flip flops
A stole to save yourself from the sun
An umbrella
A good pair of walking shoes

The best mid-budget hotels which can be a part of Pondicherry tour packages are Kailash Beach Resort, Le Chateau, Gratitude Heritage, La Maison Radha, Nila Homestay and A La Villa Creole.

The best restaurants in the city which should be a part of all Pondicherry tour packages are Carte Blanche, Auroville Bakery, Café Xtasi, Bay of Buddha, Appachi Chettinad and Cafe Ole.

There are numerous beaches in Pondicherry which are a haven for nature lovers and adventure buffs. Among the best beaches in the city, Promenade Beach, Serenity Beach, Rock Beach, Auroville Beach, Karaikal Beach, Mahe Beach and Reppo Beach are a few that you must include in your Pondicherry tour packages.