New Zealand Tour Packages

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New Zealand Tour Packages

Travellers have often attempted to describe New Zealand in various ways, however, the result mostly doesn’t do justice to the country’s spectacular beauty. Some places can only be appreciated when you experience them and New Zealand certainly falls in this category. With a diverse and awe-inspiring landscape, New Zealand is a popular tourist destination with luxury travellers, adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers. 

The country is known for its pristine lakes, black-sand beaches, natural springs, lush forests and hilly hamlets which have enamoured travellers from across the world. New Zealand is made of two main islands – the North Island or Te Ika-a-Maui and the South Island or Te Waipounamu. Separated by the Cook Strait, most of the popular tourist sites lie on these two islands. Owing to the varied experiences that the country offers, we suggest booking New Zealand tour packages to explore this beautiful country according to your interests and travel style. 

Another defining feature of New Zealand is its beautiful balance between local Māori culture and the famous Kiwi life. Māoris are an inseparable part of New Zealand and trace their history back a 1000 years. Today, they make for almost 14% of the population, and their culture offers travellers an insightful experience. To explore some elements of the Māori culture, travellers can include a visit to the various marae in their New Zealand tour packages. 

With its abundant natural beauty, it’s no surprise that the country is a haven for adventure buffs. A hiker’s paradise, the many forests in New Zealand offer umpteen opportunities for hiking, trekking and camping. Travellers also must include Rotorua canopy tours, skydiving, caving and heli-skiing in their New Zealand tour packages. 

Most travellers consider New Zealand as an expensive country and while this may be true to a large extent, the country welcomes all kinds of travellers. Opening its doors to budget travellers and backpackers, the country is making tourism a part of its vibrant culture through customised New Zealand tour packages. A country that values nature’s blessings immensely, New Zealand is one of the best examples of a symbiotic relationship between man and nature – a lesson all travellers can imbibe and learn from. 

New Zealand Highlights

The largest and the most visited city in New Zealand is Auckland. A part of all New Zealand tour packages, it is an introduction to what awaits them in this charming country. Since the country’s biggest international airport is in the city, chances are that your New Zealand tour packages will begin the tour from here. Said to be one of the top 10 cities in the world by many travel portals, Auckland is a mix of urban living and natural beauty. Full of scenic parks, gardens and lakes, travellers can escape from the chaos of the busy city in minutes. It’s also the centre for adrenaline-pumping sports and adventure enthusiasts will have a great time in the ‘City of Sails’. One can try bungy-jumping from the harbour bridge or the towering Sky Tower or head to one of the nearby rainforests for a thrilling hiking experience. Among the best places to see in Auckland, one must include Auckland Domain, Albert Park, Muriwai Beach and Waiheke Island in New Zealand tour packages. 

Another beautiful place in New Zealand tour packages is Queenstown. A southern island, the city is surrounded by the stunning southern alps and the gorgeous Lake Wakatipu – an ideal location to include in New Zealand tour packages, if you are looking for an adventure-packed vacation. Offering a chance to experience the highest bungy-jump in the country and the largest rope swing in the world, Queenstown also offers activities such as sky-diving and zip lining. One must also include Milford Sound in New Zealand tour packages which is in proximity to Queenstown and is considered to be one of the most beautiful places in the country. Located in Fiordland National Park, Milford Sound offers a tryst with nature which is incomparable to any other experience. Mountains, azure waters and forest-clad cliffs set a picture-perfect, surreal setting which is ideal for nature lovers.

New Zealand tour packages also include a visit to one of New Zealand’s most happening cities – Wellington. An exhilarating combination of culture, art and nature, Wellington is where city people will feel at home. Keep aside at least two to three days in New Zealand tour packages to experience the city’s delicious food, vibrant nightlife and lively markets. The city seems to be in a celebratory mood at all times of the year and a visit here is definitely going to make your New Zealand vacation special. If you head to the outskirts of the city, you’ll be taken in by the charming houses and verdant fields and movie fans will be thrilled to explore this part of Wellington since the famous trilogy of the Lord of the Rings was shot here. 

For travellers who’d like to experience Maori culture and the blessings of nature, there isn’t a better place than Rotorua, better known as Nature’s Spa of the South Pacific. Surrounded by mountain peaks and dotted with gushing streams, thick forests and surreal waterfalls, it’s an unmissable retreat if you are a nature lover. Gradually gaining importance as a resort town owing to its charming landscape, its included in most New Zealand tour packages for luxury travellers. The town is most popular for natural sulphur springs, mineral hot pools and silica terraces, especially during the evenings. The view of pink and white hues against the setting sun is something that will remain with you forever. 

The Coromandel Peninsula is slowly garnering popularity as one of the best places to visit in New Zealand. Away from the hustle-bustle of cities, it’s located in the northern part of New Zealand and is popular for its golden sand beaches and a plethora of adventure activities. Among the most popular places to visit, the small city of Thames should be part of New Zealand tour packages for its history and dreamy natural beauty.

A visit to New Zealand is incomplete without exploring Bay of Islands. A huge part of New Zealand tour packages, 144 islands make Bay of Islands and it’s one of the best places to try water sports. Adventure buffs can try kayaking along the coast or explore the island trails – which are unlike any other in the world. One must also include scuba diving at Paihia Diver and underwater tours to explore the unique marine life in New Zealand tour packages.


New Zealand Travel Blogs

For all popular tourist destinations, there is a ton of information available on the web. While this information helps in preparing itineraries and booking accommodation, it does get overwhelming. If you are planning a New Zealand trip and are looking for authentic information on the best places to visit, the best things to do and unmissable experiences, we suggest going through travel blogs on Tripoto which give you authentic information on New Zealand. The personal experiences also guide travellers and help in choosing New Zealand tour packages according to travel styles and budget.

“Spend about half a day in Auckland stroll through the lively Ponsonby neighborhood, ambling through Auckland CBD and taking a short ferry ride to Devonport, the urban seaside town. Beautiful views of Auckland downtown await from Devonport.” –Anu Karthik

“South Island of New Zealand has the best of the whole worlds scenery in one accessible place. From the breathtaking Alpine scenery to glimpses of the Pacific coast, Huge shimmery blue lakes, Glaciers, Glacier hot pools, Gorgeous stretches of grasslands, Wine growing regions, once in a lifetime Whale watching encounters..Its all here !!” – Preeti

“From Kerikeri, I took a Boat Cruise through the Bay of Islands to Waitangi Wharf. The cruising boat is a totally unique way to experience New Zealand's world-famous Bay of Islands with the Northland landscapes and marine environment. I enjoyed some kayaking with the onboard kayaks and also went for some snorkelling! After spending the day on the cruise and Waitangi Wharf I went back to Kauri Cliffs.” –Eugene 


New Zealand Weather and Best Time to Visit

New Zealand is blessed with great weather throughout the year and travellers can visit anytime and be assured of pleasant days and cool nights. One needs to remember that the weather in the north and south is remarkably different and depending on your New Zealand tour packages, you can decide which season is the best time for you to plan a New Zealand trip. 

The months of December, January and February are considered to be summer in New Zealand and are the best time to visit the country. One can enjoy hiking, trekking and other adventure activities in the warm sunshine and pleasant temperature. Fall is between March and May and it is the best season for those who are travelling on a budget since there are tons of discounts on New Zealand packages. 

If you’d like to enjoy winter in New Zealand, June to August is a great time. You can book New Zealand tour packages which include skiing in Queenstown and Central Plateau. It’s also a great time to relax in one of New Zealand's many luxury resorts. 


New Zealand for Couples and Family

New Zealand is one of the most popular destinations for honeymooners and couples. The natural beauty of the country along with its warm culture makes for an ideal vacation. New Zealand tour packages for couples are the perfect way to discover its many places according to your interests as well as budget. 

We suggest including Franz Josef Glacier region for its gorgeous landscape as well as the plethora of activities it offers in your New Zealand couple package. If you are fond of the outdoors and enjoy an exciting vacation, you can also include a couple of helicopter tours and the breathtaking Fox Glacier walk in New Zealand tour packages.

At the same time, if you are curious about the winemaking process, the country offers extensive wine tasting tours which make for an exciting activity in New Zealand tour packages. But what makes a vacation to New Zealand memorable for couples is the spellbinding and luxurious accommodation options. You can choose from sprawling bungalows, idyllic mountain cottages and gorgeous eco-friendly resorts. 

New Zealand is also a great country to explore with the family. Not only does it ensure that everyone has a great time, it’s a beautiful and memorable experience for children. The numerous adventure activities are also an advantage and we suggest to include them in New Zealand tour packages. Among the best places to visit with the family, we recommend Rotorua, Bay of Plenty, Wellington and Auckland for their national parks, lakes and theme parks. 


New Zealand Local Cuisine

A thriving agricultural economy, New Zealand depends on local produce from both land and sea. In fact, agriculture is one of the main occupations for most communities in the country. The country’s local cuisine has influences of Australian as well as European flavours but what stands out for food lovers is the delicious Maori cuisine. 

Another unique thing about New Zealand local cuisine is chicken, lamb and beef cooked according to the Maori cooking method which is known as Hāngi. Similar to an earth oven, food cooked through Hāngi is a favourite with food lovers and one can try this in local Hangi joints around the country. 

Marmite which is similar to vegemite is also quite popular and is typically eaten with bread and crackers. Food lovers with a sweet tooth will also enjoy lolly cakes which is a popular Kiwi dessert. Made with candies, sweets and marshmallows, the cakes are made using crushed biscuits and served with strong coffee. Travellers must also try green-lipped mussels, sausage sizzle, fish and chips, kina and the kiwi burger. 

New Zealand Visa

For Indians who are planning a holiday to New Zealand, the visa process is straightforward. Indians can apply for their New Zealand visa online and the application process is simple and quick. To apply for a visa, one needs the following documents – a valid Indian passport, with at least six months validity, at least two recent digital passport size photos, filled-in application form, return ticket from New Zealand and bank statement for the previous six months. Once the application is submitted, you'll need to pay the application fee. 

Be sure to provide a valid email address on the application form, as the visa will be sent to the email address provided. Also, before applying for a visa online, it is recommended to check the New Zealand immigration website for recent updates with respect to visa requirements. 

Q. How much do New Zealand tour packages cost?
A. New Zealand tour packages cost anywhere between Rs.2,50,000 to Rs.5,50,00. The cost of New Zealand packages will depend on your budget, the season as well as the kind of experiences you include in your New Zealand vacation. 

Q. Which are the best places to include in New Zealand tour packages?
A. New Zealand is a country which offers travellers a number of options and planning a New Zealand tour itinerary is quite difficult. However, the most popular places which are a part of New Zealand tour packages are Lake Tekapo, Milford Sound, Mount Taranaki, Hokitika Gorge, Waikato and Nelson.

Q. Which are the best accommodation options in New Zealand?
A. The country is home to some of the most luxurious resorts and hotels in the world and travellers will be spoilt for choice with respect to accommodation options. Among the best options, we suggest trying Millbrook Resort, Lodge Bordeaux, Helena Bay Lodge, Matakauri Lodge, Buller Court on Palmerston.

Q. What should I pack for New Zealand?
A. New Zealand has a pleasant climate throughout the year, except winter, when it tends to get cold in some areas. Depending on places included in New Zealand tour packages, you can plan your packing list. Our recommendation for basic must-haves includes a few light summer jackets, an umbrella, a waterproof jacket, sunscreen, sneakers and flip-flops. 

Q. Which is the best way to travel within New Zealand? 
A. New Zealand is connected by a great network of roads and railways. One can take the train for long distances and use the bus for short distances of 300km to 400km. It’s recommended to invest in travel passes for short distances so you can save money. If you’d like to rent a car, you will have to follow the appropriate guidelines as specified by New Zealand tourism. 

Q. How much do New Zealand tour packages from India cost?
A. New Zealand tour packages from India can cost anywhere between Rs.2,23,000 and Rs.7,50,000. The amount will depend on whether you have booked New Zealand holiday packages with tickets or only with accommodation and inter-state travel.


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