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Assam Tour Packages

North-east India is blessed in abundance with natural beauty that remains untouched in spite of commercialisation and tourism. Assam is the grand gateway into this quaint region of the country. It is swathed in limitless greenery, traversed by the Brahmaputra river in spate and inhabited by sundry species of flora and fauna within enormous national parks. Booking Assam tour packages allows you to immerse within the wholesome serenity of the state. It is comfortably positioned at an accessible distance from the neighbouring Sister States of the North-east and possesses great connectivity with the rest of the country which makes an Assam tour feasible from the very beginning. The numerous specialities of the state make choosing only one highlight difficult — the gorgeous tea estates, thriving artistic culture and distinct cuisine are just a few examples of the best Assam has to offer.

Assam Highlights

The north-east region of the country, despite being home to myriads of heavenly sights, seldom makes it to tourists’ itineraries. Assam tour packages is a good way to get acquainted with the area as it is loaded with magnificent destinations and remarkable activities. The most prominent addition to your Assam tour packages will be Kamakhya temple in Guwahati, one of the oldest shrines within Shaktism. It is a unique temple that sits atop Nilachal Hill, frequented by Hindu and Tantra devotees. Swarming with crowds especially during the Ambubachi festival, the pilgrimage site is a must-visit. Going up from Guwahati to the highlands, you will find a number of destinations that are perfect to cozy up. Some hill stations that you can favour in your Assam tour packages are Haflong, Diphu, Maibang and Umrangso. These towns provide unmissable trekking opportunities. Haflong’s major attraction is its lake where you can go on a serene boat ride. Diphu, a hidden gem, will surprise you with a magnificent view of the Brahmaputra Valley. Marat Longri National Park is situated in Diphu too. Umrangso is an agrestic destination with a homely vibe, the drive to which will be one of the most pleasant experiences in your Assam tour packages. Garampani, the hot spring in the town, is believed to have healing properties. Maibang was an integral city in medieval Assam and still has relics from the Kachari kingdom. Doubling as a viridescent location and heritage site, this should be a must-visit in your Assam tour packages.


The state is mainly known for its biodiversity. Travellers can visit a number of national parks, namely Kaziranga, Manas, Nameri, Dibru and Orang. Kaziranga National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is the most popular addition to travellers’ Assam tour packages. It consists of the majority of the one-horned rhinoceros in the world, besides tigers, elephants and other protected wild animals. The scenic landscape of the park is enhanced by the confluence of four rivers. You can book an Assam wildlife tour to engage in activities such as jungle safaris and boat rides within the national park.


Besides being a flourishing reserve of the wild, Assam is where tea in India took birth. Presently, it is one of the largest producers of tea in the world. Several plantations cover the Assamese land that not only are picturesque spots for travellers to explore but also pleasing destinations to enjoy some Assamese tea. Some of the must-visit estates that you could include in your Assam tour packages are Monabarie Tea Estate, Corramore Tea Estate, Wild Mahseer and Nonoi Tea Estate. A few of these plantations were founded more than a century ago by the British, hence a colonial heritage pervades them. Your Assam tour packages must include Jorhat, the Tea Capital of India. It comprises of a number of beautiful plantations and is also the cultural capital of the state. Jorhat district houses the largest river island in the world, Majuli, as well. It is eroding, believed to be submerged within the Brahmaputra river in a few years, thus travellers should not waste time and add this natural wonder to their Assam tour packages. The population here is conservative regarding its traditions, which is intriguing to outsiders who are experiencing the culture for the first time. You can find fabric with Assamese tribal print as well as crafts and pottery in the local design sold in small markets here. These rare items are ideal souvenirs to take back home. When in Majuli, you must plan a visit to the Satras (the monasteries under the faith of Vaishnavism). Some of the must-see Satras are Kamalabri, Auniati and Dakhinpat Satra.

Most Recent Assam Reviews

Another beautiful destination that drowns during the monsoon is Assam. Regional areas such as Jorhat, Kaziranga National Park and Guwahati are flooded as the Brahmaputra River in the valley rises up to dangerously high levels. Many tea plantations and local villages get submerged and require assistance from disaster management forces. While Jorhat is still accessible, the Kaziranga National Park closes its gates to any kind of tourist activity and opens in October when monsoons have ended. Your tea vacation will have to wait a little longer!<br> Not in July, but you can visit Assam in October when the rains have stopped and the Kaziranga National Park is open.<br>

Assam Travel Blogs

Assam is a vast state which encapsulates thousands of experiences within it. Your Assam tour itinerary requires some planning so that you can make the most of your journey. As the state’s tourism has grown, the number of guides and blogs on Tripoto about it has increased. Refer to them before booking your Assam tour packages, lest you miss any important destinations. The following are some excerpts from the best posts on Tripoto about Assam:

“At first glance. Guwahati seems like any other ‘town’ of India, huge, laid back, sleepy most of the time and simple but the city’s charm is in its connection with nature. Flanked by the expansive Brahmaputra and lush green hills, Guwahati gives one the total essence of Assam. Tea gardens, rhinos, temples, river islands, unplanned yet traffic free roads, houses with hibiscus fences, rolling paddy fields with meandering dirt tracks, village huts with bright white art work all over Guwahati can show it all to you and much more.” — Vaisakhi Mishra

“Staying in a bamboo hut placed on the paddy fields and facing the lake is an experience one should get when in Majuli. These huts might look ordinary from outside, however they are just incredible. You will find almost all the facilities from washroom to charging points inside the hut and believe me – You will definitely jump with joy!” — Shruti Jain

“What's astounding is Assam's diversification in tourist attractions. Natural beauty is imminent, collaged with wildlife hotspots and an ethnic touch. And to top it all off, this modest sister also quenches your historical thirst. The 'Queen of East' is a tourism galore and in my opinion a perfect destination for people on wheels.” — Sagnik Basu

Assam Weather And Best Time To Visit

Assam’s beauty prevails year-long, but it reaches its epitome during the winter. Travellers prefer booking Assam tour packages between October and April. The sun is not harsh and the evenings are comfortably chilly. The temperature at its lowest would be about 6 degrees Celsius and it does not cross 20 degrees Celsius. Summer is short, lasting only from March to June. It is on the hotter side with the temperature climbing up to 38 degrees Celsius sometimes, but the cool verdant environment keeps the weather pleasant. Fewer people book Assam tour packages during summer, hence accommodation and activities are cheaper. Monsoon occurs between July and September. It is recommended that you avoid planning an Assam tour in this period. The state receives heavy rainfall which sometimes results in floods as well. The multitude of destinations and activities within the state cannot be enjoyed fully when it is raining, and can also prove to be unsafe.


The eventful festivities held in the state throughout the year are considerable factors while booking Assam tour packages too. Bihu festivals are the most vibrant in the region. There are three kinds: Rongali Bihu in April, Kongali Bihu in October and Bhogali Bihu in January. While the former marks the arrival of spring and is the most important, Kongali Bihu emphasizes the protection and worship of crops and Bhogali Bihu is a harvest festival. They are all celebrated in grandeur with music, dancing and exhibitions, inviting tourists to book Assam tour packages to attend them. In January, you can also attend a festival organised by the Government of Assam, Dehing Patkai, which includes various cultural activities as well as adventure sports such as parasailing and kayaking. There is also a focus on the conservation of wildlife, especially elephants. Baishagu festival is one of the festivals that celebrates the Assamese new year in April. Large numbers of people get together in gaiety to welcome the augment of the year and it is a sight to behold. If you are making a stop in Assam during monsoon around June, you could attend the annual Ambubachi Mela at Kamakhya Temple in Guwahati for a unique experience as it is associated with the Tantric Shakti cult that displays psychic abilities, otherwise in seclusion for the rest of the year. Majuli festival is held at the fringes of River Luit in November, which showcases the culture and tradition of the diverse population in full swing. Between November and January, Jorhat also celebrates the three-day Tea festival that highlights the cultivation of tea in the state in interesting ways. To have a comprehensive Assamese experience, it is recommended to include such festivals in your Assam tour packages.

Assam For Families

Assam tour packages are ideal for a family vacation. Sights steeped in greenery and localities rich in culture and heritage are interesting to travellers of all ages. Activities such as trekking, safaris and boat rides can also be enjoyed by all family members. There are plenty of customizable Assam tour packages readily available for families. Since the destination is inexpensive, it has become one of the top choices for a holiday within the country. If you are looking for a serene place to unwind with your family, you need not think twice before booking Assam tour packages. 

Assam Local Cuisine

An important element of what makes Assam tour packages worth it is the local cuisine. Assamese food has a striking flavour that must be devoured to have a complete cultural experience of the state. The dishes use copious amounts of vegetables and animal products, all centering around the staple — rice. Some of the important dishes that should be tried are:


Khaar: A meat delicacy, this is the most popular dish in Assam. A blessing for non-vegetarians, it is prepared with papaya, taro roots, pulses and vegetables. The ingredients are filtered through dried banana skin, which adds a unique flavour. The gravy alone of the dish can also be consumed with rice.

Masor Tenga: With fish as the main ingredient, it has a distinct taste that reflects the Assamese cuisine. The fish is fried, often accompanied by spinach. Due to the use of tomatoes, lemon, kokum or mangosteen, the dish is marked by sourness.

Duck Meat Curry: Cooked for important events and family gatherings, this is a popular dish among locals and tourists alike. Duck meat is stewed with bottle gourd with a heavy use of spices. It is also prepared with lentils or pumpkins.

Aloo Pitika: This is the Assamese take on sweet, old mashed potatoes. This is a simple side dish with potatoes cooked in mustard oil along with some onion, salt and coriander. This is a perfect complement to any meal.

Xaak Aru Bhaj: Made of a variety of vegetables, the dish stands out because of how it is flavoured with spices such as garlic, cinnamon, onions and lemon. This is an everyday dish in the locals’ meals and must be on your plate in Assam.


Besides these dishes, when you are visiting plantations as part of your Assam tour packages, make sure to have a cup of Assamese tea and buy some to stock up your kitchen.

Written by Shruti Mishra, an in-house Tripoto writer.

Frequently Asked Questions

This state is developed enough to not alienate citydwellers and is nestled amidst nature to provide travellers a peaceful holiday. If you are interested in exploring the North-east, you should book Assam tour packages right away. It blends the travellers’ needs for ease and beauty and is hence an ideal place to commence your journey.

Travelling to Assam is fairly easy. The rest of the country has simple access to the state via railways. Direct trains to Guwahati can be boarded from major Indian cities such as Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore. Making the journey by air is possible from these major cities too as there are six airports in Assam — in Guwahati, Tezpur, Silchar, Dibrugarh, Jorhat and Lakhimpur. Organising a road trip is also an option, thanks to the well-developed highways.

Although situated in the hills, during summer the state can get hot and humid. If you have booked Assam tour packages to visit between March and June, do carry light cotton clothes. Otherwise, pack up warm clothes as during winter the temperature drops drastically.

Due to a large number of tourists booking Assam tour packages and for the locals’ ease, there has been a focus on the development of transportation. Rickshaws are available at every nook and cranny. Taking them is the best way to travel locally. For more comfort, you can hire a taxi or rent a car. Another way to commute is to take the many basic or luxury buses run by Assam State Road Transport Corporation at regular intervals throughout the day. This is a convenient and cheap option to travel within the state and even other neighbouring states. Assam is well-connected by the railways too.

Assam tour packages are generally inexpensive. There are a number of affordable options available. An Assam trip costs as low as ₹10,000 for a four-day trip.

Assam has many wonders hidden in plain sight. To explore them all, your Assam tour packages should at least have five to seven days for a relaxing getaway to the hills.

Your Assam tour packages can have a range of adventure activities as per your interest. You could go trekking and camping in Karbi or Cachar hills, mountain climbing on Elephant Rock, hang gliding in Kamakhya hills, river rafting and boat racing in Brahmaputra River or on a jungle safari in Kaziranga National Park. There is a multitude of choices available — you can customize your Assam tour packages to include your preferred activities.

Although many major delicacies in Assam are meat-based, there is not a dearth of scrumptious vegetarian dishes as well. On a day to day basis, the locals mostly consume vegetarian meals. Therefore, it is not difficult to navigate through an Assam journey as a vegetarian.

Hill stations in the North-east have been favourites among newlyweds since decades. Assam is no exception to this. The state has much to offer to couples travelling together. The atmosphere of the state is laid back and homely, giving you quiet quality time with your partner. Besides, Assam tour packages have a variety of experiences in inclusion for honeymooners to bond over.