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Cambodia Tour Packages

The Kingdom of Cambodia is a small country packed with astounding sites and stories. Where the Khmer Empire, one of Asia’s influential kingdoms flourished between the 9th and 15th century, the country has preserved relics from its impressive past that visitors can admire its heritage sites. You will notice a number of temples in your Cambodia tour package. This Buddhist country has over 4000 temples, each one with its own quaint charm. Besides historical attractions, your Cambodia tour package will also include contrasting metropolitan areas. The cosy cafes and upbeat nightlife of the urban areas are enough for you to get a healthy fill of epicurean delight. Cambodia especially stands out owing to its unparalleled scenic beauty.


The rustic feel is pervasive across the country, intensifying as you move deeper into its rural core. Its landscapes are characterised by lush stretches of palm trees and vast fields of rice paddies. Dazzling islands and undulating mountains home to exotic flora and fauna are also a sight for sore eyes. The most touching experiences one can have in the country are the interactions with the locals. Horrifying instances of political instability in the past have not deterred its population to hold on to their traditional values. They continue to welcome travellers from all over the world with open arms and reassuring smiles. If you want to experience a unique destination and culture, book a Cambodia tour package now!


Cambodia Highlights

Cambodia’s identity is split among tourists. While some see it as a magnificent repository of ancient Asian history, others picture vibrant postcard-perfect landscapes and verdant pockets blooming with life. Both are contrasting yet accurate descriptions of this multifaceted country. The major highlight of your Cambodia tour package will be your exploration of the Khmer Empire’s architectural relics in Angkor, the world’s largest pre-industrial city. The temples of Angkor, over a thousand in number constructed by deified rulers, are each grander and more glorious than the other. The largest religious structure, not just in the country but in the world, Angkor Wat is what attracts most travellers to book Cambodia tour packages. This astounding complex is surrounded by thickets and reflects a unique combination of ingenuity, devotion and beauty and has become synonymous with the national identity. It is meant to represent Mount Meru, home to the devas and the centre of the spiritual universe, which probably explains why it is often dubbed as the eighth wonder and heaven on earth. The temples have been in use since time immemorial and are a top pilgrimage and tourist spot. It is also a UNESCO world heritage site.


Another UNESCO heritage site is the splendid temple complex of Prasat Preah Vihear. Situated at the top of the Dangrek Mountains near the border with Thailand, this temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is a stunning product of a brilliant artistic endeavour. Sambor Prei Kuk was recently ascribed as a world heritage site by UNESCO as well. It is a pre-Angkorian site consisting of some of the oldest structures from Cambodia’s history. You will see a number of dilapidated temples dotting the forest, some even completely covered by roots of trees. The primary temple groups to visit here are Prasat Sambor, Prasat Yeai Poeun and Prasat Tor. This destination stands out in Cambodia tour packages owing to the excellent community-based tourism initiatives taken here. Koh Ker is one of the lesser-explored historical places to visit in Cambodia that you should add to your itiner