Think You Are a Globetrotter? We Dare You to Get 5 Out of 10 Questions Right on This Quiz on Sharjah

Sharjah, to most Indians, is associated with the grand cricket stadium that has played host to iconic matches. However, every February, for the last decade, this emirate puts up an elaborate light and sound show called Sharjah Light Festival that will blow your mind. The city takes on a whole new atmosphere as prominent landmarks across the city shine bright under a display of lights, which accentuates their majestic design to visitors from all over the world. 

In recent years, the focus has been on the sustainable consumption of resources, which has resulted in 50-60% reduction in electricity consumption. For a marvel so extensive, that’s quite the feat. Take this quiz to know what awaits you at the Sharjah Light Festival!

1. The 2022 opening ceremony of the festival will be held at the centre of the largest seat of education in Sharjah. What is this venue?
University City Hall
International School
City College
2. During this 11-day extravaganza of light, a particular civic building in Al Hamriya will become a canvas of modern and classical art. What is this building?
Police station
Fire station
Municipality office
3. The biggest complex dedicated to Islam and its teachings in the world was built by the Sultan of Sharjah for the pursuit of knowledge. Stately arches, elegant columns and multi-dome architecture make this landmark hard to miss when you’re in Sharjah.
Masjid Al Noor
Holy Quran Academy
Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque
Dibba Al Hisn Mosque
4. Open to visitors since 2019, the largest mosque in Sharjah is a symbol of architectural excellence. Trademark minarets and domes are complemented by high ceilings and pendant lights on the inside. During the Sharjah Light Festival, every corner of th
Sharjah Mosque
Al Noor Mosque
King Faisal Mosque
Al Sakina Mosque
5. There is a buzzing district of Sharjah that takes on another character during the Sharjah Light Festival. Dancing lights border the bay, backlit fountains put up a display over the water and the host of restaurants take centre stage. What part of Sha
Sharjah Corniche
Al Majaz Waterfront
Al Montazah Parks
Sharjah Aquarium
6. When you look at this vibrantly lit landmark, you may be reminded of Istanbul. What landmark in Sharjah resembles the most famous landmark of Istanbul?
Sharjah Fort
Sharjah Art Museum
Al Noor Mosque
Holy Quran Academy
7. This renovated and redeveloped water body will feature as a new attraction of the 2022 version of the Sharjah Light Festival. A 45-minute drive from Sharjah, this large azure lake is overlooked by the magnificent Hajar mountains. It is a perfect geta
Wadi Shees
Buhais Geological Park
Al Rafisah Dam, Khorfakkan
Al Qurm Nature Reserve
8. A peek into the past of Sharjah, this neighbourhood of Sharjah features a fort built by the Portuguese. The beautiful mosque in this area is named after Sharjah royalty and when it lights up during the Sharjah Light Festival, the welcoming atmosphere
Dibba Al Hisn
Khor Fakkan
Al Hamriya
9. During the Sharjah Light Festival, the old quarter of Sharjah is illuminated with vibrant lights. What is this ancient area called?
Al Qasba
Al Montazah
Heart of Sharjah
Al Qasimiyah
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