This Quiz on Saudi Will Help You Design Your Best Adventure!

Every traveller seeks experiences that match their vibes and preferences. Saudi has something for all types of travellers. Be it popular destinations or lesser-known ones, Saudi has attractions to enthrall tourists who come in search of new and wondrous experiences. Take this quiz, explore what Saudi has to offer and discover your travel personality.

1. You are in Jeddah, one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Saudi. Which of these activities is a must-do for you?
a. Visit ancient buildings full of fascinating stories in the historical Al Balad district
b. Go for a night dive to explore coral reefs and other marine life in Sharm Obhur
c. Explore a souq selling mouth-watering Hejazi food and souvenirs
d. Pick up quirky and niche perfumes, clothes, jewellery and more from concept stores
2. You’re in the glittering capital city of Riyadh. Which place comes first on your itinerary?
a. The ruins of an erstwhile desert city, Diriyah, built on an oasis
b. 300m high cliffs known as the Edge of the World with sweeping views of the horizon
c. Pockets in the city full of Ramadan festivity, prayer and delicious food
d. Gourmet restaurants, upmarket malls and curated boutiques
3. Dammam, the coastal metropolis in the Eastern Province, is full of unique attractions. Which of these places would match your vibe?
a. A 6000-year-old oasis at Al Ahsa with lush palm trees and artesian springs
b. The blue waters of Half Moon Bay, famous for scuba diving and luxury resorts
c. Heritage Village, full of ancient manuscripts, vintage cars and priceless antiques
d. The expanse of Bader desert with options for sand duning and glamping
4. Taif, the City of Roses, is not only the summer hotspot for Saudis, but has several unique experiences to choose from. Which of these would you pick?
a. Uncovering the impressive past of Saudi with history lessons at museums
b. Adrenaline-fuelled zip lining across the Hada mountain, thousands of feet above
c. The fragrant rose culture of the region which includes rose-themed dances and exhibitions
d. A family picnic in the sun at Al Faisaliah Garden which has sports and playgrounds
5. Al Ula is an experience any adventurer must not miss. When in Al Ula what would be on the top of your bucket list?
a. Explore an ancient necropolis with silent Nabatean tombs hewn in sandstone
b. Be awed by the soaring rock formations, cliffs and canyons carved by nature
c. Experience the traditional and contemporary art of Al Ula
d. Spend the night under the stars, glamping against the Al Ula cliffs
6. Yanbu, a coastal town by the Red Sea, is fast becoming a traveller’s pick. Which of these would be your choice of experience at Yanbu?
a. Visiting the restored mansion where Lawrence of Arabia lived
b. Diving or snorkelling in the coral-rich waters of Sharm Yanbu
c. Enjoying the fresh, sizzling seafood at Yanbu
d. Lazing around on vast pristine beaches under the sun
7. Jazan in Saudi is a culture and nature hotspot. Which of these would be on your to-do list in Jazan?
a. Visiting the largest palm oasis on the beautiful Farasan islands with structures from the Roman age
b. Scuba diving in cerulean waters or spotting the endangered Farasan gazelle
c. Learning about Jazan’s heritage at museums that hold artefacts from the Bronze Age
d. Spending the day at Farasan Coral Resort with glorious views of the beach
8. Al Jouf, one of the oldest inhabited places in Saudi, is a culture and history hotspot. Which of these would you pick at Al Jouf?
a. Visiting the Marid Castle built with jandal stone in the pre-Islamic era
b. Birdwatching at the vast Al Khunfah Natural Reserve
c. Revelling in the annual Olive festival with folk shows and delicious food
d. Luxuriating in a hot spring bath at the comfy Raoum Inn Sakaka
9. Abha is the focal point of the culturally rich Asir region. What experiences in and around Abha would you never miss?
a. Looking into Saudi history at a 900-year-old village Rijal Almaa, the site of many battles
b. Visiting the high Jabal Mareer mountain with lush juniper forests or the cosy hill station, Al Namas
c. Meeting the Qahtan tribe famous for wearing headgear made out of flowers
d. Strolling down the Art Street lined with awe-inspiring art and jacaranda trees
10. Tucked in the northwestern part of Saudi, Tabuk has seen Egyptian and Jordanian influences. What will you do first when in Tabuk?
a. Explore Tayma, a large oasis that had a settlement dating back to the Bronze Age
b. Lose yourself in the beauty of Wadi Al Disah, a mountainous valley with lush palm trees and towering sandstone cliffs
c. Relish a Tabuki meal heavily influenced by Egyptian and Lebanese cultures
d. Explore the mysterious underwater shipwreck Georgios G. which lies empty but for flitting fish and turtles
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