You Think You Know It All About Dubai? Take This Fun Quiz And Win Exciting Experiences in Dubai!

The apple of the modern-day traveller's eye, Dubai is a veritable melting pot that has transformed into one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. Millions of tourists flock to Dubai annually to marvel at human engineering prowess and leave the emirate in awe. If you have as well, it’s time to put all that experience to use.

Take this quiz and calculate your Dubai quotient. Get a perfect score and stand a chance to win tickets to:

1. An underwater experience at Aquatrek Xtreme, Atlantis The Palm. This is your chance to put on underwater helmets and surround yourself by 65,000 marine animals!
2. A thrilling hot-air balloon ride over Dubai. Set sail into the air and capture the magnificense of Dubai's landspace in the company of clouds.

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1. Which iconic Dubai landmark is the dropzone of SkyDive Dubai?
The Dubai Mall
Burj Khalifa
Ain Dubai
The Palm Jumeirah
2. Which ‘Dubai in the 60s’ themed restaurant and cafe chain has become almost synonymous with Emirati food?
Seven Sands
Al Fanar
Al Mashowa
3. The world’s largest ferris wheel has recently opened in Dubai. What is it called?
Wheel of Dubai
Ain Dubai
Dubai Ferris
Dubai Eye
4. The recently opened Deep Dive Dubai hides a hidden city in its 60m depth. This is the world’s deepest...?
Swimming pool
5. The Dubai Miracle Garden is the world’s largest natural flower garden. Spread over 72,000 square metres, it houses more than 150 million flowers. This garden was opened on which special day?
New Year’s Day
Valentine’s Day
6. Bollywood lovers, here is an attraction that you can’t miss. The Bollywood Park in Dubai Parks and Resorts is home to the Gulf’s first Broadway-style Bollywood musical. What is the venue that stages this musical?
Tajmahal Theatre
Rajmandir Theatre
Rajmahal Theatre
Filmistan Theatre
7. Some 220m above the ground level, between the two Sky Views Towers, this structure is the highest in the world in its category. An experience on this 85m long, 30m wide structure is a must for all adrenaline junkies. What is this structure?
Bungee platform
Skydive launch pad
Space observatory
8. Surrounded by mountains and set around a dam, there is a heritage village that has become a hub for adventure activities in Dubai. Kayaking, mountain biking, archery, zorbing and camping are some of the activities people can do here. Name this place.
Jebel Ali
Al Karama
9. Sitting 442 metres above the ground, the highest restaurant in the world is located on the 122nd floor of Burj Khalifa. What is the name of this restaurant that offers unparalleled views of the Dubai skyline,the Arabian Gulf and beyond?
10. This landmark in Dubai sits at the gateway of the modern and old parts of Dubai, offering views of both from the very top. Featuring a glass floor, its 150-metre-high observation deck offers a bird’s eye view of Dubai’s skyline. What is it called?
Burj Khalifa
Ain Dubai
The Dubai Frame
Burj Al Arab
11. Aquatrek Xtreme in Dubai is an underwater experience at the world’s deepest aquarium. You can put on a helmet, swim 10m deep and walk with thousands of sharks, rays and other colourful fishes here. Where is Aquatrek Xtreme located?
Atlantis, The Palm
Dubai Aquarium
Deep Dive Dubai
Dubai Dolphinarium
12. Envision this: you are witnessing the sun rise in the horizon. You look down and see a vast expanse of golden desert sands spread out under you. You even spot camels and the occasional oryx. Where can you enjoy this experience?
From The View at The Palm
From a hot air balloon
From the helipad atop Burj Al Arab
While skydiving over the Palm Jumeirah
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