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Kashmir Tour Packages

Holiday planning doesn't have to be stressful. To save you the hassle, we have curated a selection of holiday packages. Scroll below and choose a package that best suits your travel style.


On witnessing the beauty of Kashmir, Jahangir quoted a Persian poem by Amir Khusrau. It roughly translates as: “If there is ever a heaven on earth, it’s here, it’s here, it’s here.” This Sufi verse is still widely used to describe the heavenly beauty of Kashmir. Settled in the northern part of India, Kashmir is considered to be a paradise on Earth. It is known for its snow-capped mountain peaks, lush green meadows and high passes.


From the town of Srinagar which is rich in heritage and culture to Aru Valley which seems to be stuck in time, Kashmir has diverse landscapes to offer to visitors. Our Kashmir tour packages attract families, friends and couples because of Kashmir’s natural vistas, gurgling rivers and lavish hotels. You can spend a relaxing time in one of the traditional Kashmiri homestays included in our Kashmir tour packages or trek to the most beautiful destinations that are hidden deep inside the verdant valleys. All in all, our Kashmir tour packages allow you to establish an intimate connection with nature.


Despite being a conflicted region, Kashmir has not lost its charm. The local community of Kashmir follows the essence of 'Kashmiriyat' - socially-conscious and cultural values of Kashmir - and make tourists feel at home. Our Kashmir tour packages also offer you a chance to experience spiritual ecstasy by visiting the Sufi shrines of Kashmir, and let you witness the Mughal imprints on Kashmir by exploring the Mughal-styled gardens.


Our Kashmir tour packages take you to every nook and corner of Kashmir that is marked with a complex history, mystical philosophies and a beautiful equilibrium between natural topography and an ever-going contemporary metamorphosis. You can select our well-crafted Kashmir tour packages and enjoy the rich culture of Kashmir.

Local Cuisine In Kashmir

Our Kashmir tour packages allow you to relish the local cuisine of Kashmir. It has a unique taste, and consists of ingredients such as ginger, cardamom and saffron. These mouth-watering dishes include a wide variety of chicken and mutton. Kashmiri delicacies are heavily influenced by Mughal cuisine, and it is reflected in the aroma and taste of the food.


You can try out these lip-smacking dishes with our Kashmir tour packages. Rogan Josh is a popular non-vegetarian Kashmiri dish. Other popular dishes include Matschgand, Yakhni and Kashmiri Muji Gaad. Our Kashmir packages also boasts of some lip-smacking vegetarian options. You can taste Modur Pulav which is sweetened rice, Dum Olav and Lyodur Tschaman which are the staple dishes of Kashmir. You can also taste the flavoursome herbal tea called Kahwa and enjoy its health benefits. Another delicious Kashmiri drink is called Phirni which consists of milk and rose essence along with dry fruits.


You can also explore a lot of scenic cafes with our Kashmir tour packages. These cafes and restaurants are slowly establishing their roots in the valleys of Kashmir. Cafes such as Winterfell, inspired by Game of Thrones, and Chai Jaai Tea Room have become popular among youngsters in Kashmir. If you love food, you can never get bored in Kashmir.

Kashmir Highlights

Our Kashmir tour packages allow travellers to unravel the beauty of Kashmir in all its glory. Explore the tunnel-like trails of Kashmir which are lined with poplars. Walk through the forests that are adorned with Chinar trees. Or witness the snow-clad mountains of Kashmir while sipping Kashmiri Kehwa. Book our Kashmir tour packages and enjoy an authentic cultural experience in Kashmir. Wear the traditional attire of Kashmir called Pheran and explore all the popular destinations that make Kashmir an enchanting location for tourists. Our Kashmir packages allow you to experience the diverse landscapes of Kashmir with sights, sounds and senses.


Kashmir’s scenic towns and villages are included in our Kashmir packages. They reflect the stunning beauty and rich heritage of the valley. If you are a Bollywood lover and would like to recreate a filmy moment, then you can head to Betaab Valley and Aru Valley with our Kashmir travel packages. You can also invoke spiritual feelings by embarking on an enlightening excursion to Pahalgam. If you are planning to discover these popular hills stations of Kashmir, you can book our Kashmir tour packages. 


All Kashmir packages make sure that they include a trip to the summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir, Srinagar. This thriving city is surrounded by the glorious Zabarwan Range. It is known for its old-fashioned lanes fringed by wooden houses and colourful shops. Srinagar has evolved into a shopping hub due to its distinctively-patterned handicrafts, juicy fruits and colourful shawls which has driven travellers to opt for customised Kashmir packages.


The old city of Srinagar, also called Shehr-e-Khaas, is a thick maze of roads and dilapidated houses that are built on the banks of the gurgling River Jhelum. You can visit Srinagar with our Kashmir tour packages, and explore the architectural style of Kashmiri houses, monuments and shops that reflect a firmly established cultural identity that is unlike any other state of India.


You can also experience the old-world charm of Kashmir. Our Kashmir tour packages also include memorable trips to the archaic villages of Kashmir which seem to have come straight out of a fairytale book. Villages such as Anantnag, Badgam, Kishtwar and Bhaderwah are dotted with wooden huts. The breathtaking landscape of these villages have the great Himalayan peaks as the backdrop,while countless flocks of sheep can be found grazing the verdant meadows. These towns and villages of Kashmir are adorned with physical beauty as well as the courteous culture followed by the local community. You can choose our Kashmir tour packages for an extensive tour of Kashmir and its bewitching destinations.


You can also indulge in hedonistic pleasures in Kashmir with our Kashmir holiday packages. The exquisite accommodation options available under our Kashmir tour packages can captivate your senses and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul. Depending on your budget, we have a wide range of Kashmir tour packages. You can immerse in a wholesome experience at the luxury hotels of Kashmir which are equipped with all the top-notch facilities. Take a dip in an outdoor swimming pool while gazing at the Himalayan peaks. Our Jammu Kashmir tour package also includes budget hotels which are easy on the pocket and offers you all the required amenities. Kashmir also has plenty of villas and resorts which offer a beautiful amalgamation of traditional customs and modern facilities.


To understand the soul of Kashmir, you must visit Dal Lake. Our Kashmir tour packages offer the experience of staying in the wooden houseboats on the banks of Dal Lake. Romantic and unconventional, the famous houseboats of Kashmir offer a luxury experience in the lap of nature. Our Kashmir packages include a visit to Dal Lake which is known for its crystal-clear views of Zabarwan Range. Wooden houseboats dot the peripheral of this turquoise lake while decorated Shikaras carry the travellers across the lake. Our Kashmir tour packages include a memorable stay in one of these houseboats that are equipped with all the basic amenities. Early mornings are packed with the booming voices of several sellers as the floating market flourishes on Dal Lake.


If you want to acquaint yourself with the routine life of the locals, then book our Kashmir holiday package and stay in traditional homestays. The various accommodation options available in our Kashmir tour packages make the journey to Kashmir hassle-free. Depending on your budget and mood, you can choose suitable Kashmir tour package for your eventful expedition.


Kashmir is home to a lot of sacred mosques and Sufi shrines. These spiritual influences are clearly visible in Kashmir’s extensive literature, soulful music and marvellous architecture. The history of Kashmir is packed with Hindu and Muslim references and the sustaining structures fully reflect those bygone eras. You can explore popular mosques such as Khanqah-e-Moula and Jama Masjid in Srinagar or enjoy the essence of Sufism in shrines such as Dastgeer Sahib. You can explore these holy Muslim shrines with our Kashmir tour packages and develop a deep insight in the religious customs of Kashmir. Besides Islam, Kashmir is also an eminent destination among Indian pilgrims. Our Kashmir tour packages also include the famous trek to Amarnath Temple that leads you through the gorgeous valley of Pahalgam. Other stunning temples such as Shankaracharya Temple and Sudh Mahadev Temple also attract a huge number of Hindu devotees in Kashmir.


Kashmir’s gardens can put any foreign location to shame. Snow-capped mountains as the backdrop of vibrantly-coloured flowers make for a captivating view. Each Kashmiri garden has something different to offer. While Shalimar Bagh is known for its Mughal horticulture, Chashma Shahi Garden carries Iranian imprints. Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden is the largest of its kind in Asia and Nishat Bagh offers panoramic views of the magnificent Pir Panjal Range. You can explore these gardens with our Kashmir tour packages.


Besides gardens, you can also explore the labyrinth of trekking routes in Kashmir with our Kashmir tour packages. These trails lead to other-worldly destinations that might remind you of Tolkien's Middle Earth. These trails offer magnificent views of the snow-capped Himalayan peaks and lush green meadows. Throughout the trekking route, you may come across a flock of sheep grazing an uninhabited grassland or a string of horses hoping their way through the verdant valleys. Our Kashmir tour packages include treks to many such breathtaking locations.


You can discover many trekking destinations with our Kashmir tour packages including Great Lakes Trek which covers Vishansar Lake, Krishansar Lake, Gadsar Lake, Gangabal Lake and Nundkol Lake. Other scenic treks in Kashmir include Kolahoi base camp trek, Tral Narastan Marsar trek and Chattargul trek. These trekking destinations included in our Kashmir tour package are dotted with alpine trees, mirror-like lakes that reflect blue skies and milky-white clouds.


Locals in Kashmir love festivals and they never miss a chance to celebrate. Eid is celebrated with pomp and glory, as the Muslim community gathers in colossal mosques such as Hazrat Bal for praying and wishing each other. Tulip festival is celebrated in the season of spring when tulips in the shade of poppy red, bright yellow and bluish-violet bloom across Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden. Shikara festival also attracts a large number of spectators, as various competitions such as Shikara race and dragon boat race are organized on Dal Lake. Locals also participate in Gurez Festival with zeal, as enthralling activities such as river rafting, zorbing, and cycling are conducted in the scenic Gurez Valley. You can witness these festivals and be a part of the celebrations with our Kashmir tour packages.


If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of your routine life and would like to spend a relaxing time in the lap of nature, then you can book our Kashmir tour packages. Along with natural vistas, many architectural marvels and heritage sites can be explored in Kashmir. Besides the popular tourist attractions, the thriving community of friendly locals also make Kashmir one of the best tourist destinations in India. Select the cheapest Kashmir tour packages on Tripoto and explore the beauty of Kashmir.


Besides tourist destinations and festivals, our Kashmir tour packages also allow you to indulge in other activities in Kashmir. In Gulmarg, you can enjoy a ‘Gondola’ cable car ride and play golf. You can enjoy pony rides and travel across the lush green valleys of Kashmir. If these activities are not enough to satisfy your wanderlust, then you can also visit the wildlife sanctuaries of Kashmir and have an encounter with many rare species such as snow leopard, marmot, red fox and griffon vultures. Kashmir can also awaken your inner adventurer, as you can paraglide over the valleys of Kashmir. During winter, there is no dearth of the activities you can enjoy in this snow-laden wonderland. You can indulge in various snow sports and enjoy skiing and snowboarding in Gulmarg and Pahalgam.

Kashmir Travel Blogs

If you’d like some guidance while selecting our Kashmir packages, you can read these Kashmir travel blogs written by real travellers on Tripoto. Find out where to stay, what to eat, the best time to visit and estimated budget that will help you choose the best Kashmir tour packages. You can also find some valuable insider tips here. These blogs will help you plan your trip while taking into account your budget and travel style. Check out the following travel blogs and explore Kashmir tour packages on Tripoto for more information.


The overnight stay on the houseboat, floating on the sparkling water of the Dal Lake is an awesome experience.”


-Shreeya Ghosh

"I was pleasantly surprised to visit temples, mosques and gurudwaras in close distances of each other. Yet, the beauty and exclusivity of each was better than the other and in a league of its own."

- Aftab Singh


Kashmir Travel Experiences

A sublime bowl of lakes and orchards with snow-laden Himalayas in the background, I'm just talking about Kashmir here. It is gorgeous and truly paradise on earth.<br> Cheapest month: February<br> Weather: Cold but sunny. Minimum temperature – 0 degrees celsius. Maximum temperature – 16 degrees celsius<br> Average expenditure per head per day: Rs. 1,600<br> Insider tip to save even further: Book all your hotels online. The hotel owners unnecessarily spike up their prices for on-the-spot bookings.<br> Book best hotels.<br> Read more about Kashmir.<br>
Srinagar: Don't get confused. I am not talking about the Srinagar of Kashmir here but you will be surprised to know about this Srinagar which is around 120 kms from Rishikhesh. Visit this place for a stunning sunrise<br>
Stayed a night at Srinagar , It's a beautiful place in the foothills of Himalayas and on the banks of river Alaknanda. It's a pauri Garhwal district in state of Uttrakhand, we couldn't get more time to explore this place as we reached there in the night. The whole 1st day of trip went in travelling but my eyes were so happy to see those majestic hills and that scary yet beautiful flow of river.<br>
Next morning we took a bus from Srinagar to Haridwar and post reaching Haridwar another bus to Delhi. we came back from a four day trip with lots of memory and thinking for another snow trek may be Chadar trek next time.<br>

Kashmir Weather and Best Time to Visit

Kashmir has a moderate climate throughout the summer, and the atmosphere turns bleak and cold during the winter. Due to such extreme changes in temperature, Kashmir's scenery morphs tremendously with each season. During spring and summer, you can book our kashmir tour packages and explore the lush green valleys with colourful meadows, as the rivers gurgle due to freshly-melted snow while in the season of autumn, the landscape gets covered with red, orange and yellow chinar leaves. The onslaught of winter brings brisk breezes that turn the climate dry. Kashmir Valley get shrouded under a thick sheet of snow, and Dal Lake freezes as well. But snow in Kashmir also offers the chance to enjoy outdoor activities. You can indulge in various winter sports with our kashmir tour packages.


The best time to visit Kashmir is during summer that stretches from the month of March to May. You can enjoy off-season perks with our Kashmir tour packages during September and October. And if you'd like to indulge in winter activities, you can visit Kashmir from November to February.

Kashmir For Family

Our Kashmir tour packages have something for everyone. If you would like to explore Kashmir with your family, then you can visit the capital city of Srinagar with our Kashmir family tour packages. You can also enjoy pony rides in Pahalgam and enjoy snow sports in Gulmarg. Our Kashmir packages also offer various accommodation options including the luxurious homestays on Dal Lake that offer the perfect setting for making the trip memorable. At night, these homestays are lit up, and the scenery turns wonderful. You can also visit Aru Valley and Gurez Valley which are studded with natural wonders. And if you are feeling a little adventurous, you can select our Kashmir tour packages and head out for an exciting trek in the valleys of Kashmir.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best time to visit Kashmir is from the month of March to May.

You can also witness a pleasant Kashmir weather from the month of March to October. During this time, the trees of Kashmir are in full bloom while the colourful flowers cover the valleys of Kashmir. Spring and summer offer an ideal climate to travellers for enjoying Kashmir sightseeing tours across the snow-clad mountains, archaic streets and divine shrines.

This period covers the 3 main seasons of Kashmir: spring season (March to mid-May), summer season (late May to mid-August) and Autumn (September to November).

The various resorts and hotels of Kashmir offer alpine views and panoramic sights of the vast Kashmiri valleys, and add more beauty to your Kashmir trip. You can discover gorgeous views of the snow-peaked mountains and gurgling rivers from some of Kashmir’s most exquisite resorts such as Triden Kashmir Resort, Vardaan Resort Patnitop, Impex Hill Resorts, Grand Mumtaz Resort in Gulmarg, Ahsan Mount Resort, The Khyber Himalayan Resort and Spa, and Mirani Resort. You can pamper yourself at some of the best hotels in Kashmir such as Gomang Boutique Hotel, Hotel Horzay, Radisson Srinagar, Four Points by Sheraton Srinagar, Fortune Resort Heevan Srinagar and The Grand Dragon Ladakh.

The average duration of an ideal Kashmir itinerary is around 4 to 5 days. You can visit all the popular destinations including sacred shrines, panoramic trails, breathtaking mountain peaks and historical monuments on a 5 days/4 nights Kashmir sightseeing tour.

The nearest airport to Srinagar is Srinagar Kashmir Airport. Srinagar airport is approximately 14 Km away from the city and is easily accessible via cabs to and from the main city.

Yes, Kashmir is safe for tourists. Security is measured regularly in this part of the country. However, before booking Kashmir tour package, you can check the news for finding out about the current political scenario of Kashmir and thoroughly research about the places to avoid high-risk areas.

The best time to visit Kashmir is from the month of March to May. However, many Kashmir tour packages are available throughout the year, offering diverse views to travellers. While spring and summer offer panoramic views of lush green valleys and colourful flowers, the season of winter turns Kashmir into a snowy heaven.  If you wish to experience snow, then you can visit Kashmir during winter season that stretches from the month of November to February. You can also enjoy some exciting offbeat activities in the months of November and December with Kashmir packages

Yes, you can travel to Kashmir by train. The extensive network of Indian railways connect Kashmir to various cities of India. After booking Kashmir tour package, you can inquire about the railway ticket prices, which are relatively cheaper than other travel mediums. It will take you around 12 hours to reach Jammu from New Delhi via train.

You can savour the vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes in Kashmir which are influenced by Mughal cuisine. Relish local dishes such as Rogan josh which is a popular delicacy among tourists. Modur pulav, a platter of sweetened rice, is also a must-try dish in Kashmir.With Kashmir tour packages, you can also explore the local markets and eateries of Kashmir.

Exciting activities like Shikara ride, Skiing, River Rafting, Camping, Trekking, fishing and jeep safari are included in the Kashmir tour packages. You can also try playing a game of Golf in the vast golf course of Kashmir.

From beautiful valleys and holy shrines to quaint villages and Mughal-styled gardens, Kashmir is home to numerous tourist attractions. Kashmir tour packages on Tripoto include sightseeing expeditions to picturesque locations such as Solang valley, Gulmarg and Sonmarg. If you have an eternal craving for adventure, then you can book Kashmir packages and embark on a bike trip across the winding routes of Leh Ladakh.